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  1. Holmes is good as well especially when not on the wing. But back on topic regarding Johnson - get rid! A horrible footballer who gives the ball away as often as Butterfield used to make a back pass. I am sure we can find someone with his physicality but a bigger football, brain without shelling out a large fee.
  2. It is of little importance that we might catch them, we won't catch up on the ones that matter to get top2 ourselves. Its a big ask for a club to get back the next season after relegration. WBA have done so much better than the two other relegated sides, whose squads accumulated so many more points than they did last season. WBA are at least in with a chance of promotion. The important question is what difference it will make replacing Moore with someone like Jokanovic. My guess it will end up with the same outcome - play-offs. Like us they have chopped and changed their managers far too often but will they learn?
  3. Frank's comments about negativity have directed the focus to a relatively minor issue. He overstates the impact the supporters can have. Despite the wonderful support from the fans without Bennett's amazing strike I am sure we would have lost the game on Tuesday. The players, and what they do when they walk onto the pitch, are far more significant than the fans and there were some poor contributions on the night. Even immediately after the equaliser we looked second rate. Frank needs to accept more responsibility himself for what happens on the pitch. I have not seen any acknowledgement from him that his team selections, especially against Villa, have contributed to the poor recent results. I have not spoken to any fan that did not fear the worst on hearing the line-up last Saturday.
  4. The most sensible comment so far on this thread. Last March the 2016/17 accounts were published showing a loss during the year of £7.9m £3m a month is a fantasy figure.
  5. And miss the start of the revival!!
  6. That splurge on those two at the end of the transfer window has cost us dear ever since Butterfield - the heart of a mouse Johnson - who gives the ball away as freely as a tart dispenses clap
  7. Johnson and Butterfield, pound for pound the two worst signings I have witnessed, Derek Hales excluded. Johnson has had a few decent games but more than 90 otherwise.
  8. Of course he wants to be Chelsea manager, but he's intelligent enough to realise he ain't ready for it yet
  9. Murray's answer was far more classy saying Derby are a good team
  10. "rebuilding from scratch near enough this summer coming" Marriott and Holmes have shown plenty and they are ours. " I’m actually shocked that we are in the playoff mix." Taking a look at what happens when we have played Premier League teams, being shocked is ridiculous
  11. Whilst reserving the right to make a few grumbling posts on here next time he makes a howler, I cannot dispute your comments. Every manager since he joined us in 2012 has formed the same opinion and he has missed very few league games.
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