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  1. We NEED a real manager (ie not a celebrity sign) I agree with the dropped players but then who to play who in their place? We are really the worst I have seen in so long. I don't see how we make it out of this 😞
  2. Yeah and Wayne can do one back to merseyside. Useless
  3. Knight deserves credit for trying but as far as I am concerned tonight was a bloody disgrace. (As has much of the last year for DCFC)
  4. I don't post much but I am a lifetime supporter, had my season ticket back when we were having a pitch invasion for staying out of league 1. (Youl Mawene had a decent afro) I am really having a hard time with this team. How have we become so ******* poor? We looked good coming out of lockdown but its been downhill since. I can't remember being so disappointed with a squad as I have been recently. Its unnacceptable. Whether its players or staff, something has to change. AND QUICKLY!!! We are supposed to be a Prem League side challenging for playoffs at least and all I see is a bunch o
  5. Christ on a bike George can you be a touch more careful? Clear penalty but we lucked out.
  6. Absolutely with no hesitation.
  7. You are absolutely right and I apologise. I was pretty drunk on the night and it was more of a poorly executed joke. Reading that back it is pretty poor form.
  8. I'll take 1m for Bogle and 19m for Lowe. Don't want Swindon taking all our fee.
  9. It hadn't been implemented yet. I still don't think it has been yet.
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