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  1. What is the issue some have with Rooney? I don’t get how or why he’s become the latest in a long line of hate figures from the fan base. He signs, we’re excited. He joins, plays well and we have a run of form. He seems to help the youngsters especially Bird and they form a good midfield partnership. We start this season and it’s horrendous, and you’d believe that’s all due to Rooney reading some comments. His play and form isn’t bad, well at least no worse than the rest. Cocu was sacked and most fans were calling for it to happen, but now that’s Rooney‘s fault also, he was apparently ear
  2. Everyone needs to stop looking at manager odds. Rafa has been favourite, Big Sam and now Terry. Each time a load of people then get excited and talk like it’s done and happening and ultimately it doesn’t and the next day there’s a new favourite. I can’t see a new manager without the new owners in first and who knows when that may happen. I’m normally positive and fairly level headed (I think anyway) but I see this getting even worse before it gets better.
  3. I can’t see any of us feeling any different until the take over is done and a new manager installed. If this was Rooney/Rosenior’s shot at making a claim for the job then its not gone well. This has gone from a team that looked alright but couldn’t score to a team that doesn’t even look alright. The current state of limbo is the problem, we’ve had nearly a month of this takeover “almost being complete” which hasn’t helped matters, we’ve had a committee in charge for two games and various rumours circulating on the next manager. None of this is good for the club or the players. If thi
  4. Just try and focus on the now. Accept that we have a management team at the moment. Act as if Rosenior and the others are the appointment. Get behind their fresh start as if they’d been announced full time. Focusing on what may happen won’t help you. That’s our management team until someone tells me otherwise. Hopefully the players do the same. You never know, it may work and may not change.
  5. So everyone has decided neither could possibly be good managers. I’m not saying they would be but I’m curious to know why so many are so certain that they wouldn’t.
  6. I voted yes, not because he’d be my first choice in an ideal world but I’m just not quick to write someone off before he’s managed a single game. By the looks of it Rooney, etc will have a few weeks in charge at least. May as well see if he can earn the job rather than judge the guy based on......I don’t know what you’re basing it on, your perception of him in interviews? The way he speaks? Whatever it is that has made so many sure he can’t cut it, it’s certainly not based on any knowledge of how good a coach or manager he can be, it’s not based on his footballing intelligence either.
  7. I realise that but there are always rumours around and the club don’t act upon them and issue a statement. Usually statements occur when something is confirmed. Just feels like a misstep
  8. Yes, I would have preferred them to say nothing. Can’t see an outcry if they say nothing. It’s what I’d expect and I imagine it’s what most would expect. I’m also not demanding that something happen right now as these things take time. I’m simply commenting that this demand for updates from fans will be, in part, due to the statement put out for the club. I think it did more harm than good in terms of managing expectations on what will happen and how soon.
  9. I don’t think the majority of fans would be expecting any announcement soon, say this week, if it wasn’t for the “holding statement” put out by the club. I don’t understand the purpose of the statement, all it does is put the fans in this position. If the intention was to hope clarify things then it’s failed miserably.
  10. I imagine it’s u23 plus a lot of 1st team, otherwise why would the DCFC lineup not be out there?
  11. Easier tip - If the link is from the Daily Mail, no matter the subject and no matter the author, do yourself a favour and just keep scrolling past it.
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