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  1. Why would you limit yourself to one fan club? Martin has left us , with a tremendous scoring record, and can do no more, but his contribution still stands despite @David!
  2. He cut inside at every opportunity, hence was very predictable, and made no effort to link with Byrne. A poor start.
  3. Rambling unintelligible posts like this are what football forums are all about, late into the night with alcohol boosters kicking in!
  4. We did until Bielik did his knee - we were beginning to see some player
  5. More dreary stuff. As opposed the the massive margins when we getting thrashed up to the Wycombe game. Only the scorelines have been tight since. There has been a consistency- hard to beat, difficult to score against and generally good to watch. What a contrast to before Rooney took sole charge.
  6. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bielik, Knight and Jowiak were much further below expectations than Wisdom . I had no expectations of Waghorn and they were duly realised
  7. The defence with the recent number of clean sheets seem to be doing just fine without him. Like Cocu not so good for our league.
  8. There are so many posts asserting we should have done this or that against poor teams with no regard for the context. Rooney took over when losing games had become a habit. The improvement is manifest, starting with becoming difficult to defeat. He deserves great credit for the progress made during his 6 games in sole charge. The performance against Swansea was as good as the one we saw against Blackburn, just before lockdown, perhaps even better. He deserves the time to show if he can take us further.
  9. Comparing Bielik's re-emergence with Sibley's first few games is harsh on both. The Swansea game saw the most comprehensive display of midfield mastery, from Bielik, as we have seen in a long time. It was a significant advance on anything seen from him last season. But equally important was the contribution alongside him from Shinnie and Knight. This is one hell of a unit!
  10. @David and I have not been on the same page recently BUT There will be more than a few Rams fans who will have a very quiet Christmas with limited social contacts, either to protect themselves or members of their family. Rams TV (Thanks Mel) and this forum will be very helpful in getting through it all. Seasons greetings to David and all the team that make this forum the success that it is!
  11. Selections and reasoning make sense to me, especially where MW does best. Would be disappointed if Bielik and Jozwiak don't start. A point would be a brilliant outcome
  12. The best we can say of Nigel is he avoided relegation. His limitations were immediately exposed when a better manager took his place. Sheffield United fans will concur.
  13. He seemed to have a penchant for sacking Mac. Surreal that Mac is now Technical Director
  14. An alternative approach is how happy you were when they were sacked or left Delighted; Clough Clement Pearson Rowett Cocu 10 for the lot of them Indifferent; Wassall (can't be bothered to give a number) Sad: Mac (whichever variety) Lampard 1 for both
  15. But we still thought of him as one of our own, like Brian!
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