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  1. Turgid, what a disgrace of a performance that was.
  2. One of THE MOST BLATANT failures to call a foul and issue a Red card I have ever seen!!! 👀
  3. Was class, and played a big part in the Semi Final win at Leeds last season
  4. ...and left us with so little sell on value that we now find ourselves in a financial mess...just how much did Camara, Butterfield, Blackman, Anya contribute to the playoff campaigns after costing circa £15m plus wages?
  5. To be fair, I assume most people on forums are not scouting staff by trade, and are expecting better from the people that are 🤔
  6. Agree with the poster on this one, totally pathetic. Banter from fellow professionals in a team environment is ok, but some smart arse nobody that is no better than a key board warrior @'ing players to dig them out and get attention is very poor in my opinion.
  7. Tbf just re-searched and he got injured at H/T
  8. Last 2 games = Subbed at Half Time, not in the matchday squad
  9. A good watch that was, above all else I truly believe Wayne's leadership on the pitch will be massive! 👍
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