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most depressing game as a Derby fan


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Quite simply, the ONE game you attended involving Derby County that depresses you the most, and why.


Mine is:-


About December 27th or 28th, 2004(?), Derby v Millwall at Pride Park.


It was a bitterly cold day, we decided to go to the match at lunchtime, queued for tickets, the match kicked off and we were losing 1-0 by the time we got into the stand (after 15 minutes)


Barry f**king Hayles scored a hat-trick!


A steward sat in the seat in front of me and my mate, but spent the remainder of the first half looking at us. Then when we asked him to stop staring and what his problem was, a copper came storming over and threatened to arrest us!


We then left on 70 minutes!!!

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Choice of two for me:-


Leicester play off final at Wembley. Was still quite young, had been to all except 2 games that season. Was devastated when we lost.


Ssausagehorpe at home during NCs reign, think it finished 4-1, have never felt so suicidal leaving a game at Pride Park.

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Losing to Man U in Semi final of FA Cup at Hillsborough. Gordy Hill ruined our day.

That was a truly bad day when you consider how good we'd been that season. The quarter final against Newcastle, I always quote as my all time favourite Game, the quality of each goal was tremendous. But after losing Charlie George the team lost its mojo a bit.


Losing the home leg to Juventus was pretty bad too and I can think of a couple of home defeats to Leeds in the 70s that hurt. An FA cup home defeat with a David Nish own goal!

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Derby 0-1 Sunderland


John Gregory came in and we beat Spurs 1-0 on his debut and another 3 points against our relegation rivals Sunderland (who were in dire form) would have given us a good chance of beating the drop..


We played rubbish, showed no fight and just limped to a poor defeat.. This is the game I look back on as knowing we were down.


As for just plain depressed (and a game I didn't attend).. Probably losing at home to Stoke 0-2 in the FA Cup a few years ago.. Despressed in that we didn't even lay a glove on them, had zero shots in the whole game and people on here were actually happy/pleased with the performance.. I was ashamed.

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Play off final against Lestah. I was 13, horrible journey coming back up M1. Also when we got smashed 4-0 by Lestah at home 4-0 down after 15 minutes. Leeds at home lose 5-0. Forest away 5-2. That Ssausagehorpe game was low too 4-1. And Hull couple seasons ago when we lost 2-0 didn't lay a glove on them.

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I remember going to the first game at Plymouth too, absolutely **** atmosphere from us derby fans that day - similar to pps in recent years

I remember the police blocked all the motorway services,from the coaches.

When we were finally allowed to stop,the cafeteria looked like it had been attacked by a swarm of locusts.

Nothing left,people queuing to pay for food & drinks,and eating/drinking it all,before reaching the till.

A cafe employee was even handing out cups,bless her

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