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  1. I think you ay be confusing them with rhinos mate, no ducking way can a hippo run at 30pm. I'm trying to envision a hippo breezing past Usain Bolt during a 100m.
  2. Steve Powell could have pushed for 600 if he hadn't been hammered with injuries in the second half of his career.
  3. Agreed. Playing alongside 3 England internationals masked the fact of how good he was. My parents became friends with Ron and Doreen after my old man asked Ron to be the President of the South Peak supporters club, even though only a couple of players had been taken and he could have had one of the internationals. They came to out house a few times and we used to have a drink with them and a few other players in the Sportsmens Lounge and occasionally the directors lounge after games. Both super nice people and I had a lot of chats with Ron as well as Peter Daniel, Roger Davies, Colin Boulton, Roy Mac and to a lesser extent, Alan Hinton. All of them were super, super nice, no egos on show whatsoever, and Roger was really funny Not sure that age will ever be replicated.
  4. Ron Webster Roy McFarland Coiln Todd David Nish Ronnie was a solid player, the other 3 were world-class on their day and both Todd and Roy Mac should have had 100 caps apiece if it hadn't been for that tool Revie and injuries. Has there ever been a finer all-English back 4 in the history of the league? Doubt it - not even Arsenal when they had Dixon, Adams, Bould and Winterburn, imho. Anyway, answering my own question, you'd probably need to tap Jeff Bezos up because I'm asking $200 million. I may be a tad biased though.
  5. Were you watching when Pal McGrath played for us? The guy couldn't have outsprinted a hippo in lead wellington boots, but he was oustanding. His positional play and reading of the game was as good as any defender I have ever seen.
  6. FFS, I never even thought of that. I had my head in the 70s and 80's. Ok before 2019.
  7. Well cleary it's this one led by Big Rog after being 3-1 down, so what's the second best? Leeds away when 3-0 down in the first half was pretty good, but we didn't win so not sure I can vote for that.
  8. Sent by Derby fans as a gesture of love to avoid them getting sick.
  9. Half way through The Morning Show on Apple TV It's very good, though whether it quite deserves an 8.4 on IMDb I'm not so sure. Jennifer Aniston is good but Steve Carell is outstanding.
  10. It's 100% subjective and after being at the European games I can see why the people who went to Leeds that night would have been as ecstastic at the end as we were after winning European nights. I was going mental and I was on my own with only two dobermans to join in. The reality is with Real Madrid and Benfica that we weren't even through and with the former didn't even go through - so that meant little other than the momentary glory until they put 5 past us on the away leg. You play the recency bias and I'll up you the primacy effect 😉
  11. That game was made even better by the brilliant Plymouth support. I *think* they needed to won ti have a chance of the playoffs. The previous game beating Leeds to seal promotion was great too. Was it your Derby flag that you see on almost every photo of the German game with the scoreboard in the background? Of course it can. You're looking back with hindsight and taking in the big picture. I was at every home European game and I bet I didn't enjoy any at the time more than the Derby fans as that final whistle went against Leeds. Having said that, the super old timers used to say the Chelsea game was even better than the European games.
  12. A couple of things after living here for 14 years. I don't think the US is any more divided than the UK. Brexit was as divisive as anything I have seen over here prior to Trump. However, the Police have got away with systemic racism for years and every time something happens, they riot. It last happened in 2014 in Ferguson. BUT, when that happens in the UK such as 2011 when the cops shot the guy in Tottenham, the exact same thing happens, people riot. It happened in Brixton in the early 80s and again at Broadwater Farm some time in the 80s when a PC Blakelock (I think) after local rioted.. The reality is, cops in the UK haven't been armed to the teeth like they are over here and tend not to shoot that many unarmed people. So yeh, I agree that the Police over here is a sorry state of affairs. But there's been events close to riots in the UK - certainly looting and smashing things up - after England losing big games. That doesn't happen here. And to the best of my knowledge nobody has burned down a 5G tower over here, and violent crime is falling in the major cities at the same time it's going up in London. As for Kaepernick taking a knee - well, Trump saw it as unacceptable. Prior to then, it was not that big of a deal. But then what happened is the right started a misinformation campaign saying that Kaepernick was demonstrating against the Military. Even though it wasn't true, that did turn a lot of people against him no matter how many times he said he was demonstrating against Police abuse and violence. I think both countries are equally broken quite honestly.
