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    Abu Derby reacted to Ewe Ram in £4.50 for a pint of Carling   
    £4.50? Have I been done then? I paid £4.80 in the fan park. This was only because we took the train instead of driving so arrived quite early  
    Don’t like the offerings in the ground so don’t buy any more. We used to buy 2 pies, a beer and a coffee. Now we don’t because the pies are awful, the beer is awful and awful is too kind a word for the coffee, it indescribable how vile it is, can only be the water??
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    Abu Derby reacted to Ambitious in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    Another day, another article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7335235/Wayne-Rooney-new-7-8million-betting-firm-deal-join-Derby-County-blasted-harmful.html
    It reports that the sponsorship deal is worth £7.8m over the 18 months. It works out at £100k-a-week. We are paying absolutely nothing then. Belting. 
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    Abu Derby reacted to therealhantsram in Wayne Rooney - Signed on a 18 month deal   
    This reminds me of when Arthur Cox brought Kevin Keegan for Newcastle and they smashed this league. Way, way too good for this level. 
    Really hope this happens. 
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    Abu Derby reacted to Ramarena in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
    Live footage from Gibson's office

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    Abu Derby reacted to Raich Van Carter in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
    With regard to the DET, yep, it’s gone massively downhill, the website is shocking and they do awful click bait but Nicho is a sound guy and if he says we’re interested or something like that then there’s something in it. 
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    Abu Derby reacted to cafc92 in Krystian Bielik - Signed 5 year deal   
    Charlton fan here.
    One of the most gifted footballers I’ve seen at the Valley in the last decade alongside the likes of Joe Gomez.
    Now for the reality check. When he first joined, even at League One level, he was never convincing as a centre back. He has a tendency to try the unnecessary, overplay and often went running down a dead end, lost the ball and got caught out of position.
    HOWEVER When Bowyer switched him to a DM role, he was a revelation and I am absolutely gutted that it looks like he won’t be coming back to bolster our brittle midfield options. Aribo, Bielik and Cullen were all central pieces last season, all have left and won’t be coming back.
    I have to say it’s demoralising when fees like 10m are thrown around for someone who has yet to prove themselves above the third tier. We’ve got no chance of competing with Derby County until we’re rid of Roland Duchatelet.
    Good luck for the season. I’ll be watching with interest to see how Cocu uses Bielik.
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    Abu Derby reacted to Mick Brolly in Poll: Where we'll finish the 2019/20 season   
    1st    Derby 
    24th  Florist 
    The rest don't care.
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    Abu Derby reacted to angieram in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
    Interesting contrasts over pre-season, where we have looked good and not so good in about equal measures, I would say.
    There is a curious mix of players (usually the younger ones but also fringe players) going all out to impress and earn a place in the team and more established first choices strolling around, putting minutes in the legs and making sure they don't get injured before the real stuff kicks off. 
    We seem to have had rather more of those on the pitch today and the new manager "clean sheet" notwithstanding, we are looking very much like last season's first picks are there or thereabouts again.
    This makes for curious watching as we are uncertain whether these players will step up a gear when they need to. They also demonstrate all their usual bad habits, which can be a little infuriating to the fans - me included! 
    On today's performance, I am still exasperated that our full backs between them seem incapable of putting in sufficient challenge to stop routine crosses into the box. There's no wonder people are calling out Keogh, Evans and Roos as the best players today as they saw most of the ball and had the opportunity to shine. Thankfully they did, apart from that one header for the goal.
     I don’t think we've got a challenger at right back but I think Lowe will be considered a little unlucky if he hasn't done enough to get in the team over Malone on today's performance.  He was excellent  on Thursday and kept a very lively forward quiet as well as playing some good forward passes.
    Bogle and Malone can be forgiven a lot when they are supporting the attack but they hardly did enough of that today to be excused. Need to try harder.
    It's difficult to rate the more forward players today as they had so little service. But I have to single out Tom Lawrence (one of my favourites) for a poor effort. When is he going to realise that he's not one of the youngsters any more and take some responsibility for creating something for the team? Instead, he gets involved in petty squabbles and loses his way after a bright start. Definitely needs to try harder. 
