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  1. So we end up after CM's departure with Mason. Joking right? I despair at Derby fans willingness to celebrate mediocrity. Add him to Villa, Sammon, and both Robinsons, and a few more. He is the past, get rid!
  2. I think you are right. He leaves on a high as joint top scorer. I would not enjoy watching him taking a role as a bit part player as next season progresses, we had enough of that before Cocu saw the light.
  3. But unlike Martin you wouldn't be moving to the places which free up space for others. I am pleased Chris is looking after his own interests, he owes us nothing. Of course we don't know what offer he had from the club. Comments such as we could manage with Marriott, Waghorn and academy player are deluded. We haven't scored enough goals this season with Chris Martin available.
  4. That ignores the thoughts of the owner, he would not have had a choice. In any event it was 3 years since Mac was here and the academy product is now of a different quality. Who didn't get a chance when he was with us?
  5. The only one dimensional thing is your view of what he brings to the game. He scores goals, as this seasons stats show. He also with his assists and linkup play helps the contribution of others. In his first full season we got to Wembley, in the next he was injured after Christmas and our effort tapered away until missing out like Forest did tonight, in the final game. After that he was discarded, time after time is pure cobblers. Personally I don't think he suits Cocu ball and part of his frustration tonight may have come from the insipid effort in the second half, up to the final subs.
  6. After 3 disappointing performances we need to do more than treat this as a friendly. I would expect us to put out a team capable and determined to win any league game. The guard of honour should be left to their final game when presumably they will be presented with the trophy
  7. I think my reaction is much the same as Rooney's would be for the capitulation you propose. Missing Leeds will not help Rooney one iota for next season.
  8. Jozefzoon NEVER Forget resting Martin, we need some points today or the game is up. It's not just Cardiff we are competing against.
  9. A few of points occur to me. Flu vaccines often don't match the viruses that actually arrive. Distancing in the North Stand Concourse is as likely as Kenny Burns paying the Rams a compliment. Covid-19 has had a greater impact on my mental health than not being able to go to Pride Park, whilst still being able to view the games online. Each of us will take make our decisions based on our own circumstances but we are gradually learning what we can do to protect ourselves. Getting in a car and driving 100 miles was never a problem if distancing was observed. We won't go back to how things we
  10. Get over yourself! Martin has been class for Derby since he joined us. Without his goals and assists this season we would be grubbing around in the nether regions of the league. Who Scored got it right on Saturday. He'll be rubbing your nose in it next season as well
  11. Not least the headers he won in our penalty area 2nd half
  12. With varying user names I have been on DET, Sheepshagarmy, Footymad, Ramarena and Popside. dcfcfans is better than any of them. To start with it is easy to avoid off-topic nonsense. Also I have nothing against a good row, but when these happen daily or even hourly its tedious, the mods here do a good job, apart from barely stopping the pun merchants in their tracks. Thanks are due to David and the team for their work in making visiting the site so enjoyable.
  13. Josefzoon has never been the answer despite having had 43 chances
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