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  1. I said that... I never said he didn't have strengths what I did say is: A) he shouldn't be captain or even captain of the defence as the only leadership skills he has is leading by example in his effort levels. His ability to calm the team, read the game and organise team mates is poor. Since he signed we have also had an issue that many managers have complained with dropping deep as soon as the game turns encouraging opponents onto us. B) although he is a good defender (if not in areas the best in ths league). He isn't wasn't we need, he's pushing 30 and requires an experienced head to calm and organise next to him. This means with 4 at the back there is no opportunity to bring youngsters through and with his role no-one to put alongside the youngsters to blood them with a calm experienced head. I'm not completely biased against him but I am all for progression and the new model and keogh for me doesn't fit. He also doesn't fit the modern game well for me. In the days of all teams playing 442 when cbs just had to mark their respective St he would have been impressive if not the best in the league. In the modern game of mixed formations and fluid attacks he doesn't look comfortable at adapting and picking up changing men. Head to head with 1 player keogh is up with the best.... The modern cb very rarely gets that, full back is a different role where 1 v 1s are still an active judge of a players quality (wan bissakas stand out star why he's valued at 50 Mill by united)
  2. My point wasn't that they were in lower league... More that if you put the Sheff Utd players in Derby's defence they may look pretty frail and poor at stopping crosses... its very easy to stop crosses and pick up men when you have spare men over to deal with it. The point was man to man are they that good defensively or are they protected/inflated by the formation
  3. Really like the look of him... too bad I think he's too good for us that he's out of our price range
  4. I agree being captain shouldnt massively affect his personal performance but I massively disagree in that a defence needs a leader to command, organise and having this can make an average defender look good. A lot of teams look to this person to set the defensive line etc and keogh just isn't this, that was my point he should be instructed by the leader of the defence not leading it. I'm not sure I buy into this criticism of Davies being an incapable footballer. With the ball at his feet did he go on marauding runs... No but he was more than competent. I'm not sure comparing a defenders footballing ability to keoghs kamikaze runs is the best judge. I don't think Davies has demonstrated in his career an inability to play in footballing sides or has a reputation for holding up/being a liability in free flowing attacking play. Sheff utd play with 3 at the back so I'm not sure you can compare their defenders ability to stop crosses to Derby who have played 4. It's a different system with an extra big physical figure in the box. Look at a lot of their back 5 before they played for Sheff utd, most with the exception of Egan were plying their trade below championship standard (alot probably playing 4 at the back). Putting them in a system where their frailties are less exposed and they perform alot better and differently. It does not mean they are all of sudden better defenders in a 4 man defence than those playing it. Possibly like keogh, I don't see him leading a 4 man defence. I could see him doing very well at somewhere like sheff utd or even at Derby with the right partner... But that's an expensive purchase and again limits any hope of bringing through any young academy products at cb.
  5. I really don't understand how we can honestly post so frequently criticism of our defence over multiple seasons and exclude Keogh from the criticism (the only part of the defence that's still in place after multiple seasons). Not saying the other players couldn't be improved/do better but this is how many players have been tried in those 4 other defensive roles in the time we have continued to have faith in Keogh: Gk: Fielding, Legzdins, Grant, Butland, Roos, Carson, LB: Malone, Roberts, Hoganson, Fozzy, Naylor, Warnock, Olson, Cole CB: Tomori, Davies, Bucko, O'Brien, Barker, Whitbread, Keane, Albentosa, Pearce, Shackell RB: Brayford, O'Connor, Freeman, Smith, Wisdom, Christie, Shotton, Baird, Bogle, Anya Yes some of those were shockers, but some of them have previously/gone on to have more credible achievements in the championship or higher and/or been signed for significant sums by clubs who rate them as players (yes I know we paid 3 mill for calamity Claude so not a perfect reflection). I personally think Keoghs best run in the team has been when he hasn't been captain (alongside Davies and Barker) when he was allowed to shine in what he is good at, 1 on 1s, last ditch tackles and using the ball as a defender. Rather than what he isn't good at which is marking, reading the game or organising a defence. (not saying he is incapable of these things but in my view not his strongest attributes). I know I am a little biased and not his biggest fan but any Keogh loyalist this season I invite you to focus on Keogh when we score. The amount of times particularly from crosses in the box he is napping for a player of his experience (In my opinion its more forgivable for a Tomori type young player) is unbelievable.
  6. I think the only question mark is around a physical battler as I don't see one coming through the academy and there's doubts about huddlestones mobility and thornes injury record. Looks a lot like Evans is now being deployed as a cb. Dm/physical presence- first team: one of Thorne or huddlestone realistically. Possibly a signing who offers some longevity to the role Remaining two places- dowell, holmes, shinnie plus sibley, bird, Knight. I think that's plenty for those two places whether it's a cm&am or two cms.
