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  1. sunnyhill60

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    After a truly horrible start that list becomes quite decent. We have had a miraculous escape from one purveyor of dire football, replacing him with another would inexcusable
  2. sunnyhill60

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Attritional, dire football despite inheriting a talented squad and in circumstances much better than most Championship teams
  3. sunnyhill60

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    one shot on target, at home shows how good we were.
  4. sunnyhill60


    Just bonkers! We didn't just "fanny around" we played Lady Bountiful and gifted Fulham the ball at every opportunity. Rowett got rid of the quality and prizes those without it.
  5. Because this is DCFCFans site not RowettFans site
  6. sunnyhill60

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    1 shot on target in each game - just not good enough
  7. sunnyhill60

    Atmosphere on Friday

    Much worrying with little cause I feel. All that is needed is for those that do turn up to repeat their loud support as against Cardiff or Barnsley. For once listen to Curtains!
  8. sunnyhill60

    Thank you Mel

    For sure, and hopefully he will have learned from his experiences this season. He hasn't used the loan market to much effect and this could be used to get in some younger players and also spare Morris splashing big cash. Of course if we dispatch Fulham and prevail at Wembley then the considerations change.
  9. sunnyhill60

    Would you sack Rowett if we lose on Sunday?

    No manager that gets into the play-offs or is in contention to do so going into the last game deserves the sack. Problem is the Owner has form and doesn't seem to agree.
  10. sunnyhill60

    Was Steve McClaren ultimately a failure at DCFC

    Better to be stuck in the past than stuck with Rowettball
  11. sunnyhill60

    Was Steve McClaren ultimately a failure at DCFC

    When a future manager delivers entertaining and winning football
  12. sunnyhill60

    Will Hughes Article

    Johnson suits Rowettball Hughes does not Simples!
  13. sunnyhill60

    Jacob Butterfield

    Pass completion 48%, even worse than usual for him
  14. sunnyhill60

    Sam Winnall

    If the reports are accurate that next season Mel's formerly deep pockets will only be accessed by very short arms then signing Winnall makes no sense, unless the fee is suitably small. Sentiment has no place here, the player's strong feelings for DCFC or Rowett are irrelevant. Has our experience with Thorne taught us nothing?
  15. sunnyhill60

    Will Hughes Article

    One of the most condescending posts I have read on here. I'm sure he will be grateful you think he is "nice". How many England players are "world beaters"? And you seem to blame him alone for the Watford teams failings! A team needs to have some pace, that doesn't mean all 10 outfield players need it. Vision, intelligence and technical skill on the ball are equally important attributes. I don't know if Will will make the England team but sure as hell I miss things like his assist for Bent's goal at Wolves last season, now that we have to make do with Johnson's hoofball.

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