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  1. I have continued to support the club by purchasing a ST last season and am still paying a sum each month for Rams TV. However my loyalty is now being tested by the lack of communication. How much does it cost to send out an email to ST holders? Uncertainty for the future may make content vague but with two weeks to go the silence is unacceptable and will ultimately cost the club.
  2. As I posted earlier, I am no fan of Nigel but it is undeniable he served the club very well. That I don't (and didn't) think he could take us much beyond just staying in the Championship does not mean I don't respect his integrity and other personal qualities.
  3. What part did Mac have in the signing of Anya, Blackman, Butterfield and Johnson etc? Morris is the person to blame and his first decision was to sack Mac
  4. It ain't far to Mansfield! If you did not notice the difference when Mac took over then there is really no discussion to be had.
  5. Not the boldest promise ever! I am more likely to pay for Scotland and my parents are English and I am over 70 years old!
  6. Never in a million years! He was always too cautious and his win % as a manager anywhere reflects that. He bored us shtless and had an aversion to flair. Of course a few players dumped by Mac will big up Clough. Non-league Nigel is an epithet that is well-deserved.
  7. Wycombe and their fans are not the enemy here. The EFL have demonstrated their incompetence multiple times in the past. The way this has been managed, culminating in a press release a few hours ahead of the fixture list, shows how unfit for purpose they are. They are not alone with the FA and Premier league providing good company. As always fans come a poor second
  8. For the current rabble to come back after falling behind twice is certainly worth celebrating! And in the season ahead we will be thanking them they managed it!
  9. who would have thought it, this team can play football COYR
  10. No. We chose to spend the money needed to keep Martin on others. As big a mistake as Morris sacking McClaren, as virtually his first decision on taking over
  11. So good to read the comments in this thread. They show how whilst arguments about this player or that manager may happen forum members do really care for each other. That may be very important in the days ahead.
  12. Jozwiak averted an almost certain goal tracking back with his energy and pace. Set up some decent chances others spurned at Swansea. Roberts flatters to deceive.
  13. It has to be a positive that Mel Morris will never again make a decision as to who manages DCFC. His first decision on taking control was to sack McClaren. The only decision he got right after that was to get McClaren back when Pearson got us into the bottom three.
  14. Not too mention if you were Polish, Ginger and a flair player!
  15. Whatever league we are in next season Shinnie will have a key part to play. Along with Clarke and Byrne, he can look back on this season with some satisfaction regarding his performances.
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