  13. Most of Derby's great games in my lifetime I was at. I missed the Playoff final win because we'd not long moved to the US, but other than Spurs away in the cup when we had that amazing comeback I'm struggling to think of one. I almost didn't see this one. I had a client and was wondering whether to rearrange or not. In the end I did, but I wasn't looking forward to it. And when the first goal went in I was regretting my decision. But then Jack gave me a glimmer of hope, but it was still too much. I don't care what any of us older supporters tell you, that second half at Leeds was up there with Real Madrid and Benfica. You think it's not the same watching a game on a computer on your own in the wrong country. And maybe it isn't. But that was the most enjoyable hour or so since I moved to this country. I was almost in tears. And when I see Leeds fans saying 'yeh, but you lost in the final' and even though I spent almost $3k going back to see that, they just don't get it. It's not like losing in the semi-final of the cup. This was one of the greatest comebacks in our great clubs history. We went into an entitled celebratory Elland Road who saw us as just making up the numbers after having lost to them 3 times in a season (and being outplayed each time) and did a number on them. And how sad they all looked at the end 🙂 There's nothing close to that that I can think of other than the playoff win - and strange though it seems, I probably got more enjoyment out of the Leeds game because at the time we'd no clue whether we'd win the final or not. What's yours?
  14. Yes it was, and I wasn't even meaning about the score. I remember the nail biting end and then the mighty @Mick Brolly feeding Andy Hill for the mentalness to commence. No doubt it was Mark Worthington feeding Raich Carter, but who cares?
  15. I'm torn between Benfica and Real Madrid. But in all honesty, in terms of going absolutely mental, the 2-1 win over Forest in the cup and Cloughie's return was pretty special. I remember Taylor and Roy Mac going absolutely mental when Archie scored. And then Taylor told Gary Newbon (I think) in an interview after the game 'we could have been playing Doncaster Pork Butchers for all I care, I'm just focussed on Carlisle away next Saturday' No doubt that's a false memory and @Eatonram will correct me.
  16. I was sat in the paddock for the Finn Harps game. The only time in hundreds of games that I caught the ball. Which incidentally is something Keel Roos said to his missus after his last game.
  17. Goddard wasn't bad either. That game away at Spurs when Ted absolutely ripped them to shreds. Such an exciting team that was. And we were the only team that season to do the double over Arsenal when they won the league. Deano made a mug of Tony Adams at Highbury. Good times!
  18. If what you're saying is right, then the figures would have been out of whack all along. Or, are you suggesting that Spain changed the way they reported, or they are lying now? This is a crazy hypothesis I know, but let me run in by you. Maybe the fact that the UK and Spain had their first case on the same day but Spain locked down 9 days earlier and made it more brutal was a factor? Spain went into lockdown and we had Cheltenham Festival. What do you think? And I'm sure you're right that no country didn't make any mistakes. But there are levels of incompetence. Germany and Austria both narrowly missed out on an 'A' in their chemistry exam after screwing up the chemical symbol for mercury. The UK got asked to leave the room after spelling its name wrong in crayon at the top of the paper and then getting the crayon stuck up one nostril.
  19. I was about to snipe at you after I wasted 2 precious minutes looking for that Steve McQueen scene only to see you had already posted it. I nastily didn't give you a handclap though, so I'll leave it there for this time.
  20. Stunned you ignore the alcohol thing - perhaps you like a drink, but you're not overweight? Alcohol puts a massive burden on the NHS both directly and indirectly With the smoking again, I was largely meaning the impact on the NHS in general, as I'm pretty sure you knew, but wanted to deflect. But yeh, there was some conjecture when looking at very small samples early on, but this is the latest WHO position on it which will disappint smokers. Tobacco smoking is a known risk factor for many respiratory infections and increases the severity of respiratory diseases. A review of studies by public health experts convened by WHO on 29 April 2020 found that smokers are more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19, compared to non-smokers. COVID-19 is an infectious disease that primarily attacks the lungs. Smoking impairs lung function making it harder for the body to fight off coronaviruses and other diseases. Tobacco is also a major risk factor for noncommunicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes which put people with these conditions at higher risk for developing severe illness when affected by COVID-19. Available research suggests that smokers are at higher risk of developing severe disease and death. Although Trump doesn't trust the WHO, so maybe you don't? Here is the link if you want to learn stuff
  21. Trump can always be tripped up by his own tweets. After sying that any President is responsible for the economy no matter how it happens and should be shot out of a cannon during Obama's presidency, there's this from 2014. What an upper muppet.
  22. Trump And if you smoke, stop to help the NHS And if you drink alcohol, stop that too because that causes more deaths than smoking and a lot of the effects are insidious and you may not know until you stroke out or have a heart attack. That will really help the NHS. And if you're always angry, stop that too because it plays havoc with your blood pressure can causes long term medical consequences. And if you don't exercise regularly, start!
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