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  1. Just keep scrolling. This was posted in error. Nothing to see here
  2. I can’t understand exactly what’s happening at the moment. We’re clearly in some sort of limbo period but it goes wider than the EFL and possible embargo. Even with that, we’d have a new kit and training gear - that would be part of the contract with Umbro, unless something else was on the horizon? The optimist side of me (and somewhat deluded side these days) wonders if the take over is nearly there (if there is one). This take over is Rooney is happy to continue and why we haven’t got a kit yet (as that could be part of the deal). That all sounds unrealistic. We’re probably just in the poo.
  3. Always felt like FFP or P&S do nothing to tackle the problem they were set out to achieve. They were implemented to stop teams overspending, gambling on success but failing and crumbling. It hasn’t prevented this, it’s just made it more of a gamble. In the Championship, overspend and pull it off and you get promoted and face no punishment, but fail and you’re left in a worse position than you would have been without FFP. Before you’d be in a financial state, now you’re in a financial state, face a fine, transfer embargo and points deduction. I’m sure these are intended to act as a deterrent so that people stick within the rules, however, they won’t and they’ll constantly try and find loopholes due to the lack of a level playing field. a fairer way to level things out would be to set a transfer budget that all clubs have to stay within. You can spend more than say £20m on players in a year and every club has an overall wage limit to stick to. That way, even those with parachute payments get no unfair advantage as they have the same wage and transfer budget. That said, they’ll need to ensure contracts given in the prem at suitably structured to include a wage reduction should they get relegated. I am no expert so feel free to rip the idea to shreds if it’s actually nonsense.
  4. Yeah but that fish once said he disagreed with drinking alcohol and now I demand he acknowledges to me his hypocrisy!
  5. or are they still fighting?
  6. I’ve not gone through all the pages on this but can everyone chill the f out? FWIW I thought at the time that Cocu was underachieving, in hindsight I was probably wrong and rated the squad too highly, didn’t appreciate the reality of our financial problems and how much his hands were tied in terms of players. Cocu with a budget (or even with key players fit) may well have been a different story. I’ll admit my opinion has changed in that respect. It’s partly due to that that I think Rooney should have time managing here with (fingers crossed) none of the issues that have plagued us for over a season. There’s been good and bad with Rooney, he’s made some good tactical decisions before and during games and also some stinkers but then a lot of managers do. It’s a fine line between success and failure, Lampard got us into the play-off final but would he have done without the transfers and loans he secured? We’re asking Rooney to make us dinner with whatever we have left in the fridge and hoping he comes up with a delicious meal we can all enjoy. It’s unlikely to happen, some items are past their best, others don’t go with each other having been purchased for difference recipes. Let him go shopping with a meal in mind and we’re likely to have a better meal and if not then we can call him a rubbish cook. (Sorry, I love an analogy)
  7. No, he’s guilty of not running a business properly. It’s alright saying “he gave us what we wanted” but he shouldn’t he should do what’s right for the stability of the club. If my kids ask for sweets all the time and I give them loads as a result, they then end up with health issues and no teeth. I don’t think “all I’m guilty of is giving them what they wanted” would wash in terms of responsible parenting.
  8. I find it interesting that people are saying “It’s easy to criticise in hindsight” - I’m not sure what other sight we have in this situation. We don’t sit within the board and know the financial situation until times like this. We’re football fans who enjoy watching the game and support our team, I’m not sure when I needed accountancy qualifications and to find time to look through the clubs annual accounts in order to make sure I was up to date with how we were being run and could criticise prior to disaster hitting. Also every other aspect of football gets criticised after the event. Managers and the players are fair game for criticism post event. They tried to do their best for the club but if they make a mistake fans will be critical of them. We’re not allowed to do that with the owner though because he’s a fan? If he owns the club it’s his job to run it in a sustainable way and it appears he hasn’t done that and we’re in trouble. I’m not sure why fans can’t be critical of the mess he’s made when it’s now come to light. Were we critical of the money spent on signings at the time? No, but we aren’t privy to the details of it or our financial situation. none of us could have said “you’re spending £Xm on player Y? Well if you look at our net income and our current expenditure, taking into account his wages over his contract as well, that puts us in a tricky financial position. I don’t think we should sign him” - because we don’t have that info. Mel may we’ll have had the best intentions and if we’d got promoted nobody would have criticised but it appears to have been a gamble that didn’t pay off. Imagine I went to the casino with all my families savings with the intention of winning more and setting us up for life. If I come back quids in then happy days but if I lose it all I doubt my family would go “well your heart was in the right place” they’d rightly say “you did what? So we now risk losing our house etc and we’re in a worse financial position? What have you done?” - there’s a responsibility with the owners to ensure there’s still a club and not just blow on the dice, give them a roll and hope for the best.
  9. Away from home we got beat by 3 goals or more 5 times under Cocu in his 28 away league games. We’ve been beaten by 3 goals or more away from home 4 times since he was sacked, in 18 league games. So that label of “each away match” is an overreaction. I’m not picking a fight with you but I dislike overreacting posts.
  10. FWIW which is very little (and this is wish list rather than realistic) keep - Byrne, Buchanan, Bird, Knight, Shinnie, Sisley, Joz, CKR, Bielik Thats it, nobody else. Don’t think either keeper has been good enough, Marshall is better of the two but age is not on his side. I’ve not included the loans as we won’t get them again if we go down. Says a lot that even if we went to League 1, I wouldn’t keep enough to make a starting eleven. I also haven’t included the likes of McDonald, Watson and Festy who I’d like to think would stay anyway due to being youth players
  11. I know it’s hindsight but I’m now wishing we kept Cocu, yes we were bottom and frustrating to watch at times but at least he had a plan and Cocu was probably a striker (Dursun) away from implementing that plan to better effect. This squad, especially minus Bielik, is mid-table at best. It’s in need of investment in terms of quality and depth but at the moment it just feels like we have no way of getting ourselves out of the rut, and what doesn’t help is we don’t have a philosophy to stick to and believe in. It reminds me of spells under Nigel Clough, where we went on runs of poor form with no idea of how to get out of them. If we stay up it will be due to a fluke last day result. Just to add I thought Rooney was the right appointment at the time, still don’t think it’s all down to him but some of his decisions have cost us recently, namely the “game by game” attitude until the summer. He seemed to have written off this season from the off, which probably hasn’t helped
  12. The jury, rather surprisingly, is still out for me. I do wish he’d tried to implement a style rather than go game by game but I’d like to see what he does in the summer should we stay up. Either both Cocu and Rooney are inept or this squad isn’t good enough - I’d suggest, seeing as the squad is the constant, that a lot of the blame rests there. either way, if you’re in or you’re out I don’t get the abuse. I don’t care if he says “erm” are lot and people saying he can’t be an effective communicator due to it.....well some managers speak broken English or in Bielsa’s case they don’t speak it at all. Rooney saying “erm” means chuff all. As does his appearance and I also don’t know how people can judge his attitude having never met the bloke. I can understand criticism of the play etc but when people bring this type of thing into the discussion you’ve lost credibility in your argument.
  13. Oh I see. But much to Chuck another youngster into the mix at this stage. FWIW Roos Byrne Edmonson Clarke Forsyth Buchanan Bird Shinnie Jozwiak Roberts CKR
  14. Clarke and CB and CM - brave choice.
  15. You see Roy he’s got to concentrate on our game and not the opposition but by the same token he’s tactically inept because he doesn’t change things to combat the opposition like Bowyer on Saturday (despite previously being praised for tactical changes during a game against Huddersfield and Brentford)
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