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  1. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Hell yes.... time and time again including in this post every other player is blamed to save keogh. Established championship/premiership players have come and gone after being ‘shown up’ playing next to keogh and the common denominator lives on (who hasn’t played premier league football or for any other high level championship side) Should we need experienced player to bail out an experienced defender? Lack of back bone... more than a few have picked up on this and it’s completely relevant. Finally he’s been removed from captain but he shouldn’t be second choice... I can name 3 players who played yesterday who should be ahead of him and dozens in the squad! As some one very well pointed out, if the midfielders aren’t offering protection a strong leader of the defence should be marshalling this issue In all honesty calamity Claude was awful but was a) equally recognised by multiple managers including being signed twice to play in the premiership b) was recognised as a capable defender before coming to derby at least at championship level. Keogh wasn’t More scapegoats killed off in the name of keogH Great post and very true Very valid to point out the age and also senior appearances in the defence. 2 at least shouldn’t be criticised if they learn one deserves what he gets from that performance He’s always been the worst example of leadership and only slowly people are recognising this. How many former captains have we/do we have that have been overlooked !?
  2. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Working away our transfer reputation

    A lot on SM about Mel's dealings with Rowett saying there isn't the budget for next season and then the flurry of transfers but I have to say I like how Lampard/the club seem to be have been dealing in the transfer market. The press around not having the budget has helped but I have noticed something else that has been done to dispel the previously discussed 'Derby Prices' (when Derby comes in the price goes up by 2 million because we were seen as the mugs who would overpay (looking at the Vydra, Anya, Butterfield, Johnson era... admittedly Vydra worked out in the end but still way overpriced at the time for an out of form player). What I have noticed is this: Quite a few of our signings have come as a result of sitting out the negotiations and more often than not allowing another club to establish a price and then matching it. It seems pretty high risk but what has been very convincing or worrying depending on your perspective of how many successful pursuits we have using this model. Particularly after the much talked about Steve Bruce stalking our targets joke last season Evans- Sunderland bid earlier in the window Waghorn- Middlesbrough Joszefzoon- Leeds With the lack of other rumours we seem to have been getting our primary targets, the next question is HOW? Option 1: Our contract offers are ridiculous and we haven't sussed this negotiation out and are blowing other offers out of the water- the odd comments from Darragh MacAnthony, Wilder, Leeds chairman point to this Option 2: Lampard is having a real pull and his charismatic talking is winning over players- the loans back up this idea due to how much they were clearly in demand Really interested to see which way it has gone!
  3. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    What do we need to buy before the new season starts.

