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And the team with the best discipline record is!


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According to the official FL site......


"http://i42.tinypic.com/34glzph" alt="34glzph">



The table is rubbish.  Look at this in isolation:


Derby County  195 33 1 1 Blackburn  189 29 3



We have 6 fouls more yet have had 4 yellows against us and 2 less reds and penalties awarded.


Yellows and fouls should be 1 point red 3 and penalties 5 as a penalty usually does have a massive impact on a game, whilst losing a player has less impact but still an impact.  So here is my table:


Club               TTL   Moves

Nottm Forest   280   same

Yeovil Town     253 same

Blackburn        242 up 1

Derby County  236 down 1

Blackpool         231 up 3

Brighton          226 down 1

Millwall  224 up 3

Sheffield Wed  217 up 4

Birmingham  212 down 2

Watford  212 up 3

Bolton  210 same

Reading  209 up 3

Leeds United  205 down 7

Huddersfield  204 down 5

Leicester City  202 down 1

Wigan Athletic  201 same

Middlesbrough  201 up 4

Burnley  192 down 1

QPR  187 down 1

Doncaster  187 up 3

Charlton  182 down 2

Barnsley  176 same

Bournemouth  176 up 1

Ipswich Town  168 down 4

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I don't lose any sleep over it. 


Forest type fouls tend to be assaults - and you can bet your life that if their players could smuggle a glass, knuckle-dusters or tactical thermonuclear weapons on the pitch they would use them.


Derby type fouls are harmless - Chris Martin backing into the defender or a Will Hughes nudge.

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I'd rather us foul by pressuring the opposition than sitting back and letting them do what they want with the ball


Barcelona also commit alot of fouls due to relentlessy getting the ball back and occasionally barging over one of their players.. Dani Alves must commit at least 7 fouls a game and that's no exaggeration.


It's no problem at all

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These days, given how easily fouls are committed, it's much easier to be a team with 'poor discipline' while doing next to nothing worth being called a 'dirty' team for. I can't remember one challenge that has made me wince from this season regarding a Derby player leaving a foot in or making a bad challenge in general.


Back in Cloughie's days of course, you really had to foul someone to get a decision. Nowadays, you tap an ankle and it's a free-kick. Given how busy our players tend to be, players constantly snapping at heels and Martin/Eustace doing what they do in differet roles, it's agiven that we'd be high up on that list.

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