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  1. That's my thoughts, and why I would go with Shinnie. Think we need some bite and experience next to two of them.
  2. Gary Megson springs to mind?
  3. For the love of god, please, pick a team with experience, energy and bite. Play players where they perform better...how hard can it be?
  4. And amazingly the 2 players you see doing that in Shinnie and Davies have been dropped from the starting 11, it's ridiculous!
  5. I sincerely hope that Mel, hopefully with the aid of what Stevie Mac has seen already will go all out to secure an established manager to get us out of this mess ASAP, even if that is the Mac temporarily. We cannot seriously carry on like this any longer, surely even R and R can see that this is tarnishing any reputation for a future in management they think they have. And lastly I really hope (the majority) of the players got up this morning and took a long hard look in the mirror and thought about how pathetic there effort to perform and fight to get out of this mess really is, time to stand
  6. We really are staring firmly and directly at league 1 right now if we don't see some massive changes at this football club right away.
  7. Brilliant appointment, glad to see Mac back, and I think he will be great in the role given, with Rooney or Terry as the Manager. I am sure he will have some input with the coaches around style of play...Mac era was the best football since Jim Smith, would rather be entertained than bored stiff like recent years!
  8. Depends what influence he was able have seeing as we had a dutch trio who may have been hard to work with, and change the mind set of. Wayne's initial impact upon arriving at the club was clear to see as our upturn in form proved...what then went wrong we don't know but now Cocu and co have gone...we will see
  9. I think it's pretty brave of Wayne to come out and imply that he knows what needed doing/needs to be done to improve things...suggests he wasn't having much say so or given chance to influence Cocu despite the fact a lot of things weren't working...now he has his chance and if things don't improve he will die by his own sword...someone has to be confident they can turn this around and no-one has been closer to it than Wayne.
  10. Many wanted Cocu gone, many had already said what Wayne has now said when asked a question...I don't see the issue with it, he is hungry and ambitious and as he want's the job, sitting on the fence will get him nowhere, and what he has said is bang on IMO.
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