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  1. I don't think the assistants were any better either.
  2. Absolutely! How he has grown up after a year with Aberdeen! He put many others to shame.
  3. Tom Lawrence and Matt Clark, especially, delivered the goods tonight. The impact of Cocu on the squad was clear to see. There were some obvious areas where we need to do better but I have every confidence Cocu will address them. A great start to the season!
  4. Great contribution all over the pitch
  5. They could compare Cocu's record with that of the novice
  6. Yep we don't want to go backwards
  7. After watching our front 6 at Rangers, oh for the chance to enjoy watching a Will Hughes again. He had technical skill and brains, both of which were barely seen in that match.
  8. I have a massive regard for Chris Martin but I have no expectation he could be anything more than a fringe contributor this season. If he is happy with this then fine, otherwise I am sure Burton Albion would be a suitable place to continue his career. We have moved on and if we are to progress we need to find alternatives.
  9. I always wear coats with plenty of large pockets, so it won't worry me - could be a bit sweaty in August mind.
  10. Well said! In the first half at Burton we did not do this. We win our fair share of heading duels, but too often our defenders don't compete because they ignore the player they should be marking
  11. Whilst that may be true Chelsea have several others with better claims and I fear Mason will largely be a bench-warmer at best
  12. Not keen for Moore to take over but at least get your facts straight - 48 games ain't quick
  13. Quite rightly too! Clough could have been with us for another ten years and his timidity and aversion to flair would have delivered no better than he had before, not to mention the boredom. Look at our league position every season since he left! Nothing more needs to be said about a manager who pursued Connor Sammon for years.
  14. And bored fans witless! Look at our final league placings during and after his tenure.
  15. You clearly have a limited grasp of negotiation, which involves taking account of the relative strengths of the parties involved and are reminiscent of the Black Knight. Be it player or manager if they want to move on it is futile to ignore reality
  16. Your first post is astonishing given the absence of out-gay players in the Premier League or EFL. This second is just condescending to other posters
  17. When the hangovers clear the perspective will change. So many positives since last August and no reason for any Derby fans, players or staff members to be blamed and shamed
  18. Frank Lampard is a class act. I will be gutted if he is not with us next season but understand why this may happen. His feelings for Chelsea mirror ours for DCFC . He and the squad owe us nothing. This may be harsh, but looking back 12 months, Gary Rowett could manage for a hundred years and still struggle to deliver a performance such as we saw at Elland Road. That showed that even if we fall behind you cannot write us off.
  19. To be fair to SaintRam his comment was made 3 days before the defeat by Leeds. but you know what, you are right it really doesn't matter. Nothing matters except the Rams are off to Wembley again, after yet another performance this season that grabs the national headlines to loud approval from the neutrals
  20. Some background information https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/1743792/the-making-of-graeme-shinnie-from-boys-club-die-hard-to-aberdeen-talisman/ Definitely not a botttler!
  21. Just imagine having to rely on Pulis for your glory years!
  22. How many games have we lost since his return to fitness? That and Waghorn getting a run of games in his best position
  23. My neighbour is a Boro fan. Difficult to decide who is happier tonight, though of course that is on the assumption that Pulis gets what he deserves - his P45
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