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Ant & Dec


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Please explain, I'm struggling to understand

ant is the short@rsed Geordie with the big head, and dec is the short @rsed Geordie with the big head 

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they're a national institution and the princes of variety and entertainment. They're harmless, clean-living, and I'd definitely smash both of their missuses!


I think you're being very harsh with no justification.


In this day and age where druggies and f*cking idiots are lauded and revered, talentless mugs are on stupid shows like Geordie Shore and TOWIE etc, I think you all need a reality check.


Should your children aspire to be a total whore or crack head? Or should they aspire to be hard-working and quite clean living?


I don't love them myself, but I certainly have a bit of admiration for how far they've come since being PJ and Duncan.



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