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Sherlock Holmes


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I love Sherlock Holmes:Shows,books,films.

Anyone else really like Sherlock Holmes?

I have pretty much watched every episode of Elementary the show on CBS(just 2 right now on my dvr)and Sherlock as portayed by Cumberbatch I have watched a couple episodes of it also.Obviously read a lot of the stories and the watched the Guy Ritchie movies as well.

Anyone else watch any of these? Read any of the stories,novels?

I of course assume he is very popular in Britain.Pretty sure I read somewhere Ritchie is writing the script for another film also.

Favorite book-Definetely The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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For someone with only a passing interest in Sherlock Holmes (never read a book), I've just realised I've watched every episode of Elementary, every episode of Sherlock, both Guy Ritchie films and every episode of House (which is based on Holmes).

That wasn't done with a conscious fandom of Holmes, but there must be something about him, cos it makes for good tele.

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