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  1. Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone James/chalobah Huddlestone Piazon Holmes Lawrence Marriott
  2. James(loan) Bayliss(2m) Ampadu(loan) Tomori(5m) Brownhill is probably the least likely but would be around 4m
  3. Reece James Tom bayliss Ethan ampadu Fikayo tomori Josh brownhill
  4. Derby 2-0 Stoke FRGS johnson
  5. Derby 4-0 Sheffield Wednesday FRGS Johnson
  6. I really like lampard and some parts have been enjoyable, ect Norwich away, West From away and Man U away, however the football is very boring and slow(like Clement's) and poor decision making has cost us points this season. Is Wagner still available?
  7. If he goes (which I hope to god he doesn't) jokanovic or Wagner would be brilliant.
  8. Alan Browne out of contract in the summer
  9. Derby 2-0 Millwall FRGS Josefzoon
  10. Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Jozefzoon King Huddlestone Wilson Marriott Waghorn
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