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  1. Nice one, cheers mate, purchased it few minutes ago! UTR
  2. Anyone know if you can access Rams TV via Microsoft Edge on an Xbox One, cutting out the need to connect a laptop to the TV? Don't normally use Rams TV but thinking of purchasing the game for tomorrow, sorry if this has already been asked. Chewie
  3. Fully agree with this, Carson is the best keeper at the club, we should make him number 1 again with Roos as back up. Can't see us signing better for less than the cost of Carson's wages.
  4. Derby 3 Blackburn 0 Knight frgs
  5. Thought it was a brave selection to play 2 players at CB that are not first choice, and to play 3 academy graduates across the middle, and it back fired. But we tried, played a few neat passages of football and showed a bit of bite at times...but never looked like winning it for me. The amount of time and space gifted to Ighalo for both his goals is unforgiveable and pretty much sums up our season of not being decisive, aware and strong enough defensively for 90+ minutes....until this improves we will continue on this yo-yo of peformances and results
  6. Turgid, what a disgrace of a performance that was.
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