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20 Fiercest Football Rivalries in England


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"No disrespect to Derby," Stuart Pearce once said, meaning maximum disrespect to Derby. "But even if they were only club around, I'd rather go on the dole."

Sooner than you think Stuart. Sooner than you think.

And then he kissed our badge. Fierce rivalry my arse
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Nonsense list, with oddities such as the number one fierce rivalry in "English football" being a game that's played in a different country! And no Man Yoo vs Liverpool? Yeah, right - that's not much of a rivalry...


Glad Oxford Swindon made it on, as I lived in Oxford for years and it was heartfelt. Everyone's local Derby is as fierce as everyone else's. It's the other rivalries that are more interesting, like Palace Brighton. Funny that plenty of the Fulham fans on Tuesday still hate us for "denying them promotion" with our pitch invasion and fan tackle, all those years ago. I was there, but it wasn't me, guv... :)

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