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IoW Derby

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Definitely. Statistics suggest we would be 4-5 points better off. Then again we may have been 2-3 points better off is Mascarell was fit. Looking at Thorne and/or Martin missing and you are looking at a 10-12 point deficit.  . 

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Yeah. He offered more discipline and protection than Omar but he wouldnt help us move the ball faster where we've sat on it too long. 

And he did get caught out of position. Plenty of times he's been too slow to get where he needs to be. 

Probably would have made us tougher to beat. But it's both ends we've had problems. He's not as good as Omar in possession. 

Maybe we should have gone with 2 lads in that position earlier? Because no one player quite nails it apart from Thorne?

ah well.

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Talking about his points per game... you have to look at who he's played with too. 

We've had problems taking chances and scoring goals. It's not all been about how poor we are without the ball at times. We've been poor on the ball too. I don't think he would have helped massively in that area. 

He's been a miss. But I don't think it was the difference between where we are now and automatics. 

Maybe Martin and Eustace combined? But then I think Cyrus Christie's thought process has cost us goals and chances at both ends.  

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