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Michael Keane


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Just read that Cole is a winger so probably instead of Albrighton especially as Albrighton has been getting into the Villa squad. Still I'd be happy with just these two.

Wait, is that a twinge of excitement I'm feeling? A spark of positivity? It's a good feeling, maybe I should embrace it or maybe it'll all prove to be a false dawn. We shall see. Give it a few weeks and I could be on here posting like B4 does (apart from the hatred of Americans)

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Heard of Michael Keane and know that he played nearly every game during his time at Leicester. Has anyone actually seen him play though? Is he better than Buxton or Keogh?


As for the other guy, I've never heard of him. I just hope he's not replacing Albrighton, who I was really excited about.


Edit - according to Fifa, Cole's an attacking midfielder but mostly central. Fingers crossed for Albrighton still then.

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