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  1. Please no, just no. Smacks of mediocrity and we have Joezefzoon and Bennett for that, the Rooney to Paterson emotional rollercoaster is too much for me
  2. For me Malone is better than Lowe, and Lowe is IMO worth about £2-3m max
  3. Think Roos is good enough, not quite sure what substantiates all the negative comments? One noteable mistake in one game...he has done a lot more good than he has bad, he had a brilliant run of games towards the end of last season and made some good stops. His distribution is on par if not better than SC, he is a lot younger and cheaper. Maybe if we could collectively as a team stop crosses coming into the box the keeper might stand a better chance...
  4. Mostly tongue in cheek....But I just feel like Derby might be the place where he hits the ground running. West Ham rate him enough to offer him a new contract, but he want's a better chance of first team football, 4 in 5 on trial suggests might be worth a punt!
  5. Bielik, Clarke, Ramselaar, Hector-Ingram Sesh weekend coming up!!! ⚽️👍🐏😁
  6. We have a gaping Tomori, Wilson, Mount shaped hole to fill.
  7. Love a bit of detective work, had to be sure...now I'm sure...wonder if he's done enough?
  8. Trialist is Jahmal Hector-Ingram recently turned down a new contract at West Ham. You can tell it's him from the image and also has liked some of my tweet activity about 'trialist' 👍🐏
  9. If we really expect to be top 6 we will need to worry about the bigger teams than Bristol, was pretty much B/C team against B/C team so don't need to read much into it 👍
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