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  1. He's no Drew Brees but the Saints WRs are simply not getting in space. The Rams secondary have played surprisingly well.
  2. It was a joke, albeit a tad subtle/crap. You had to know I was aware of Nick and then to know I worked in the music scene and then to know there was a music producer called Mick Pickering who did indeed form M People around that time. I'll shut up now.
  3. Stoked for tomorrow @SaintRam? I see you get the game on Sky - it's pretty much broadcast in every market that doesn't have a team playing over here. TBH, I was super surprised they didn't pick a different early game last week on MNF, so they could have the rematch this week. I was happy with the win over the Panthers - until I saw them play the Bucs. That was a facepalm moment after the Bucs were so bad against the 9ers. Cam is a spent force I think. I'm not at all confident, but hopefully it will be a good game with zero controversy.
  4. I think there are a lot more overrated players to pull on a Rams shirt. Lest we forget Mick Pickering who had an England appearance A good job he had had a side hustle in M People. If you look at our highest transfer fees paid it's a veritable who's who of overrated players. He's better than Butterfield and cost the same and if you'd take Earnshaw over him I'd be idly pondering the cruelty of early onset dementia. Now, if you'd said the most frustrating player, then yeh, I can see that. He's clearly got a lot of skill - just look at the goals at Huddersfield and plenty other really good goals he scored - but he doesn't seem to be able to put consistent performances together.
  5. Sorry mate, as compensation I have mailed you some new boots. I've added some panties for the missus too.
  6. Totally agree. @Eatonram was freaking out after the 2nd game about the teams 'above us' all winning. We all want to beat Forest badly as well as finish 23 positions above them, but I can't be arsed to give them head space unless they want to pay rent this early on.
  7. I know a lot of people are down on the Rams and the job Cocu has done, but I’m not one of them. I think it’s really important to understand and accept the steep learning curve he and his staff were, and still are, going through. He’d never played, nor managed in English football, and he was walking into a dressing room full of players I doubt he’d ever seen play live before the speculation started - I’m presuming he watched a lot of film when it looked like he was coming - but that’s not the same. I’ll not get into the Frank leaving debacle and who is, or isn’t, to blame, but that surely didn’t help matters. Neither did having players like Shinnie imposed on him. I got shot down for saying I thought we were lucky against Huddersfield and that I thought the defense were exposed down the flanks way too often. If their strikers hadn’t been so profligate we could have lost that game after two world-class goals from Lawrence. I think that win was a blessing and a curse because of what it did to supporters expectations. but, it is what it is and I’d rather have the 3-points. Since then we have played some dreadful football, but other than at Brentford (and those games happen, think Villa last year and Sunderland at home 2 or 3 yard ago) - we have also played some nice free-flowing football. At times you can clearly see what Cocu is building even if at other times you want to scream, ‘get it forward’. It’s light years ahead of Rowettball irrespective of the results. Similarly, we got result under the poison dwarf, but jeez it was uglier than a warthog licking urine off a nettle at times. I asked a few times before he broke through, what the deal with Max Lowe was, but nobody seemed to know. It seemed like Derby wanted him away. For that reason and that reason only, we could see the Bogle injury as a bonus in months to come because it pushed Lowe into the fray. He’s young and raw and he’s playing on the wrong side, but the signs are promising. Wednesday was the first time I was happy with Cocu’s team selection. Sure Malone was in, but he is a threat going forward and I thought he had one of his better games. Dowell has bothered me a LOT. I’ve a good friend who’s an Everton diehard and he raves over him. I’ve seen nothing. NOTHING. I know Tomori and Wilson took time to settle in, but there were signs before they started to play with consistency. As I say, I liked the team. Clarke isn’t the Mark Wright-lite that I thought may be the case and his inability to use his right leg concerns me at times, but when he bothers to, he can bring the ball out with pace and threat. You’d not describe either him or Keogh as quick, but they are bothy long striders and can ghost past players that may seem faster with surprising ease at time - the Leeds goal was a classic example of that. And Biliek, I