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burnley game


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Can derby final beat burnley as we failed last season. On 2 ocessions we all know there a really hard team to beat. I think in order to beat them we need to use our speed but also make sure they do not gang up on will huges. He will need john eurtice experance next to him but his muscle will draw players away from him. Ordering him to feed the strikers in russle martin ward in burnley will not know who to pick up. In order for this to happen we need play same way as we did against brentford.

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I think my tactis are spot. What does everyone else think.

Don't think it's quite as simple as saying Eustace draw them away. Hughes make space and then pass to Martin?

That could be a good tactic but only a very simple aspect of our play.

I don't think Eustace will play personally I think Coutts will who hopefully with Ward in the whole will provide some needed width.

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