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Official Player of The Year


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Vote for Buxton, I said so on my twitter and he favourited it.


I would love Buxton to get it, I know it'd mean a lot to him - and for me he has been a very good centre half this year! 


So come on, jump on the buxton bandwagon... QUICK!! 


I voted 4 times for him already, I'm committed to the clause.

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That's not the fans player of the year, is it?


It's the DCFC Supporters' Clubs Player of the Year


why the hell is this stuff so confusing.



Didn't they once give it to Savage when he did nowt but run about a bit wearing an Alice-band?

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Well considering Keogh won last night, it isn't rocket science the majority of supporters will vote for him (again) is it?

He wouldn't be my choice but I have no idea who the supporters will vote for. Why is it an issue a defender winning the award even though we have been playing some entertaining football this year - isn't he part of the team?

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