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  1. Think Bird and Shinnie will get more time and space against Hudders in the middle to win the ball and dictate play. That back 4 is as good as it gets, Edmundson was decent Friday, but his distribution left a lot to be desired. Sibley, like Joz has some actual ability to beat a man and cross or get into the box, as he proved against Brum in wide left. Knight is the best option we have attacking middle and is due a goal. Of course if theres one thing we should know from watching Keogh over the years he is always bullied by a physical strong opponent, Colin will be ideal for this and can see him
  2. Good luck to him, don't get the animosity towards him at all. Hope he does well!
  3. Regardless of the result, which we deserved to lose on both occasions to Roverum this season...listening to the drivel being spouted by whoever it was in the Roverum camp was highly annoying and deeply unprofessional. I heard bad language, mocking the referee, definately abuse aimed at Colin KR when he showed frustration at mis controlling the ball, ironic cheers at referee's decisions. It was downright disgusting. It was right to be called out, and whoever was dishing it out is a professional clown.
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