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  1. I get what he offers just disappointed that we can’t find that on a permanent. Goal scorers are historically expensive because of their stats but I’m shocked with how our scouting has expanded to at least leave the country for once we can’t find a big athletic guy. Kind of reminds me of Carlton Coles talk sport interview about bbqs... highly inappropriate but interesting to listen to.
  2. If this happens it would be the first signing this window I’d be disappointed in as it’s a gamble where the upside just isn’t as good. if we are going for a loan I’d be wanting either a Dwight Gayle/mitrovic type who’s proven at this level or someone who is of huge quality and on a none stop course for the prem like Tammy Abraham or Liam delap (the completely out of reach talents for the championship on a permanent) if we got him on a permanent which is now out of the question with the contract renewal it would be a good option and I would be happy with someone of this ilk. Surely th
  3. I have been screaming for years when we’ve had lawrence and ince that if the option on the other side isn’t stronger it’s easier for the opposition to prioritise one side and mark them out of the game. Only if you have real strength, pace and skill on both sides and potentially through the middle does it get really difficult for the opposition and these players get their man isolated and come into their own. No offence to Russell, Weimann and the like who are all decent players but their end product was average and neither ever looked like beating a man with skill or invention. Great serv
  4. There’s no doubt he’s had a footballing pedigree he got that from his dad alone. More a case of has he earned the jobs from pure talent or his dads influence and if he’s prolific and knowledgable would other clubs not want to try and steal him from us being still relatively young but with quite a lot of experience in the game. How many of those jobs were a bit of a fudge by his dad (majority former clubs of his dad in periods near to when he worked there)? Has he not tried to go somewhere to break the proverbial daddy’s boy mould. Personally I don’t have an issue with mclaren as a sco
  5. They aren’t going to publish their successful algorithms and sell them off. You still need good footballing people who’ve been in the industry and know what they are looking for from past experience computers are only as good as the idiots who program them. Even the old flat cap types would choose which wet terrace they’d stand on using stats and other evidence. Like any business 50% skill, 50% pure effort and hard miles... or a slightly adapted ratio particularly when you factor how well you utilise technology to do some of the graft. Think those are the better defensive players... ot
  6. Headline making forwards... less so... A lot of the more defensive players such as tarkowski do. Konsa and Egan are premier league regulars and some go to poor performing teams but are reliable players such as Watford with their managing carousel. Or championship clubs such as sawyers (now promoted), Bentley or dean maupay did well considering Brighton aren’t prolific going forward.
  7. There’s a lot of players who’ve been prolific at u23 level and not successful even in league 2 I wouldn’t be counting JHI yet unless the only goal is to try to win the u23s division... ebosele is even further away. Look at Hepburn Murphy who came on loan, great youth record. Big question mark over bogle is a) was it him or one of the team that made that call and b) as it stands it could be a one off fluke (There has been other youth signings less successful such as max hunt) Like you said credit where it’s deserved regardless of cv, but ultimately at best he’s got one success story
  8. Is this the problem? Would our manager trust a former managers son and the owners Step son to recommend his signings?
  9. My question on it comes back to the original point... if he is doing a good job and had a role in a signing like Bogle surely when so many questions are asked of our scouting department the club would be more forthcoming and open about it. All feels very suspect that when Owen Bradley, Chris coles and Steve Nicholson etc are all asked about our scouting they avoid it and don’t even quote names publically available on the club site. Surely they must also know the relation to Mel. I get the impression the way it’s avoided that they aren’t allowed to discuss it. Would be interested to see what ha
  10. The biggest shock in that is the fact there’s a whole department... be interested to see who reports to him and what their background is
  11. Not much use there seems a bit of an empty title Completely agree just seems all the more illogical he hasn’t gone out and got a big name scout or someone with an impressive track record in to compliment it. Not only is it an investment in the club but also someone to mentor his stepson in his chosen profession having no relevant experience or know how. We’ve pissed away enough of his money on players...
  12. Still not overly sure who is the people below mclaren who are finding and looking at prospects for the team short or long term. I.e. Jozwiak. Are we solely relying on the managers knowledge and making them do all their homework or surely there must be more than just mclaren out finding targets to recommend to the manager.
  13. Interesting... anyone seen from him or heard any reports/announcements? That seems to have been kept quiet. Aren’t Mels family normally in the directors box/boardroom with him when he’s pictured at games? Is he one of them or hopefully he’s not watching our games but out watching other clubs and finding the next great signing..?
  14. Is that a definite? Any background in football? Any idea what head of emerging talent recruitment is?
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