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  1. Really can’t believe there are people with a brain functioning enough to use a computer who think Roos is or will be premier league quality. He isn’t even championship and isn’t young....
  2. As a finisher he looks bang average and way behind Martin and marriott. The only thing he would offer is a tiny bit more height and a little more bravery into headers. And that's clutching at straws. Hope this isn't true as if you discount the penalties and account for it being in the spl (the Connor sammon factor) his goalscoring stats aren't that amazing
  3. Has it actually been confirmed he didn’t wear a seatbelt. How would his knee be injured through this but lawrence be unharmed?
  4. When it comes to match ratings unlikely as most the ones I’ve seen rate saves proportionately nowhere near the deficit of goals conceded... I really don’t see how Roos has high match ratings nothing in the game gives credit and his inability to deal with crosses or command a defence is worrying.
  5. 3412 done on a tablet which has screwed it on other screens apparently!
  6. Dont like the potential argument... He's 26... How long do we have to wait? Are we going to be saying at 34, he's still got alot of potential?
  7. The bar is pretty low, roos hasn't inspired massive confidence in any performance in a Derby shirt and previous to that has achieved very little professionally yet is well into his 20s... Ive watched a fair bit but only 4 is based on this season alone as 10-15 games isn't enough to judge a player... Hence nick blackman!
  8. Bettinelli was a last minute inclusion on that list and one I toyed with but ended up settling that he's more capable. Can see your view on that though. Butland has at least demonstrated he is capable of alot more. Confidence is fully shot I agree but I'd rather be putting energy into a player as capable as Butland than metaphorically flogging a dead horse in roos. Randolph is in a very poor boro side at the moment and even the best look poor when their side is doing that badly. In a very average side last season he was one of the best goalkeepers in the division.
  9. I didn't say obvious... He also tried something similar at Stoke but didn't stick with it
  10. Just listening to the moan in while reading some posts on here... I think we are all in current system /shape isn’t getting the most out of our players (whether they are good enough to compete or not) . I do think that model is interesting as outside of their formation a lot of their players have proven to be average at best until the last year or two. Head to head outside of their system I would argue only Henderson, possibly o Connell, Egan and Norwood would walk into most championship teams playing 4 at the back. So to get the best out of the Derby squad: Davies- needed for leadership and to put the hard foot in but needs protection from his lack of pace and ball playing skills marriott and Martin/waghorn- need to utilise Martin as one of the only players who shown the potential to be a top championship player lawrence- new solution/last hurrah needed before we give up on getting any consistent performance out of him lowe/bogle- very exciting going forward but not great at marking the far post bielek-record signing and a decent player there but hasn’t commanded energetic championship midfields and looks suspect defensively gk (Roos or hamer- no opinion but neither inspire) Bielek Davies Evans/buchanan bogle Lowe Shinnie Sibley/bird Lawrence/holmes Marriott. Martin/waghorn pros- brings out the strengths of all the players above creates good opportunity for young players in roles where they are protected Two ball playing players to bring the ball forward out of defence without taking up a midfield position and allowing a more energetic combination in central midfield an actually dangerous attacking 3 who would have the freedom to impose themselves on the opposition thoughts?
  11. Definitely better than roos johnstone bentley westwood raya smithies walton randolph butland bettinelli Currently in a run of better form than ever seen from Roos and I would argue that he doesn’t have the potential to surpass rudd woodman Lumley samba probably early to discuss Grabara a he is highly rated by a top premier league side
  12. I said if I? That doesn't imply that I'm in some way in the know but I can't imagine rosenior or cocu taking advice from them
  13. If I was an experienced manager and a former managers son with no real experience or track record in the game & the owners son likewise were suggesting players to me I don't think I would take them much more seriously than any fan on this board or at a fan forum. Which is kind of my point! If the head was someone credible mentoring either of those players and vetting with their own experience what was coming through and managing them to search further afield as Leicester, Brentford etc have successfully done, we may actually start buying players for a reasonable price and not because they are obvious, agents/clubs are desperate to move them on or because someone else wanted them.
  14. If they aren't then they utterly are a waste of space and must be the only scouting team not to contribute to any transfer for a club in several years... Very true point but to me a reflection of our options presented. No lower league potential gems who could fill in and then be back up, no loans they had contacts or sniffs of availability, no ideas from abroad who could come in as a cheap low risk gamble... Just nothing but obvious overpriced players Bielek was recognising an issue that has been ignored for 4-5 years. No plan b for thorne when in reality the signs were there that plan a was no longer viable... Not getting first choice target that dragged out... Cocus comments were consistently counting down how many targets but never naming players. We don't know if paterson was first choice or not I'm disappointed if he was our 18th. A championship journeyman that's never recorded consistent form at this level. As many have already pointed out... Not really and inaccurate. Bogle was an academy scouting which no one has criticised as their success is plain to see. Didn't feature at lower leagues. Likewise with thomas Maddison who is publically available for 2.5 with a club who's owner has categorically denied any interest from Derby at a time communications between the club were definitely open... Completely agree, several key problems with that scenario: 1. Its not a lower level position, head of.... And not an entry scouting position like at academy level. 2. This whole post proves he hasn't proven himself 3. Who is he observing and learning from? A great step father in this scenario would throw massive money to bring in a mentor to teach and guide him in his new career (what we've been pleading for!) 4. From what I can see he's not being very well managed. Analysing the scouting team he is there to find targets for the first team. At a large majority of games Morris is pictured at, he is standing next to him. What's he scouting the players we already have!? I'm pretty sure the occupying manager can scout a player of interest in the opposition team. A good scout should be putting in the hard miles building their's and with it the clubs knowledge of suitable players. Sorry couldn't delete that one!
  15. We were talking about what is a sustainable amount of transfers/squad turnover not what we thought the squad currently needed to meet cocus requirements. Even if you take your 8/12 signings it more likely to be 2 windows/seasons because even a club with a great scouting record like Brentford in 12 would make the odd one that doesn't work out
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