mean come on? I posted in the game thread that I think we can put to bed any talk of where his best position is. Without playing brilliantly he showed touches and moments where you can clearly see the potential to be a stand out player - at least in this division. I’m going to repeat something that I posted after the game - I think this team is close to being good. We absolutely need Bogle back and Lowe on his natural - but those two alone will terrorize a lot of championship defenses. Bogle could be that Igor spark that somebody mentioned last night Unlike many, I also think Huddlestone is playing well. The problem is that he hits a lot of balls that many players on’t attempt and when they go awry it looks awful. I do think he’s a calming influence and that moment he brought the ball out when we were under intense pressure last night was pure class. Roos otoh, is anything but a calming influence and worries me more than any other player. He’s punching way too often and that is either because he lacks confidence in his handling, or he’s learned bad technique. There was one cross last night that I with me with my dodgy achilles and girl sized hands could have caught while simultaneously scratching my nut sack. I’ll not dwell on that though because I see us as becoming more and more attack minded and the opposition can’t score from their own half. Unless that is, you have Wayne Rooney in your team (see the goal he scored against Orlando City this season). I’m not a wrist-slasher and I’m not a happy clapper - I try to be objective when I can. But, I rarely have this level of confidence. I could look like a fool come next May and be gently retreating from the board hoping nobody will notice, but I think we could be on the cusp of something pretty exciting. If that is, Cocu can stick to the plan, find his best team and get everybody fit. And the supporters let him breath. And on that note and a final note. I thought the fans were brilliant last night. You all deserve a pat on the back because nobody would have complained if PP had been like an undertakers office on their day off. Come on you Rams, to Leeds and beyond! PS. Don't be confused that there was no Part 1 and 2, it was just an Ian Dury hat tip for those of you old enough to remember.
  8. I know, right? Carson had a shaky patch before he got injured and that can happen to any player, but supporters are less forgiving with keepers because they can't just disappear like a player such as Lawrence can. And that's not a dig at Lawrence, merely an observation. Roos has never performed even remotely close to the level Carson was week after week, month after month. He's our single biggest weak link imho.
  9. Roos was awful. I think @Woodley Ram only gave him a 5 because his 1,2, 3 and 4 buttons were broken. Unsure coming out, shaky hands and punches when he should be catching. Not only does he punch too often, but he either doesn't do it cleanly or he's got the power of Monty Burns before his afternoon nap. I've seen his 6 pack, so I'm guessing it's either the former or he's playing with an undiagnosed broken and bicep tear.
  10. I think Rood has injured a wrist. He made a rash catch then when a groin high punch was the safest option.
  11. Cunning sliding pass by Roos there. Few keepers would have thought to have done that.
  12. I don't think we need any more surveys on where Bielik's best position is, and it aint in a back 3.
  13. Warnocks nose is so red and bulbous I think he must be snorting lines of Scotch rather than drinking it.
  14. I really do think Derby are a kippers dick away from clicking. Get Bogle back in and a few more games and Im convinced we have the ability to go on a run.
  15. I almost want to drag up a post from a few months ago after the Southampton game (I think) when I said people were jumping the gun on Roos and that Carson was the better keeper. He's a liability. That punch at the end wanted me to return the favor....into his face. I think Bielik is showing some promise pushing forward.
  16. I agree with @Raich Van Carter You could be right, but it sure isn't Steve Nicholson's MO to dismiss something without knowing. He's usually Mr Cautious.
  17. Antonio Brown accused of rape in lawsuit I don't like the guy at all, I think he's a narcissistic, selfish douche. Buuuuuut, the timing of this is suspicious and how on earth does somebody let themselves get assaulted 3 times? Surely after the first time you either report it or steer clear of the guy. And you sure as hell don't let him hire you again. And if it's true and she's suing him for $75k or maybe a bit more, doesn't that seem ludicrous? This is America, people will sue you for looking at them funny for half a million.
  18. Hansen never liked Derby, period. An utter toss pot of a toss pot.
  19. 'An open door of doom' is that you Dante, back from the dead?