    That leaves midfield and oh dear, we still have our main problems there,  don't we? Somebody earlier said Tom Huddlestone is a Rolls Royce of a player. That may well be true, but we aren't negotiating a wide open country road, we'll be playing another season on the bloody A38 and I'd rather have an Audi for the trip, along with an annoying driver who nips in front of you and takes your space, turns left and right without indicating, and puts his foot down when needed.  Tom, you're a luxury we can't afford. Prove me wrong! 
    Will Shinnie and Dowell start together when the season kicks off? I think they have to if we're going to keep Huddlestone in the team. And it will allow Dowell to play further forward and be more creative. If that doesn't work, then we need to get Holmes fit pretty soon or consider using Sibley and Knight, if only as impact subs.
    Only when they get a little more service, can we start to judge the forwards. I've still got high hopes for them.
    I'm not desperate for new signings yet, but we do seem a little lacking in that quality player who can change a match single-handedly. 
    Looking forward to the real thing kicking off; then we can judge more fairly.
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    Abu Derby reacted to COYR85 in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
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    Abu Derby reacted to Owd miner in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
    Funnily enough mi owd shes been sat on a rubber ring since last neet  ... I thought it was her piles mekin an appearance . Nah thas got mi thinkin .......
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    Abu Derby reacted to Boycie in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
    Dude mate not dud.
    Ask Boris.
  12. Haha
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    Abu Derby reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Pre Season Friendly v Rangers (A)   
    Night out in Glasgow was an experience. Spent an hour or two in a Spoons, eventually moved because there was supposed to be a better chance of pulling in another bar. Walked in, dropped my pint, looked down to watch it bounce up and splash in my face. Made an absolute fool of myself. Safe to say, there was no chance of a pull in that bar.
    Went back to the Spoons with my tail between my legs. Ending up dancing with a 41 year old, who I reckon I could have got somewhere with if my lot hadn’t have told me that they were leaving. I didn’t fancy making my way back to the hotel on my own so I swiftly departed.
    Got back to the hotel bar. If I may say so myself, I was extremely smooth with some middle aged women, who were celebrating one of their numbers’ birthdays. Foolishly, I got my hopes up, but those hopes were quickly dashed when they left before I had finished my pint.
    All in all, a deeply frustrating yet enjoyable night. It’s strange to think that we’ve still got a game to watch tomorrow.
    Special mentions to the extremely welcoming Scottish people (apart from the dhead bouncers) and the ridiculously sickly deep-fried Mars bar that I sampled tonight.
    We do love an away day. Especially a boozy one. COYR.
    Edit: The Rangers bar near Ibrox is top class. They have framed pictures of Ted McMinn and Waggy in there.
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    Abu Derby got a reaction from Rambling in Songs for Cocu   
    Super, super Phil, super, super Phil, super, super Phil, super Philip Co cu. 
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    Abu Derby reacted to B4ev6is in Updated Bag Policies   
    How about a chant 
    We want to bring own drinks in
    We want bring own food in
    Starting thursday.
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    Abu Derby reacted to cosmic in Pre Season Friendly v Burton Albion (A)   
    John Brayford is looking well.

  17. Angry
    Abu Derby reacted to TibshelfRam in Is Mel Morris Derby County’s best ever Chairman / Owner.   
    I preferred the Three Amigos.
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    Abu Derby reacted to eddie in Kieran Dowell - Signed on season long loan & he hates Forest   
    Where's the fun in that?
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    Abu Derby reacted to ThePrisoner in Season Tickets   
    Using last years card according to the website. 
  20. COYR
    Abu Derby reacted to Woodley Ram in Season Tickets   
    I said after the Wembley defeat that I would buy a season ticket for the first time, i lied I have bought two.  Will come up from sunny Berkshire more often that I have done (about 7 times a season normally). Mrs Woodley is a Londoner but has been converted to a Ram, looking forward to the new season, lets hope its a load of cocu 
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    Abu Derby reacted to maydrakin in Iván Cavaleiro - Joined Fulham   
    Depends on their mentality.  Stoke were going to win the league last year with their parachute payments...
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    Abu Derby got a reaction from hintonsboots in Director of Football   
    Has he signed yet or will the announcement be “within the next 48 hours”?
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    Abu Derby reacted to Nuwtfly in Liam Rosenior   
    Wait...Ramage was right?!

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    Abu Derby reacted to Animal is a Ram in Liam Rosenior   
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