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    Sexydadbod got a reaction from rammieib in January 2020 transfer window   
    I know we always praise Brentford but they certainly deserve all that praise, their recruitment and scouting is fantastic and they have a business model that we can be envious of. They’ve got the best front 3 in the division in my opinion, if they were to sell them, I’d bet they’d get around 50 million for them and they wouldn’t waste that money either. 
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Yani P in January 2020 transfer window   
    And they have the most professional recruitment setup and strategy in this league by a mile.. 
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    Sexydadbod reacted to rammieib in January 2020 transfer window   
    Brentford are a lot more desirable than us at the moment.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to RoyMac5 in Fans disappointment   
    I'm disappointed the season is over...what now?
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Squid in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    we'll draw, everyone will boo, there will be new Cocu out threads, take care x
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Coconut in January 2020 transfer window   
    I think that's what some people are worried about! Is there any reason for people to feel that the second half of the season is going to be any more enjoyable than the first? I'm not sure there is.
    Back in mid November the squad was an unbalanced, injury riddled mess that lacked any genuine quality, results had taken a downturn (not just away - remember QPR & Millwall at home) but I fully believed things would pick up when Clarke (and Shinnie) were back and Rooney arrived. And they did.
    However I only considered that enough to safely see us through to the end of the season and fend off any immediate fears of relegation, enough to see us finish maybe 15th, and that we'd add at least some of the missing ingredients during the window to push us on a bit further - not top six level, but, say, 10th perhaps.
    ..but that was before Bielik got ruled out for the rest of the season and before the EFL charge brought about the possibility of a points deduction. Before we reduced squad numbers further. We still needed an injection of pace and/or creativity in the middle and out wide, some dynamism. So now we feel even weaker than we did in November.
    Max Bird has stepped up admirably so the loss of 'hot and cold' Bielik hasn't been felt so badly, and we have to hope more players will follow in his footsteps.
    Maybe it's just me feeling more downbeat but it feels like that's all we've got now, hope, my faith in things improving to any significant degree has been eroded away. The negative bamfords have worn me down.
    Even with Rooney the squad doesn't feel any more capable now of scoring goals or keeping clean sheets than it did in November, if anything it feels slower and more vulnerable.
    I still refuse to put the blame for any of this solely on Cocu's shoulder though.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Paul71 in January 2020 transfer window   
    Derby County chief scouts pictured as the transfer deadline draws nearer...

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    Sexydadbod got a reaction from IslandExile in January 2020 transfer window   
    No there isn’t, stop exaggerating. People are frustrated due to lack of signings and rightly so with all the uncertainty behind the scenes. There was a lot of excitement before the window opened because of the rumoured new investment and Rooney able to play officially for us from January 1st, there was reason for optimism after a first half of the season filled with turmoil but now everything has gone flat again. Whilst I’m not particularly bothered myself because the season is over for us in my opinion, other people have every right to be disappointed because there was *some hope* that getting in the right signings with the new investment would give us an outside chance of the play offs.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in We need to back Cocu   
    Not everyone does tho.
    I'm in the not sure camp but leaning towards the negative at the minute.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Big Trav in We need to back Cocu   
    Bloke looks deflated in his latest interview probably wondering how he’s got himself involved in this mess of a club atm. Wouldn’t surprise me if he left I would have given up a long time ago. The blokes incredible and easily one of my favourite managers we’ve had in recent times. We as fans need to let him know how much we want him to stay and succeed 
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Papahet in January 2020 transfer window   
    Shocking window, I feel for Cocu because he’s the one who’ll get the flack and not the ones behind the scenes.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Cam the Ram in January 2020 transfer window   
    Because they chose to sack the player who wasn't driving whilst continuing to employ and support the 2 who were. I understand the whole, 'but he can't fulfil his job and the others can,' but I'm sure like me, many of Keogh's team mates would agree it wasn't exactly fair. It's just speculation from me, but I don't imagine that was exactly great for the team morale when their captain and friend who has just suffered a very serious injury is the only 1 to lose his job from the incident. 
    Mel had to sell the stadium as it was a last resort because he's helped get us in this mess. The EFL originally signing off on it doesn't make the situation acceptable. It should have never got to that stage, especially when they regularly fed us the line, "we'll continue to abide by FFP," whenever the issue was raised. I doubt us fans would have been as supportive as we were at the time if they told the full story during those Q and As that, "we'll continue to abide by FFP but will have to sell the stadium to do so."
    And what's with this 'toys out the pram' poo? I'm concerned for the future of the club I've grown up supporting and it immediately means I'm a spoilt child who's throwing his toys out the pram? I'm not here demanding we challenge for promotion ... I'm voicing my concerns over how Mel Morris is running the club. 
    And who said anything about ignoring the academy players? That's a big positive for sure, but a few academy players getting their chance doesn't suddenly make the whole situation OK. Maybe our idea of a club in shambles is different, but for me there's just so much going wrong with the club at the minute and there aren't many signs it's going to improve any time soon. 
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Jourdan in January 2020 transfer window   
    Why did we sign Rooney again?
    It looked a poor move at the time, but now when you think about our financial situation, it looks even worse.
    Could the cost of his salary, signing-on-fee, agent’s fee and whatever else we have poured into the deal have actually been used to sign the likes of Jozwiak and Te Wierik and players we can build around for the future?
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    Sexydadbod reacted to atherstoneram in January 2020 transfer window   
    Sorry but the buck stops at the top, MM to blame
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    Sexydadbod reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in January 2020 transfer window   
    Investment by end of December.