  20. Yikes! Dolphins players demanding to be traded?
  21. I thought Noteboom did well today, which is encouraging for the Oline. McVay did a really great job of utilizing Gurley. He let Brown (who would start for many teams) pound them and then let the Gurley dog loose when their D was gassed. Kupp is Goff's security blanket and he missed him a LOT the end of last season. I love that guy. The D is very much bend and not break. They tackled poorly at times today, but they did enough. They will get better, I'm sure. It was brutally, brutally hot and I think that played a huge part in the game. It was the kind of grinding win you need and I'll take it.Next week is going to be a different ball game though. Our achilles heel is being run at up the middle and I bet @SaintRam is licking his chops. at seeing Kamara have a go at doing what McCaffery did.
  22. I know there is an NFL thread, so if it needs moving, I understand, but it's kinda long and hopefull interesting to any Rams fans on here. What a weekend. We flew up from Miami on Friday. And then on the Saturday met up with an old school friend of Helen’s and his wife to go to the US National Whitewater Center. If you ever get the chance to do that, grab it with both hands. I know nothing about rafting but the second run we did was a Cat 4 (which is apparently intense) and it was incredible. At one point Helen was going in as we were engulfed in a huge wave, but dug her nails into my arm and somehow managed to haul herself back - leaving me bleeding. A great experience followed by a great night. Charlotte is a foodies delight and a really welcoming, clean and fun city - highly recommended. After, two nights out in Charlotte and with not a Rams fan in sight and I was resigned to the fact that we would be rarer than white rhinos ina Marks and Spencers. Helens old friend is from Chesterfield but sadly, a Panthers fan, and we met up again Sunday morning and went for some authentic soul food. I thought we’d be lucky to get into what is roundly accepted as Charlotte’s leading soul food eatery, but it was quiet - except for a couple of tables of Rams fans - sweet! A couple of Mimosa’s and some wraps that got the attention of Guys Fieri enough for him to take his Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives show there (and rightly so, they were delicious) and we were on our way. The nearer we got the the stadium the more Rams fans we started to see. Maybe I was wrong. As we got in line to the security I got my phone out to pull up my tickets. StubHub had logged me out so I logged back in. Wrong password. I knew it wasn’t, so I tried it again with the same result. And I tried again, and again, and agin. I could barely see my screen in the bright sunshine and I was crouched down trying to find shade. Sweat was pouring off me as much due to my panic setting in as the bright sun. I tried to reset the password and that didn’t work - I still haven’t had the reset email 5 hours later. I literally shut down the browser, went back in clicked on StubHub with no hope whatsoever - but the Gods were smiling and I was in. I have nooo clue what happened by I was ready to cry with joy and relief. Our seats were 30 rows back and climbing those 30 stairs in 92 degrees was brutal. I mentally calculated that if I went to the concourse once per quarter I’d have climbed higher than the Empire State Building in brutal heat - not an enticing prospect. We took our seats and to my utter delight were surrounded by Rams fans, most of whom were fairly well lubricated. I got a text from a buddy who’s a 49ers fan. So, I rather childishly took a selfie of me giving him the finger and hit send. One of the Rams fans asked who I was sending that to. When I told him, he insisted I take one of all the guys behind me giving him the finger too. How could I refuse? In fairness my friend thought it was funny. The Panthers started off and seemed to be moving at will and I was getting uneasy. I panic about as easily as anybody I know at football games. A Mathews sack and then the Littleton fumble recovery settled my nerves and was the precursor to Rams fans making way more noise in our section for the entire first half. I think we had as many Rams fans around us as we did at the playoff game against the Cowboys in the payoffs last season. Outside of San Fran and Arizona this was EASILY the biggest Ram turnout I have ever seen. Admittedly that’s only 7 or 8 games, but it still felt great. A punting and kicking fest ensued, but then came Malcolm Brown. That’s why we paid the guy over $3m and I think he’s a steal. I said I get nervous easily, but similarly I can relax too easily and when Greg kicked the FG to make it 16-3, I thought it was in the bag. The nerves were back when they hit the TD and then evaporated again when Brown took it in. The blocked punt didn’t surprise me. Almost every crowd I have ever been in oo’s and ah’s when a punt gets off - by their nature they are always close - but Johnny had had one