    Or agree to pay them off... in the case of people with a couple of years or big wages going to smaller clubs on less money this isn’t unusual. Not always a full pay off, sometimes it’s bridging the difference in pay from what they are walking away from to what they are getting at a new club.
  4. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Possibly... reality is even an offer at £0 that doesn’t involve a pay off is a good deal for some players at this point. But it would be an offer at this stage, there’s no rid of player who have a decent value of contract left. Wages differential between him and a lower wage replacement would justify a small but reasonable transfer fee if needed. Would I say that’s a decent fee for anya? Personally there are a couple of players I’d clear out before him. Butters, Blackman, Id like to keep nugent and that means Martin and Jerome are on that list, Johnson, id love to see hudd or Thorne lock down the holding role ahead of Ledley but feels like FL has seen something in Ledley. Of those I would hope a decent DofF could get a fee for all but Blackman and butters... look at forest today selling McKay to Swansea. It’s possible, just never seems to happen for us recently!
  5. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Can imagine for players like butterfield theres an open door for clubs to tempt them to leave when they are surplus and probably more damage to the first team staying than going (not a dig at him more that being x choice no pro will enjoy it) Can imagine it needs a fair bit of convincing to get them to walk away from big contracts on long lengths where they are entitled to big payoffs... the more the incoming team does the better
  6. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Occasionally if clubs are at closing stages of negotiations and timing is tight they allow that next stage to start before things are agreed. It’s the selling clubs choice to give permission when they wish. Don’t think this rumour is correct mind and as everyone has pointed out.... agents whisper and have the ‘off the record’ conversations so the actual discussions are a formality at best sometimes. E.g Marriott as mcanthony made very clear
  7. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I think anya and bj are haunted by big fees (and blessed by too high wages). Derby offered the rate needed to get them both in when we should have shopped around and got someone cheaper. Dont think either are pants but both try to be more than what’s made them a good option in the first place, solid dependable 7/10 players. They try to be game winners which they never really were. Id be more than happy for anya and bogle to be back up to wisdom but similarly if we got a good offer for anya I’d snap their hand off because the money (particularly wages) could be utilised better
  8. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Wants to move closer to home, he’s an Essex boy according to Wikipedia. We’re closer but I think he’s looking for a London club etc. Also talk about a move to Brighton on a profit
  9. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Bad signing regardless... chairman/manager/the scouting team (the other are appointed by chairman) Tactically not getting the best out of him... bad management of the player by the managers at the time tactically getting the best out of him... good management by rowett as much as he is rumoured to have tried to pick the team... he doesn’t transfer strategy and signing off a club record signing almost definitely he does have a significant say
  10. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    And let’s be honest if Rowett hadn’t come in, got him playing with confidence in the right position this season we would have made an awful loss ( or been stuck with him for the rest of his contract being relatively valueless) that would have meant this summer would have been even worse for lack of activity and improvement to the squad
  11. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Selling/loaning one of your last two strikers and buying a player who hasn’t scored many goals in a previous season and doesn’t perform on his own up front to play on his own up front is poor business. Particularly for 8mill and his wages. The fact it’s worked out since you could say was obvious but a couple of managers didn’t... Rowett has made it happen not Mel. Has it worked out... yes... was there more luck than judgement by Mel... yes. Could that money and wages have been spent better... yes. Am I grateful he’s put his money in as a supporter... yes. If he wants to take the glory and pose with half the signings should he be immune to criticism... no! The fact still remains what was paid and agreed whether that was needed to get him was far too much and has been shown that even after Poty awards and top goal scorer records there isn’t a load of clubs after him at lets be honest a pitiful profit for the differences in form. Who’s angry... but if you think our transfer dealing in the last few years have been well ran you’re on cloud cuckoo land and some accountability has to go to the top.
  12. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Is your head up mels arse? Mel signed off on the wages Vydra is on at the worst level of his form. He’s now coming off the form of his life and another club won’t pay him the same or more depending on the rumours you believe? But no it would never be mels fault, he only sprinkles magic dust and has nothing to do with any poor decisions at the club
  13. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Scott Carson

    Look at the Johnstone deal for some direction on price... that was 5/6 mill therefore at most we will be half that. Many neutrals punt for him being better than Carson and the age/potential is a factor. If we got 2/3 for Carson spent less on Blackman and his wages were less I’d say that’s really good business as much as I’d hate to see Carson go
  14. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    The midfield problem

    I disagree: rb: either just right or well under equipped depending on how you rate bogle and whether you see wisdom best at rb or cb. Oh and anya if he doesnt fit as a winger/5 at the back. Gordon if you think he can step up and isn’t a winger? cb: only 3 seniors feels about right but not a sniff of anyone seemingly ready to step up makes me think it’s light. am: Vydra going leaves only moving Lawrence.. see below or elsnick Wg if we play with them: again possibly anya, assume Weimann completes, that leaves Lawrence as the only definite if you don’t lose him to central roles. Thomas, Bennett and possibly Gordon are all unproven. I’m not saying drop the unproven players but you’d want at least a proven senior pro per position in the formation he settles on and then maybe the academy product to back that up
  15. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    The midfield problem

    Looking at the derby squad we really don’t have much depth if the Weimann and Vydra deal go through at rb, cb or on the am but we have a massive unbalance in central midfield. This seems to be partially made worse by academy products who either haven’t been given a chance or the club has failed to make a finite decision on: Bryson Butterfield Huddlestone Johnson Thorne Ledley Guy Hanson That isn’t including Elsnick as a more AM and Bird as he is still young. At most you could crowbar 3 into a team and 2 for most formations played last year! Surely either Hanson and Guy should have been let go by now or offered a chance before signing Ledley (as much of a massive impact he had). Particularly as the muppet had already made a mess of his loan to Sheff wed by that point. Question is realistically who do you see leaving and where to? And loan/permanent? Estimates on weekly cost for all 8? My guess is £130000-140000 a week! Ouch! £7.28 mill a year of the rumoured £22 mill wage budget! I think you’d be lucky to get rid of any of the senior pros except Thorne and Huddlestone without losing money paying them off. And to make it worse, with that many players many (probably rightly) believe we need more!

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