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Anyone having a problem buying tickets for the Leicester game?


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Trying to buy a couple of tickets for the Leicester game and I keep getting this message up:


"You cannot complete purchases of different type products in the same transaction. Please either clear your cart or complete your current transaction before adding a new type product!"


It only lets me buy the single ticket, anyone know what the big deal is? 



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Eddie was having a similar problem getting tickets for the Burton game. It could be an IT problem.

IT? Incredibly tedious?

Anything on that website is a friggin nightmare.

"Get your tickets for Brentford now!"

... or after about 3hours and 5 emails?

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I have just tried and same problem - likely cause though is no two seats are available together, just singles, hence it will let you buy singles ?? Hopefully a decent crowd ...... and result !


I also recommend deal of the week - Burnely 31st August £10 South West Upper :)

Demand Based Pricing can work .......

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