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    whiteroseram reacted to Ghost of Clough in when can we expect the player retained list?   
    It's always the U18 and U23 retained players and new scholars that I look forward to seeing
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    whiteroseram reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Running for the county line? Making for the border?
    Basically I'm imagining him now in smokie and the bandit.
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    whiteroseram reacted to Coconut in Academy Thread 21/22   
    They lost 1-0, goal in the first half. Nothing game tbh,.
    Ebosele came on at half time, did well in his 1 on 1 defending as usual, didn't really get any opportunity to get forward.
    Watson came on after about 80 mins, at which point Ebosele got pushed upfront. I don't really get it tbh, can't see him having a career upfront, seems a waste.
    Couple of decent passes from Watson (one to Ebosele I think) but nothing of any real signficance happened in the 2nd half, so nothing more to say than that.
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    whiteroseram reacted to Mostyn6 in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Messaging Appleby cost me an extra £5-6 on my bill 🤬
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    whiteroseram reacted to DCFC1388 in Jack Marriott, Jordon Ibe, Bobby Duncan   
    I feel this is slightly harsh on Ibe. In the video you mention he actually says he had kept all his feelings to himself and that the club and friends didnt know or notice how bad he was and just thought he had a bad attitude but he was actually depressed and the video you mention he has admitted he was close to suicide. Now if he was that close to that point he in himself clearly felt alone and if the club/friends/team mates all didnt know how bad he was then you can see why he felt that way. I think his point was that until that video nobody in his personal life or the football world had reached out. After the video I saw so many tweets and messages on asking if he was ok, never saw many before the video which is what his point was. He also stated that he knows he has made mistakes and he isnt at fault, he is still clearly troubled by his mugging too as well as missing his ex girlfriend which was part of his initial depression. He has said he is seeing his therapist regularly, although I feel like he may need to see someone else regards the mugging and looking at his insta it looks like he could be back with his ex and the mother of his kid so that will hopefully have helped his mental state.
    I think this summer is a big summer for him now that his personal life seems to have improved, he knows why he felt the way he did and he is trying to get better. So the on field side of things appears to be where he needs to get fit and kick on. I hope he does that and gets back to playing football again.
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    whiteroseram reacted to Mostyn6 in Jack Marriott, Jordon Ibe, Bobby Duncan   
    Duncan’s stats at youth level at Liverpool were no better than Morgan Whittaker’s. Just saying. 
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    whiteroseram reacted to Sean in Jack Marriott, Jordon Ibe, Bobby Duncan   
    It might only be a pipe dream but I feel like these three keep getting completely forgotten at the minute by Derby fans (myself included)
    If we can - somehow, anyhow - get them fit and firing and somewhere back to their best, the squad will already look much much better before any transfers are even done. 🤞
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    whiteroseram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Liam Delap   
    Definitely Euro's, where the apostrophe is there to indicate the missing letters.
    Euro[pean Championship]s = Euro's 🥴
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    whiteroseram got a reaction from Derby_Dave in Olly Allen   
    Could we persuade him to take a step down? 
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    whiteroseram reacted to RoyMac5 in Academy Thread 21/22   
    Head of Youth Development, Dixie Robinson, is a very proud man having seen another one of the exciting young prospects have a crack over the water...
    “Darren [Robinson] has been excellent ever since he has came in. He got the chance to go over to Fleetwood in the winter and he asked could he train with the first team due to COVID restrictions and to be fair to him he has trained so well he has stayed with the first team since. Robbo has also been over at Stoke and most recently Derby where he has decided to sign for on a three year deal.”
    “Darren has a great attitude, works tremendously hard, technically very good and he gets about the pitch and I’ve no doubt, with the mindset that he has, I think he will go a long way in the game.”
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    whiteroseram reacted to CornwallRam in Pearce could be removed from EFL roll   
    I always wonder whether Pearce is a walking disaster or the man that has single handedly kept us afloat for the last 18 months.
    He's signed off on some pretty risky, maybe even foolhardy things in his time as Financial Director and CEO. Ultimately, though, he's Mel's employee would have to find a way to make Mel's instructions work.
    Where did the idea of spending so much that we'd have blown P&S to pieces come come from? Was the spending Mel's initiative which Pearce found a way to almost get away with with the sale of PP and the amortisation policy? Or was it Pearce's master plan, which he sold as a brilliant solution to Mel? Personally, I think it's probably the former as Stephen Pearce is still in post.
    We'll probably never know until Pride III comes out, but I suspect that Stephen Pearce has been our saviour for the last few months. We're still in the division, bought in 5 loanees in January and as things stand, look likely to start next season as residents in Pride Park. We maybe struggling, but we're still fighting.
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    whiteroseram reacted to Philmycock in Tom Lawrence not in Wales Euro squad   
    Bit weird, he's been in every squad for years
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    whiteroseram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Tom Lawrence not in Wales Euro squad   
    Tom Lawrence ended up having a big say in our championship survival this season, surprised he didnt make the cut.
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    whiteroseram reacted to David in Watch the Euros at Pride Park   
    Even if it adds nothing to the P&S column to please the EFL, think of all the hospitality staff at the club who haven’t been able to work for over a year now, the suppliers, events team, ticket staff. 
    Which ever account this money goes into, with little to no revenue for over a year, would be a great way to put a few quid back in to the club whilst also being able to step back in Pride Park.
    Never intended to suggest that buying a table would allow Rooney to buy a striker.
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    whiteroseram reacted to Steve How Hard? in The Pitch   
  16. Haha
    whiteroseram reacted to Anon in **DCFC Fans Player Of The Season**   
    Marlon Pack
  17. Clap
    whiteroseram reacted to rynny in **DCFC Fans Player Of The Season**   
    It should be Bielik, however, I was critical of when Kinkladze won POTS and started 22 games, so I can't vote for him, so Byrne wins it for me. Started off slowly but at the end by the end of the season seemed to be our main/only threat. 
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    whiteroseram reacted to Leeds Ram in Simon Jordan   
    got eric alonso completely wrong so on that basis alone I'd take his opinions with a pinch of salt. 
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    whiteroseram reacted to Jimbo Ram in Simon Jordan   
    He got it pretty much right on the Wazza appointment bar 2 minutes......seems to have got it wrong on Alonso though...
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    whiteroseram reacted to RadioactiveWaste in El DerbyCo   
    And yes, send me money to No Limits limits and restrictions ltd
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    whiteroseram reacted to nottingram in Yankee Doodle Derby   
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    whiteroseram reacted to DCFCJim87 in Keogh Sacked   
    Love the reporting on this one. Several outlets saying he was injured in a car accident. Accident is an interesting way of describing what actually happened that night. No ill feelings towards Keogh from me he's got a family to feed, he won't have many years left and gave his all on the pitch. Another mistake from those at the top of DCFC
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    whiteroseram reacted to G STAR RAM in Which player did you initially not rate but then grew to love?   
    Tomori. Had a bit of a torid start and thought he looked out of his depth when Leeds spanked us 4-1.
    Went on to be a beast.
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    whiteroseram reacted to RoyMac5 in Summer 2021 Transfer Window - Suggestion Thread   
    Remember that being said about Tomori's early games. Think it was a lot to expect a young inexperienced centre half to look the finished article in his first few games. Thought he looked to have decent potential.
  25. Haha
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