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  1. Frank Lampard is a class act. I will be gutted if he is not with us next season but understand why this may happen. His feelings for Chelsea mirror ours for DCFC . He and the squad owe us nothing. This may be harsh, but looking back 12 months, Gary Rowett could manage for a hundred years and still struggle to deliver a performance such as we saw at Elland Road. That showed that even if we fall behind you cannot write us off.
  2. To be fair to SaintRam his comment was made 3 days before the defeat by Leeds. but you know what, you are right it really doesn't matter. Nothing matters except the Rams are off to Wembley again, after yet another performance this season that grabs the national headlines to loud approval from the neutrals
  3. Some background information https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/1743792/the-making-of-graeme-shinnie-from-boys-club-die-hard-to-aberdeen-talisman/ Definitely not a botttler!
  4. Just imagine having to rely on Pulis for your glory years!
  5. How many games have we lost since his return to fitness? That and Waghorn getting a run of games in his best position
  6. My neighbour is a Boro fan. Difficult to decide who is happier tonight, though of course that is on the assumption that Pulis gets what he deserves - his P45
  7. We are as ready for promotion as Sheffield United. ( and certainly in a better state than we were in 2007)
  8. A glance at the match stats show what a ridiculous comment that is. Unlike some recent games we were competitive from the start. It is what happened in those earlier games that means we are not guaranteed 6th, not tonight's game.
  9. So do we need to win 6 out of the next 7 games or not?
  10. Depends on what Bristol and Boro do! As for the play-offs, even then not losing after extra time will do and we've been OK at penalty shoot-outs this season. We are far from favourites to get promoted via the play-offs but keep your misery to yourself please.
  11. What would a Martin/Mount combination have delivered over a season?
  12. Timi Elsnik tweeted this today "Went for a pre match walk with the team in Nottingham and this young man outside the hotel started racially abusing some of our lads. The most disgusting thing I’ve seen&heard! He’s done it in front of his girl as well with no shame so he must do it all the time. Absolute idiot!"
  13. These 3 have contributed so much for us this season, but equally they have benefited from what DCFC has to offer. They will leave with enhanced reputations and valuable experience. There is no reason why similar loans cannot assist us next season, their clubs will trust us.
  14. Holmes is good as well especially when not on the wing. But back on topic regarding Johnson - get rid! A horrible footballer who gives the ball away as often as Butterfield used to make a back pass. I am sure we can find someone with his physicality but a bigger football, brain without shelling out a large fee.
  15. It is of little importance that we might catch them, we won't catch up on the ones that matter to get top2 ourselves. Its a big ask for a club to get back the next season after relegration. WBA have done so much better than the two other relegated sides, whose squads accumulated so many more points than they did last season. WBA are at least in with a chance of promotion. The important question is what difference it will make replacing Moore with someone like Jokanovic. My guess it will end up with the same outcome - play-offs. Like us they have chopped and changed their managers far too often but will they learn?
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