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  1. We conceded far too many goals from set pieces, individual errors and goalkeeping mistakes. We didn't conceded any more from crosses into the box than any other team in the league. We had one of the best ratings in the league for goals conceded from open play, and one of the worst from set pieces. Looking back at the goals we conceded, most of the ones from crosses were Forsyth and Bogle. I think we conceded 3 goals from crosses against Lowe, and for 2 of them, there were at least 5 touches in the box after the cross. He only got 1 assist, but he was played out of position for a good chunk of
  2. The EFL are a joke and not fit for purpose and so is FFP. I was under the impression FFP was to stop owners from coming in and putting clubs into massive debt to try and achieve promotion. Yet you've got them going after us, where the owner is actively not putting the club into debt. Then you see them going after clubs like Bolton and trying to fine them for failing to fulfil fixtures when they have no players and no money. And if they don't get the outcome they want they will keep appealing it over and over until they get the "independent" panel that agrees with their verdict. Not
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