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  1. He made umpteen changes not necessitated by injury. The key to the improvement in the games leading up to and including Preston was Martin's ability to hold up the ball and help players like Lawrence to deliver. The last two performances have been dire - neither Marriott or Waghorn can do that job effectively
  2. Like you I cannot understand his selections, they seem to have little connection to what happens on the pitch. Dowell was dire last week and even worse at Blackburn. Go back a month and we were starting to put in improved performances, even when losing at Forest. The Preston game saw a performance, if only in the first half that bettered anything to date. Lessons seemed to have been learned and Coco seemed to be closer to knowing his best eleven. In the last two games showed that assumption was erroneous. Against Preston, we pressed high and saw some high quality fluent passing and threatening play in the final third. Since then both have vanished.
  3. And that is the biggest reason to criticise Cocu. He has seen what happened when Marriott has lead the line before and ignores what he has seen, especially in contrast to the first half against Preston, when Martin starts the game in that position. Martin helps other players to raise their game and Cocu himself has acknowledged that. Cocu has been very unlucky regarding injuries and the impact on selection but he shows little sign of successfully evaluating his best eleven.
  4. We did not compete in most areas. What a contrast to last Saturday when we pressed high and dominated the opposition, for 45 minutes at least. Instead we conceded them possession in their own half. When defending we gave them so much space around our penalty area they had plenty of time to choose a pass or shot. There is a continuing mental frailty about our squad away from Pride Park, as shown by the limp response when we concede a goal.
  5. There were a few glimpses on the pitch Rowett ignored that Vydra and Martin could do well together. He was a clinical finisher but technically and intelligence wise is way behind Martin. For him to succeed the team has to be built around him, Cocu won't be looking there.
  6. Holmes brings much to the team but far too often moves break down when the ball reaches him through a wayward pass or poor decision. (I see he got top rating on Who Scored, yet had by far the worst pass completion of those with many minutes on the pitch)
  7. George Thorne - if not for injuries, we would probably be playing in the Premier League and he would be playing for England Raul Albentosa - signed for £540k, sold for £700k Cyrus Christe - signed for £100k, sold for £2.5m Tom Ince - (top scorer) signed for £6m, sold for £8m Matej Vydra - (top scorer) signed for £8m sold for £11m David Nugent, Curtis Davies, Tom Huddlestone, Jack Marriott, Duane Holmes, all under £3m and have played roles in us reaching successive play off campaigns. Getting Chris Martin for free has to be Nigel Clough's best bit of business, in comparison with that lot
  8. I saw Reg in several matches but never saw him smoking. One of the most notorious smokers was Burnley's former manager, Stan Ternent. In his biography he relates getting a letter from a fan complaining about the disgusting example Stan was giving to juveniles by smoking on the touchline. His reply was succinct " B----s, love Stan"
  9. Like you I would opt for the same starting eleven. The selection will show us much about Cocu's thinking, the 11 last week were chosen with Boro in mind. Did he see enough to convince him that the same approach could deliver on a regular basis? I don't often agree with Ramage but I want to see us giving it a go on Saturday. After recent away results a point will be a good outcome.
  10. But we have also only won 3 from 12 and look at the performances in those 3 games - hardly convincing. I cannot see what will change in the next couple of months to spark a revival. This has nothing to do with questioning his ability but more a square peg round hole type of thing.
  11. One of my blackest memories as well, and we never recovered. We won one more game that season and in the following 4 seasons up to relegation managed to lose more than we won., with the help of some "stellar signings", not least Docherty
  12. A brief viewing of the highlights shows what tripe that is, and over 80% pass completion. But I am sure you noticed nothing of interest happened in the final third once he went off
  13. Given the state of that post - rambling and confused - the most likely explanation is the consumption of comparable amounts of alcohol as last week
  14. Well I would have expected to be dropped having delivered so little in the many chances I have been given
  15. Keogh should have been the grown up on that night and has to take a share of the blame for the situation we face. The performance at Barnsley was not too different from several this season when Keogh was on the pitch. We would have got 3 points despite last week's events if Waghorn and Davies (amongst others) had not failed to convert gilt-edged opportunities
  16. Sadly you seem unaware of WTO rules, which will apply given no deal. The EU have to treat us like every other with which they have no trade deal. You will not find any "soft" border with a non-member country. Even Switzerland which is in the Schengen area and has various EU deals has a border which needs checks for commercial traffic and consequent delays.
  17. In addition to that, what will their mind-state be? Hardly likely to solicit an effective performance.
  18. One of the best things about Saturday was how many showed this. Not just Chris Martin but Curtis Davies as well and the Mel Morris contribution on RD was in the same vein. Cocu's interviews were also very impressive, I am very happy to have him in charge
  19. We only played some decent football in the final third when Martin was on the pitch. His greater physical presence gave the Leeds defenders something to think about, added to which when he got the ball he used it effectively - 100% completion rate. Marriott could be the greatest beneficiary with Martin in the side.
  20. You can only deliver if you get minutes on the pitch and there were few. Martin will not match his contribution from past seasons and this season is his swansong. But having a player of his intelligence and technical skill available to Cocu can only be a positive for us.
  21. In the summer 2007 window we spent significantly less than any of the teams we were competing with in the 2007/8 Premier league and the squad that secured promotion was short on quality anyway. What did we expect? We would have got more points if Billy had not been sacked. Adam Pearson has much to answer for. But in the end I don't care much about us recording the worst Premier League season. Far more important is that we have been Division 1 champions twice, and I saw it all. Only 14 clubs have bettered that.
  22. If he chooses Bennett to lead the line he does not deserve a break. ( I don't care if he took a risk taking the job, he is being amply rewarded)
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