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  1. We NEED a real manager (ie not a celebrity sign) I agree with the dropped players but then who to play who in their place? We are really the worst I have seen in so long. I don't see how we make it out of this 😞
  2. Yeah and Wayne can do one back to merseyside. Useless
  3. Knight deserves credit for trying but as far as I am concerned tonight was a bloody disgrace. (As has much of the last year for DCFC)
  4. I don't post much but I am a lifetime supporter, had my season ticket back when we were having a pitch invasion for staying out of league 1. (Youl Mawene had a decent afro) I am really having a hard time with this team. How have we become so ******* poor? We looked good coming out of lockdown but its been downhill since. I can't remember being so disappointed with a squad as I have been recently. Its unnacceptable. Whether its players or staff, something has to change. AND QUICKLY!!! We are supposed to be a Prem League side challenging for playoffs at least and all I see is a bunch o
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