  7. With the comments about not buying players if it is likely to block an academy products route. Which position do you see us BUYING players? I'll start Gk- not sure.. roos not filling me with confidence, Mitchell had high hopes but nothing much come of it (if roos is ahead of him still after being an u21 GK it concerns me). Not seen enough in the academy Rb- not unless Bogle is sold but if he goes not seen enough to be convinced we have a second first team standard academy RB Lb- no I would hope one of Mcdonald or Lowe will make it Cb- yes both Davies and Keogh are aging, I don't see both of Buchanan and hunt making it and that still leaves a shortage. Cm/am- no unless we need a big physical dm for our tactics, not seen anything who offers that. Plenty of technical, creative and energetic players going forward Wg/wide forward- no St- no and good first team options at the moment So assuming no sales (bogle) I am saying a max of 2 permanent signings. Like the look of Walton for the gk and cb I've not seen anything inspiring yet unless Chelsea and lampard massively u turn on tomori. Get the debate about whether the kids are good enough now and more do we have options at some point coming through
  8. I think its official we accept either Derby/cocu are now very good at keeping transfer negotiations under wraps until agreed or there are none.... Most the historic rumours are dead except sales and ambitious hopes of returning loanees by association of their previous clubs and nothing as little as gossip about anything new. I am wondering with the most recent video's that's come out if the coaches seem to be taking one group of positions each: twan- strikers, given- GK, rosenior- defence? Chris-mid??? Do we think they will have a bigger contribution to signings in those places than normal coaches? It's just interesting that the Walton rumour has persisted so strongly still, is it more givens man who he's keen on than lampard/cocu and both trust his judgement?
  9. For me: Fulham- absolutely frightening favourites Huddersfield- look consistently solid and have had alot of time to prepare. Stoke- they had enough big names they needed some dependable players for this division and have bought them. Shrewd signings and retained the players they want to for the championship The rest don't scare me at all: Brentford- lost too many players, good signings but will need to gel and some won't hit the ground running Leeds- lacking defensively, didn't think they needed to strengthen going forward anyway. Cardiff- will be a force but we're never too convincing when they were promoted and aren't massively stronger now. Mainly grinded out games. Middlesbrough and west brom- lacking alot of key players from last season and do not have the funds to strengthen. Both are weaker prospects than last year. Bristol- some shrewd signings but some won't work out. Forest- can't comment until their squad takes shape, they are collecting players and I don't understand how they haven't fell fowl of ffp yet.
  10. Is your favourite player in the Finnish national team a competitive field? Or is like saying you are a Derby fan because it is your favourite Derbyshire based professional football team with a stadium above 30,000
  11. The problem is we aren't dealing with true financial dealings (do we have the money) we are dealing in budgetary accounting flexibility against the FFP limits. Johnson, Blackman and Butterfield is at best a 11.5 Million disposal of asset hit this year. We may be relatively ok this season from a cash accounting perspective (but we wouldn't have been in previous years) but that isn't the critical factor at the moment. I would expect 1 maybe 2 more loans to fill that gap from last seasons budget. Maybe one decent value signing (Walton esque but I would hope not another goalkeeper). More (the equivalent of full reinvestment) if we sell players such as Bogle. Maybe a couple of frees or signings from lower divisions or abroad on the cheap like Holmes worked well for us last year at best without a big sale.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Derby_County_F.C._season Based on the telegraph articles trying to calm the lack of transfers I thought I would take a look when we do fall behind, assuming you ignore Eyoma and Ebosele as reserve/academy players. We are currently on 2 signings as things stand (1 permanent and 1 loan) As of yesterday last year we were on 2 also (Mount and Wilson both on loan) The next transfers last year were Zoon (20/7), Marriott (26/7) and Evans (31/7) and then Tomori (6/8) the remainder came in on deadline day (8/8- Malone, Waghorn and Holmes). I am not sure we need as many players (I believe 1 is crucial (cb) and then a few further could improve the team (gk, a 2nd cb, cm). I have seen suggestion of wingers etc but I am less bothered about that as I don't have a necessity of playing out and out wingers in the modern game and would quite like to see some of the academy players used in this position. This is all also assuming we have no players sold who people are currently assuming will be part of the team, they would need replacing e.g. Bogle
  13. I think Lawrence has a little more skill and guile than Bennett though... Bennett plays at his best when he's an excitable puppy that just goes mad on the pitch and the opponent doesn't know what to do with him
  14. Had completely forgot about this one but it was awesome... possibly my favourite in my lifetime Didn’t like this one but the kappa kits really impressed me, they were actually pretty well designed and made. The black shirts with orange was my favourite of there’s, still use the shorts and socks
  15. The villa game? Very unfair but probably left a bad taste for some
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