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  1. If I had gone to the game rather than seeing it on tv it would have run my current 1st choice very close. Like the Benfica game it was still at the top of my thoughts for many days afterwards.
  2. 1972-3 vs Benfica 3-0 There is as much chance of Dominic Cummings staying at home as we have of seeing anything like that again
  3. Clough had plenty of time to show his qualities. The football was often dire and he seemed to have an aversion to flair players. How many years did he spend pursuing Connor Sammon? Though in fairness that was compensated for by getting Chris Martin for free.
  4. That you seem unaware of the massive abuse in the press and on social media for Corbyn and Abbott for years, shows how out of touch you are or perhaps where you get your news from. Some things don't need discussion. Smallpox is bad. Coronavirus is bad. Trump is worse
  5. Gutted to hear of the passing of Manjeet Singh Riyat, A&E Consultant at Royal Derby Hospital, through this virus. Get outside and clap on Thursday!
  6. I have never seen any comment from Nicholson that adds perspective or new information. Newspaper websites could make money from adverts without them being so oppressive to readers that they never want to return. The Mortimer comment is just fiction. One informative Telegraph post a day would be just fine.
  7. If the season is over now the financial situation will be worse for the club. Martin offers great value for money, acquiring someone with his skill set will never be cheap. I also think his salary expectations will be realistic making a new deal very achievable.
  8. If it is, just imagine how that would go down in Leeds!
  9. So for the second game in a row you don't want us to put out our strongest starting 11? One or both of Waghorn and Martin have to start - and they will!
  10. Another ridiculous post saying shut up, your opinion is irrelevant. What is the forum for except to share one's opinion, and if it is different from Cocu's so what?
  11. What a pity! What a shame!
  12. Spot on! The plan of introducing young players would not have been set back by putting out our strongest team on this special occasion. Cocu has form, we have exited both cup competitions with poor team selection. Last season we won away at Old Trafford, there was not a moment when we looked like doing the same again - apart from a few minutes at the start of each half Man Utd controlled the game. Fans don't part with large sums and travel great distances to watch development opportunities for a few players but rather in the expectation we will be doing our best to win. Last season Lampard's dislike of losing was always evident. Cocu doesn't sound too fussed either way
  13. I doubt Chris Martin needs any assistance from Cocu to get the best out of himself other than to be selected to start.
  14. Not when he chooses Marriott to lead the line instead of Martin and drops Forsyth for Lowe for no good reason, as he did midweek - and we lost!
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