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  1. Mel owns the service company or Sevco for short, which he lends money to, interest free as far as anyone can tell. Sevco, which is a separate legal entity from Mel, then purchases shares in the football club, which again is a separate legal entity, rather than lending it money. The advantages of such a structure are two fold. 1. The club remains debt free, all money received from the parent company is investment rather than loans. 2. Under FFP, you can lose around £13m per year on a 3yr cycle and remain compliant, but only if that loss is covered by cold hard cash, rather than loans. If you do use loans, then the maximum permitted loss is £5m per year, £24m less over a three year period. Certain expenditure is excluded from FFP calculation though, including the academy and the infrastructure. Hard to be certain, but running a Cat 1 academy seems to come in somewhere around £5m per year according to figures I've seen elsewhere, plus improvements to the training ground and improvements at PP like concourse heating, the SisGrass pitch etc etc and you'll probably be looking at £20m a year over and above income, which Mel is currently covering without loading debt onto the club itself. He's been brilliant financially for us, and the way he's funded us with little strings on his investment is laudable, but it's just not sustainable. He's probably burned through a quarter of his total worth in 5 yrs, a value he's worked hard all his life to achieve, yet we're no further forward than when he took over! I still don't think he'd sell to any Tom, Dick or Harry, and will put the club before his own interests, but it's seems like the best he'll do from a deal now is someone funding the club going forward in exchange for equity share, much how he took over from the Americans.
  2. Not much of an incentive to win the semi!
  3. I don't think I do. I'd do anything for anyone, but I wouldn't do anything for myself. I cry at stupid things like cartoons or episodes of Friends, yet feel nothing when people who I love die. I'm 43 years old, no mortgage, nice car, no financial constraints, cracking wife and lovely lad who'll be 21 later this year, yet I find myself thinking of the easiest way to die and planning my funeral. It's fookin nuts when I write it down, and even more nuts that I'd post it!
  4. I can't put my thoughts into a coherent post. I know what you mean about the sun on your back, I feel much better waking up and going home in sunlight too. I just feel atm like I could not talk to another person for the rest of my life and it wouldn't bother me.
  5. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/football-notebook-norwegians-flock-to-manchester-thanks-to-ole-gunnar-solskjaer-effect-s3tmdj2gm
  6. Struggling. Deliberately taking a hammer to long standing relationships, ignoring my family, drinking far too much. I know I'm doing it, but I'm not sure I care. I don't think it's mental either, just who I am.
  7. I once had a server in Budapest ask me what football I was watching. I told him Derby County, and he got very excited. Turns out he worked in Manchester for 3 years, and everyone there loved the Manchester Derby! Being English, I left him a decent tip and didn't correct him.
  8. Prawn and chickpea Jumble, with Minty Bulgar.  duck this, I'm going for pie, mash and beans tomorrow! Gravy too.
  9. Do you remember someone claimed he'd read he was out for the season on a Chelsea forum? How we mocked him.🙁
  10. My take on Bryson's FFP valuation. 450k plus agents fees(X2), based on his extension. Add on 45k agents fees based on his fee, 18k for his original contract, based on a 3yr 5k a week deal, and 500k based on his 5 year extension at 20k a week. That makes total asset value of £950,000 give or take at the start of his extension, no idea if any loan fee received would offset this, so I'll leave it out.
  11. Acceptable in a winger, not so much in a 6ft plus midfielder.
  12. Good game, I enjoyed it. Seems to me we're moving in the right direction just when it matters. Stoke were lucky as ought to keep us from scoring tonight, while we probably won't come up against such an experienced and determined backilne again this season. We're probably not quite good/experienced enough to make the final shakedown, but the future looks promising, as long as Mel keeps his wallet open.
  13. Chicken, gnocchi and broccoli dish.
  14. I think it's sad that Mel has done all his dough, and has taken to keeping warm in the 1st class lounge at Derby station.
  15. Thai spiced chicken with rice, coconut and spinach.
  16. I hate to break it to you, but that wasn't rain damage!
  17. Neither here nor there as a punishment. Too short to settle into a prison routine, and not long enough to class as a nice break.
  18. People who peer over from the next urinal, and remark on the remarkable length, and indeed girth, of my member, sometimes offering assistance in keeping it clear of the porcelain, forcing me into a cubicle if at all possible.
  19. Chicken and sun dried tomato risotto. Tasted worse than it looks, amazingly.
  20. Fair point well made, but it shouldn't be easy to stake a claim, it should be bloody difficult, hand on heart he's not made his time here any easier when he's been a sub.
  21. They're will always be a place for Darren at the club? Just not in the dugout, you stupid bar-stewards! Hope he laid a large log in the managers seat for the next incumbent.
  22. This must be a wind up? Wtf did they think he could do?
  23. I don't agree. When he gets 20/30 mins here or there, or 60 like he had today, that's his chance to show what he can do, and make himself undroppable with his performance. He doesn't do it, why give someone a run in the side on a hunch vs the evidence he's provided so far?
  24. Looks amazing, any side?
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