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The ones that got away...

Bridgford Ram

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I have just heard an interview with Russell Osman (Ipswich & England) and it turns out his dad played for Derby, Osman was born in Repton and watched / supported Derby as a kid.  Despite this he signed for Ipswich and made his debut in 1976 when we were still at the top.

I also know that both Mickey Quinn and Alan Cork were apprentices at Derby before going on to decent careers elsewhere.

Does anyone know of any others that got away, or the stories behind how Osman, Quinn or Cork slipped away?

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44 minutes ago, irobinson said:

Huddlestone - sold to Spurs - immediately loaned to Wolves - back at ipro two weeks later and scored against us....how does that work

He played nearly 100 games for us so not really one that got away. And we actually took him from Forest academy if I recall correctly


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