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  1. I've been married 20+ years, and will be taking my 20yr old to Wembley with me. It would be the greatest day of my life too, just pipping beating Leeds a few days back into 2nd place.
  2. I just had a thought so devious and cunning I surprise myself. If he really wants the ticket, tell him to wear a Forest shirt and wait outside Wembley to collect it!
  3. He could always set off a flare to help locate him?
  4. He's obviously looking at the pint, not the drinker.
  5. I have to say the roadrider packed lunch sounds an appetising prospect. A bargain at £5, to get that delayed flight feeling without the stress of passport control and sleeping on an airport floor.
  6. As someone at work said, might as well give it Boris. They're all incompetent, but at least he's amusing. It's pretty poor that I couldn't find a decent argument against.
  7. A combination of blocked sinuses and high pollen, no doubt.
  8. C'mon people, help this guy out, he's a long term member. I bet if he had a white player as an avatar, he'd have been sorted long ago.
  9. A special Wembley preview show tonight at the usual time, with Tommy Johnson making an appearance. Perfect way to start the build up weekend.
  10. Until Frankie I was never happy I needed so much more Pearson was a ducking psycho Rowett was a bore Join my tears Allay my fears Sent to us from heaven Frankie Lampard, You are my world Derby are coming back Use every little piece of grass You seem to smile from every blade Frankie Lampard, You are my world.
  11. Kelle Roos. A desperate Villa side, 2-0 down entering into the first minute of seven additional minutes time added on, win a corner. The Villa keeper pleads with the bench to be allowed forward, gets the nod but the cross is hit tamely into our Freaky Deaky Dutch bar-stewards hands. One quick look and he hits a long flat clearance towards the opposition goal which just scrambles over the line, winning this Derby fan 500k to a £1 bet. Shortly afterwards, Cara Delevingne, Tracy Shaw and Judi Dench encircle me, begging me to accompany them back to a seedy Soho hotel for a night I'll never forget. I'm tempted I won't lie, but then a manly hand arrives on my shoulder, and I spin around to glimpse God made flesh and blood in dog-walking boots, then Jake and I wonder off in search of brown foamy refreshment.
  12. I'm leaving this thread well alone, apart from this post obviously. Who's ruined such a great day out by plonking a flipping game in the middle of it?
  13. I opened the postal voting paper last week, googled Annunziata, as she was the lead candidate, saw it translated as Peasant Eviscerator in Latin, and threw the ballot paper in the bin. Guy Fawkes had the right idea.
  14. Spanner. Often the first thing that comes to mind when reading your posts, tbh.
  15. Sitcoms aside, there hasn't been a speeding ticket issued this side of the millennium.
  16. Don't worry about it. You've come on, sold a ticket for no profit and even arranged to meet up at the weekend and upgrade the ticket, am I right? People get defensive at this time of year, and question the motives of new members offering tickets, that's all. Now you're here and a member, why not stick around and join in, you might enjoy it and you obviously have knowledge of the important things? Historical acknowledgement of erect DCFC dogs penises is always a good place to start, regardless of topic content.
  17. The resale of tickets at face value, to a buyer known to you, by whatever method that means, is not illegal.
  18. It's not so bad if you use plenty of lube and a medium thickness condom.
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