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Rams quiz question


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Scrolled to the bottom of the thread straight away to avoid seeing any answers, but will give it a go. A lot of the sponsors would have been on the shirts before I was born so I'll have a go in reverse order.

Just Eat, BuyMobiles, Bombardier, Derbys Building Society, Marstons Pedigree, EDS, Puma, Auto Windscreens, Bass, British Midland...

I'm out. The last 2 I only because of Retro shirts I've bought

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Quote from Steve Eyres:

"I have had lots of queries regarding the fact that SAAB were the first shirt sponsor of The Rams and not BMA

I can assure fans that this is not the case - the SAAB shirts were only used in a promotional capacity and never actual shirts as shirt sponsors were not allowed.

 Around  1976/77 DCFC struck a deal with a local SAAB dealer (Believed to be Woodford at Mickeover)  who via SAAB sponsored the Rams 1st team players giving them the use of  a SAAB car each . The deal included various advertising around the ground and on tickets etc."

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