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Everton fans graffiti - Martinez out


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Moyes often had a season at Everton where they randomly struggled, then the next year he would get them to a sixth place finish. Martinez had a great first season in charge and Everton just seem to be having one of those struggling seasons where things don't quite seem to go right. 

The patience of football fans really annoys me when it comes to calling for a managers head, yes we all disagree with what our manager does from time to time and sometimes you have to just bare the bad times to get to the good.

Its like Klopp and Dortmund. One of my friends said, "This season has shown what Klopp is really about." Wait so one bad season overshadows four great season?! Give me a break. I would of beat his ass down if I was violent.....and he wasn't bigger than me..... and I didn't make him up because I don't actually have friends.....

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