    2 new signings in January.
    Neither has happened. Neither 
    Absolutely no word from the chairman or anyone else at this club as to what on earth is going on at the club.
    Inept and shameful.
    Paying fans are constantly kept in the dark.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to ollycutts1982 in January 2020 transfer window   
    Definitely agree with this bit. If nothing else, even if the season is over (not my view) then surely we need to be looking to next season. The fans need to see something positive if they are to renew in numbers. A season dwindling out with a squad that isn’t good enough lacking players in key positions, turning out turgid performances at home and barley turning up away is not the formula for high renewals. 
    Forget Cocu’s job, the hardest job by far at the club at the minute is composing the renewal letter to fans. Hard to put much positive spin on this season.  Barring the emergence or Knight and Bird.  
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Ambitious in January 2020 transfer window   
    Genuinely awful transfer window for the club. How much it impacts us, we won't know until the end of the season.
    If I was going to be subjective: Cocu has been dealt a really bad hand, perhaps Mel Morris isn't flush with money anymore or knows what is coming from the EFL? We can expect possibly another player going out with Bennett - that means we are potentially 4 players down on player exits based on who has been in-and-around the squad this season. Bielik out for the season makes that 5. We are said not to be bringing anyone in other than Rooney + a striker for the U23 side. Appalling doesn't quite cut it. 
    The impact: the young lads are really going to have to step up and play a huge part. They've done okay so far, but you would have to expect an EFL punishment in terms of points deduction to really shake confidence and their ability to play with freedom. 11 points clear of the bottom three at the moment, it means that we're likely in a relegation fight without it being confirmed. The fans are going to vent their frustrations and the pressure piles on Cocu and the players. You have to think that any significant injuries or niggles just kills us as we don't have the depth anymore. 
    The result: In March, when the club ask fans to renew their season tickets I imagine the drop off will be substantial. Matchday ticket prices are far too high for people, so with people not committing to the season and the matchday tickets not too appealing, I predict we will see attendances fall to around 20,000. 
    I think the result and performance tonight needs to be good otherwise this could all boil over in a perfect storm. 
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Jourdan in January 2020 transfer window   
    I am not really sure how we can start ‘planning for next summer’ when we don’t know what division we’ll be playing in.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in January 2020 transfer window   
    The sad truth is we dont know what division we will be in next season, for all we know Mel could be aware that a heavy points deduction is very likely (without the facts we just dont know).
    If relegation happened any pennies we spend now could have serious consequences financially going forward.
    To lose Dowell, Paterson, Bennett and Max Hunt and not bring a single player in for the 1st team suggests it's purely about finance.
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    Sexydadbod reacted to big bad ram in January 2020 transfer window   
    Gonna be worrying if we get hit with a summer transfer embargo on the back of no incomings this month
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    Sexydadbod reacted to Cam the Ram in January 2020 transfer window   
    Are you suggesting it's not?
    Off the pitch there's an ongoing legal battle with Keogh, now an ongoing battle with the EFL, a potential points deduction, a potential transfer embargo and the investment that was supposed to be completed over a month ago has now gone quiet (which also contributed to players being paid late earlier this month). On the pitch we've won 1 away game in the league all season, seemingly have very little discipline with the regular red and yellow cards for moaning at officials/frustrated challenges, have players playing out of their natural position every week and have the worst squad we've had in 7 or 8 years despite it costing 30 million + to assemble. 
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    Sexydadbod got a reaction from SKRam in January 2020 transfer window   
    All I want is for recruitment team to have more regard to other countries and the lower leagues, there are some proper gems out there if they looked hard enough, then we wouldn’t have to overspend on championship players and find ourselves having to sell and buy back our own stadium to get around ffp. Look at Brentford with Mbumo and benrahma, two absolute quality players, Norwich last season with the likes of Pukki, Buendia, Hernandez, stipierman. Absolute quality players out there , of course not all of them will be successes but we shouldn’t neglect that market. Leeds signed Augustin on loan from Leipzig the other day, we are never linked with overseas players like this because our radar isn’t wide enough
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    Sexydadbod got a reaction from S8TY in January 2020 transfer window   
    Let’s phrase this differently, how many cheap, successful bargains have we signed in recent years? How many players have we signed in recent years who have come out of nowhere that makes you go wow we actually did a lot of scouting on that one 
    We did with Clough with the  likes of Bryson, Forsyth, Barker, Shackell, Keogh, Russell,  so what’s changed since then? Where have our cheap bargains gone?
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    Sexydadbod got a reaction from RoyMac5 in January 2020 transfer window   
    I’m not slamming the club, I’m simply saying they should have backed McClaren and really pushed out for him in that situation, like they did for the all of those over the hill championship players we signed for previous managers(and managers after) who were past their best. And that doesn’t address my point why the club only recruit in certain locations. An effective scouting system would have people assessing players all around the world, with each individual person focusing on a precise area and returning information back to the club , this is basic stuff, even FIFA career mode gets this right! And if we do do that, are you really telling me there’s no player outside of England that would improve the club? 
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    Sexydadbod got a reaction from Wolfie20 in January 2020 transfer window   
    😂😂, well that’s good isn’t it, why didn’t we continue tracking his situation even after they rejected our bid then, then they wouldn’t have found themselves in that situation where they look silly after?
    I don’t even mean putting all eggs into one basket, but at least have a general idea of what’s happening with his situation instead of abandoning it completely and then having no clue. A club who was ran well at that time would have kept tabs on him if they really wanted him. 
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