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  1. Resolved already thanks to some quick and effective support. Cheers!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm pretty much a daily lurker here, and I posted a few times a couple years ago when I made it to my first home game. I am a RamsTV subscriber (since day one) and and have generally been happy with the product. This summer, after the playoff final, I figured I would look to save some money for the summer and cancel until August. I wasn't planning on using the service much over the summer anyway. I went online and discovered that apparently the only way to cancel is to reach out via email to website@dcfc.co.uk and make the request. So that's exactly what I did. Here is where things get discouraging. I first reached out to the website@dcfc.co.uk email address on the 29th of May requesting to freeze my monthly membership for the summer and asking about different payment models that might be available for the 2019/2020 season. I received no response. I then followed up on the 18th of June as my subscription was set to renew with another charge due for the 21st of June. I reiterated that I wished to cancel before that charge was made. On the 24th of June, I received an automated email alerting me of the automatic renewal despite my wishes to cancel. I responded to this email requesting, once again, that my membership be discontinued. I also requested to have the charge refunded. Two days later on the 26th of June, I still had not received a response to any of my three messages to the website@dcfc.co.uk address. I then reached out to the Derby.county@dcfc.co.uk address with a summary of my previous attempts and a request to be put in touch with someone from customer support who could assist me on this matter. This time I received an automated reply confirming that my query has been received and that there would be an aim to respond within 14 days. On July 10th, after that 14 days had passed with nothing but the automated reply, I decided to reach out directly via email to the club SLO. I summarized my attempts to that point in my message and got nothing but the same automated reply about 14 days. I again heard nothing until July 22, when I received another automated message to notify me that another month's subscription had been charged to my account. 😑 I sent out another series of emails that day to every email address I could find summarizing my grievances and asking to be refunded. Last Thursday night I received another email that appears automated confirming the cancellation of my subscription. Nothing about any refund or any kind of apology. Ironically, it is the time of the summer when I would have been re-subscribing if things had gone according to plan. Long post, I know...sorry. In retrospect I probably should have posted publicly here about this earlier in the summer and maybe I would have gotten some sound advice. I guess at this point I would just ask if anyone has a reliable human customer support contact at the club they can put me in touch with? I'm not trying to make a big issue out of this, just wish to be treated fairly. Thanks all! 🐏
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