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how do you take the Rams Sir ? (and Maam)


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We all have a our own thoughts and views on this forum about the Rams and I was beginning to wonder just where do we get those opinions from ?

Are you a season ticket holder ? Go home and away ? just go to a casual match every now and again ? listen on the radio ? read about the rams in the Evening Telegraph or do you live a little further afield and rely on the internet or watching the highlights on TV ?

perhaps its all of the above

to start it off I have a season ticket right over the half way line in the barmy west stand upper tier.

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season ticket holder for 5 years, normally do 1 or 2 away games (would do more but no allowed to drink so dad doesn't allow me to come) middle of east stand, great view.

serves you right for boasting you're younger than me.

Had a season ticket for 12 seasons, 10 of which have been dire years. The other two play offs one promotion, go majority of away games, nothing like turning up to Middlesbrough away on a Wednesday night with work the next morning at 6am..

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Regular listener/stream watcher. Play Sport every saturday so only really get a chance to go to games during the holidays or on the off chance I'm free.

Have been to Pboro away and Wendies at home so far this seasonj.

Will try to go to all games over xmas period 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />

Will sit in East stand (more towards the corner)

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I go to as many as possible although it's no where near enough as work and life have well and truly got in the way. I can't use the living away excuse as I'm only next door but it makes little difference.

So far I've only done 6 but hope to do another 10 or so by the end (excluding playoffs and Wembley)

When I don't go, I swear and write letters to ramsplayer.

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I haven't seen them live in a stadium since 2007..

But my opinions on DCFC are right.. And those who argue with me are wrong..

I'll hopefully be back over next year with a couple of buddies.. I'll show them what real English football is all about (I've told them a neckbrace will be handy)..

I am joking of course.. (not about the neckbrace)

If I were to get a season ticket I'd try and get one in the SW corner.. I loved the views from up there..

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