really close earlier on. Did it even get tipped? I wasn’t sure at the time. Anyway, I’d slipped back into panic mode and the intense heat was taking a toll. That is one hot stadium with almost no relief. It’s a huge concrete bowl that seems almost anachronistic alongside modern stadiums. It’s like The Coliseum but without the history…or the Rams. By now we had moved away from our Ramily to take up some of the many empty seats lower down. There were still plenty of Rams fans close by, but we were in enemy territory now. But here’s the things - Panthers fans obviously think smack is something drug addicts buy, or you did to your kids in days of yore. They are so polite - or they they simply ignore you. All day the single worst thing I had said to me was ‘You picked the wrong team to play on day one’ By now McCaffrey was annoying me. In all seriousness, I’m so glad I saw him play because he’s amazing. Yes the Rams tackled poorly, and yes he had some holes, but he’s a top 3 running back imho and so dangerous out of the backfield. It was inevitable he’d score a TD and full deserved. The Higbee TD sealed the deal. Except it didn’t because Goff threw an interception - he looked rusty today - I hope it's just rust anyway. He threw two very poor passes in the first quarter and I kinda expected it. It didn’t look that horrible a pass (not seen it since, so maybe it was), unlike the earlier ones, but it got the crowd back in the game. The crowd had a couple of mini resurgences, like when Greg missed the FG, but well before the end the stadium was half empty and by the end it was half Rams fans. The walk back to the hotel of about a mile or so was just a fun, fun experience. I’ve walked away from too many games (usually in San Fran) to shouts of “Lambs suck” and lots of mocking and abuse. This one was quiet apart from Rams fans bumping fists and high-fiving. My record seeing the Rams was at one stage 3 - 11. Then it dawned on me, this was the forth consecutive game I’ve basked in a victory. Long may it continue. Now pass me the wine because those two mimosa’s have worn off and I’m going to celebrate! Go Rams!
  23. Moss never got a ring with the Pats, let's hope Brown doesn't. My dislike of that whole organization is verging on that of Leeds.
  24. Just read this on a Rams board and thought it was really interesting especially as the Rams were often even leaving 2nd stringers who were sure of making the final 53 in street clothes. It also helps explain why the Rams were only the 3rd (I think) team in recent yeas to have 5 players claimed off waivers. McVay has changed the Preseason into a Development League McVay has started something that fundamentally changes the purpose of Preseason football and I hope the NFL and the NFLPA notices. The idea for decades has been that the team gets 4 "practice" games to get the bugs worked out and the rust knocked off before the regular season. So starters are used in a progressive manner, and or sprinkled in if the coach thinks they need the work. Instead, McVay uses it as a Development League for the non-starters, and as a place for competition where a position that lacks a clear cut starter can work itself out. This year, for instance, NT and the 2nd starting ILB position were up for competition. But nothing else was. I hope the idea catches on. The value to the team of creating a 4 game Development League philosophy for preseason is big. These guys get lots of actual game action, within the systems they've been taught, to play extensively and hopefully get better. It allows the team to see if the young guys progress, spot some guys who are gamers, and even showcase guys who might catch on with another team. So its a win-win for the team and the development/bubble players. After all, most of these guys (even the ones to make the team or the PS) will not see the field much, if at all, during the regular season. So their work load is nothing like for the starters once the season begins. I guarantee you that those young guys aren't griping about playing in 4 preseason games, whereas the starters and their union are. The starters aren't overworked or subject to needless injury, and if the concept were to be adopted and more or less marketed that way by the NFL, I think fans would find a new reason to watch preseason. Since McVay has become the HC and used preseason in this way, I've really come to enjoy Rams preseason football, where before I never did. Instead of it being boring meaningless games where you cross your fingers that a starter isn't seriously injured, I now love watching the young guys compete, because a few of them always start to stand out. It wasn't hard to spot Edwards, Williams, Thomas, Wolford, Webster, and a couple more. It was cool and fun to see them get extended playing time and see how much better some of these were in Preseason game 4 versus Preseason game 1.
  25. Isn't this his 3rd contact extension demand in about 5 years?
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