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  1. New kit revealed 7th July

    Back shirt sponsor has always been optional mate. Think they charge an extra few quid for it.
  2. Surely it's time for a New Kit thread???

    David Cotterill
  3. Surely it's time for a New Kit thread???

    David Cotterill
  4. Surely it's time for a New Kit thread???

    That's pretty awesome, Did it not work with rolls royce?
  5. Lap of Appreciation

    Balls into the crowd,Wow they're giving Juliet de Sart a real send off
  6. Players playing for their futures

    I didn't realise
  7. From what we have seen since the appointment of GR, Which players are now playing for their futures and who is most at risk to be sold?
  8. Stop the internet..... I want to get off

    Totally agree. It's becoming quite known on twitter and quite a wide range of fan bases a giving us stick for it. Terrible Idea, not needed in football.
  9. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Anyone think Rowett will be able to get Che Adams. Seems like a great prospect
  10. Ideas to get the atmosphere going

    Being an ST holder from the west stand, the same thing has happened over the past few seasons. The first half of the season sees noise coming from all 4 stands. But as the season goes on the atmosphere begins to fade away due to the amount of negativity from some of the fans leaving the south stand as the only real stand chanting(along with a small minority of the east stand. sometimes I think we need someone on a mic.

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