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  1. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Where Has The Money Gone?

    I’m pretty confident the clubs finances are in good hands, I don’t think we will put ourself at risk of penalties. Hence why they came up with the unique way of accounting for depreciation. And if you read that article stripping the academy out of the numbers to mask those losses. I do think we will see more decisions led by ffp though not whether the money is there (or in mels bank account). People argued the wassall caretaker role was like this, Gary and his one in one out policy etc. Extending contracts and keeping players to wind down the depreciation could happen though. I look at e.g. Bradley Johnson. A big earner on the fringes who’s stock has dropped, normally you’d let go at the end of the contract. No one will offer him a contract like he is apparently on now, so would we try and half or more his money to drag out that apparent 6 mill fee and keep him for depth? No idea I wouldn’t be surprised if they have learnt the lesson to see us actually paying decent fees... just on young players e.g from abroad/lower divisions who will not take a massive hit in value. People like Maddison from Peterborough at 3/4 million. If they have a good season and prove their worth can be worth 6/8 or if they have an incredible season the figures we have seen spoked for Vydra.
  2. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Where Has The Money Gone?

    If anyone read the article shared on here about our accounts it tells a story. Massive wages and long contracts is huge but the big thing most people are missing is player fees. Because we are the only club to write off fees in a weird way (not the length of the contract) it’s highly likely even players like Shackell, Butterfield (if we are lucky enough to get rid) and Blackman (likewise) will cost us a lot this year from our ffp. Essentially if that article is correct when we sell them it will be a disposal of an asset that has depreciated far quickly than expected. Result= a massive loss in the accounts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some odd contract renewals to stall the pain of this hitting the accounts. The worry is if the players know they will push heavy for a new contract knowing the club aren’t in a position to negotiate. Just when fans couldn’t be more bemused by the club signing players way past their prime...
  3. The lampard/‘arry thing worries me... we’re still in court accusing Sam rush over his inability to act without bias. I’m keeping my opinion to myself on that one. What do we do? Bring in a director of football with bias towards the manager. Lose/lose... goes on a decent run and we’re a stepping stone at the first opportunity with someone in the board fighting his corner to let him go easy, the highly possible reality with an inexperienced manager that it’s a disaster and there’s someone in the bird pleading for more time against all logic. Not a fan of something this close, precedence of a good working relationship... yes... bloody family members... no. It worked so well with mclaren... how many people on here are still complaining about our scouting (myself included)?
  4. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    My probably unpopular theory of Mel

    He’s following his ego... wants to be top boss of his childhood football team... fans cheering his name. Makes the quick calls that reinforce that in the short term rather than sticking to a strategy. Hence why he impulsively sacks managers, wanders into the dressing room and sacks managers when form dips even though it’s part of a larger project. Mel wants a yes man who can be scapegoated when it goes bad and will let him call his very mis informed decisions and take the credit when things go bad. Prepare yourself for Wassall because that’s what you will get. He cannot be blamed for individual transfers as such but he can be blamed for the lack of strategy (he’s just as bad as Rowett saying one thing in the press and acting another... the derby way). The lack of strategy is how we have a bunch of square pegs in round holes signed on long contracts by managers who didn’t last a quarter of the contract length. His ego stopped us appointing a true director of football who would give us this benefit. But to do that he would have to entrust this to someone else rather than using the club as his toy. Incredibly successful investor and knowledgable in it, but managing a football club he is completely inept. Mels put his money into Derby so whether fans like it or not he can do what he likes... I don’t believe his intentions were to ever make a profit... but has it been nothing short of a disaster for Derby County having Mel in charge... Yes and the sooner it ends the better!
  5. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    I’m not praising that clough era... it was just as bad just lower risk and bought a lot of players. The success rate was still poor and the number of players we signed and turned over were too high. They were just lower risk names so nobody remembers e.g. Liam dickinson
  6. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    The rebuild starts:

    I haven’t been impressed with the ‘lets give youth a chance’ and ‘not signing players for their last pay cheque’ quotes and then doing the opposite but the one credit you have to give Rowett is he doesn’t sign players to make up the numbers. With the exception of Palmer which very much appears to be a last minute blunder when lookman fell through, all players have come in and played significant games and made an impact. Compared to the clough years falling out with his own shadow and some spells changing managers (mclaren was quite guilty of this at times) it’s nice to be looking at window and not wondering how to offload players we’ve just bought. Liam Dickinson and Michael Jacobs are excellent examples of players we continually chased to them not play and offload quickly after and the failed foreign imports of Camara and Albertosa im intrigued what Rowett will do to address the age issue he’s acknowledged (assuming he doesn’t u turn again). We haven’t seen him buy younger players yet and don’t really know what to expect.
  7. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Bloody autocorrect! 1 million
  8. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    I hoped he would be as well but either not utilised enough, not trusted, not challenged to use his skills rather than make easy recruits it didn’t happen. Don’t know the reason but it didn’t materialise
  9. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    Beat me to it...
  10. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    Interestingly these players and Reich and Bisgaard etc all signed the last time we had a director of football. I won’t say much about who because the least said the better but proves the point having a focus on recruitment has sealed some of the best signings in recent history.
  11. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    Burley now he did... idiakez, rasiak both frees plucked from the unknown! Clough good but never stepped outside of the east mids and Scotland and was very hit and miss. Too many players chased for multiple transfer windows to not make enough appearances to say clough was in that territory
  12. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Time to take stock ..

    Did we honestly just compare Martin past his best to mitrovic who is approaching his prime? what everyone failed to notice is mitrovic wasn’t one dimensional because he is that much better of a player. Just possibly if rumours are to be believed a worse attitude. he can hold the ball up, but he is also very capable with the ball at his feet and not exactly lacking when it comes to pace to get behind. where mitrovic Made the difference was not formation or tactics it was individual ability. He came deeper and deeper until Davies could no longer screen his passes and dominate him 1 to 1. He was unpredictable, when he wanted to go into the channels he did and was a threat, when he wanted the ball to feet he did and was a threat, when he wanted to go into the box as a target he did and was a threat and when he wanted to come deep he did and was a threat. There wont be many mitrovics in the championship but Martin in his prime (which he definitely isn’t any more) isn’t what I described. A wonderful finisher, a capable player at holding the ball up but unpredictable he will never be!
  13. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    One big difference to me... Everton and West Ham are willing to through ridiculous money at it... they don’t have to choose. Look at both of their transfer windows this season! with where we are with ffp, big decisions may have to be made... progress forward or play pretty... no point playing beautiful football all the way to league 1
  14. With what has happened at Wolves this season and their much talked about link with Jorge Mendez it got me thinking. When was the last time we had someone to work alongside the manager who could really make things happen for the budget available? Getting 2 champions league wonderkids to play championship football is an incredible achievement regardless of budget. i think it affects both ends though aswell... there were some pretty decent fees paid for some bang average to useless players. There were clubs out there with money and about as much sense as we had when we flaunted stupid money about. Did we take advantage and offload the deadwood? No. Is it easy? No. But do we have the expertise to even hope it will happen?
  15. DontTrustTheDevilInside

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    People need to get a grip.... if anyone doesn’t realise that Fulham team has 3/4 players derby fans could even dream of signing and it isn’t anything to do with the manager. Yes the style isn’t great, but the reality is you need the players to make it happen and with that style as we found out and everyone knows Fulham will if they don’t go up, it is very shortlived. Bigger clubs snap up the players who work in those teams and replacing them is nearly impossible. instead of pointing the finger at a manager who has been very effective working with what he has, point it at the people who have wasted countless millions (of their money but the clubs ffp allowances) hiring and firing the same manager and overpaying for average players. Our squad is not a multi million pound squad and our scouting, recruitment and strategy is laughable. You can have you views on Lawrence but him aside Rowett has spent very shrewd money and Lawrence could turn out to be if he hits the form he’s shown at Ipswich. Rowetts style doesn’t have to be pretty but look at the last couple of years... yes we passed/kept the ball quite well but if a team parked the bus we had no magic, no incision and were then left vulnerable on the break. thats always been the issue with February and March, when you are up there at that point in the season teams start to sit back and play for a point or a result on the break. We’ve then been very dependent on players we cannot replace and a few injuries and our form capitulates and those players have got fewer and fewer season by season buying overpaid rubbish. We have a plan b now, we aren’t dependent on players (Vydra was dropped and the form improved) and a few good signings who can play decent football will improve the way we move the ball forward. keep calm and wait until the end of the transfer window. If Rowett is given money and wastes it get on his back, until then open your eyes and realise unless we stumble across a mitrovic and sessegnon it ain’t gonna happen!

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