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  1. I think the Wilson payments are delayed for 2 years. If you don't want clubs running up debts then allowing them to defer payment on players for a few years seems like a silly idea because someone will exploit it eventually
  2. Even with new owners the Transfer embargo is for 2 years so we can't splash any cash for quite a while and I assume the embargo would also restrict the amount of wages we can pay for a while too. Can't imagine the EFL would be happy with us trying to give a big name free agent like Jack Wilshire or someone 35k a week or something silly, all of a sudden Maybe an owner comes in pays off every creditor in one go and the EFL drop the embargo and be kind to us.........then Gibson tries to sue us for another imagined slight 😂
  3. That I read quite a few people on Facebook etc saying "don't worry Mel has probably left enough cash in the club to get us to Christmas.....he is a fan" 😂😂 I'm amazed after all that's happened that anyone could still live in hope of any positive action from Mel now.
  4. Can't read the whole article as I'm not a subscriber but it seems the athletic thought Mel borrowed 81mil from Gabay to buy the stadium. The article was posted in July 2020.
  5. I'm glad someone remembers that two. I haven mentioned it to a few people and I was starting to think I had imagined it 😂 yeah with how high the debts were reported to be at that time I couldn't get my head round the 2x2.5 mill payments. I think it was supposed to be 40mill in debts to take on and that's why the EFL wanted 20 mill paying off straight away.......which also made me think they didn't trust Alonso at all.
  6. No, at the time that the Alonso deal was going through and we were supposedly waiting on confirmation from the EFL. I was explaining what I remembered of the reporting of that deal
  7. I thought it was reported that the Alonso deal was: Take on the club's debt, a payment of 2.5mil to Mel upfront then another 2.5mill in 6 months. EFL wanted him to pay 20mill of the debt off upfront but he wouldn't tell them where the money to pay it was from and kept stalling on actually paying it. If that was true I wonder what the deal is now
  8. Anyone get the feeling that the 'americans' or who ever was waiting to see what our EFL punishment was going to be are actually waiting to see if Mel puts us into admin and then buy the club. Iv never understood why a business person would want to buy us with so much debt on the books when the ability to get rid of it and buy us for a hell of a lot less exists. I know it would guarantee is league 1 football but you would back the fact of not having to spend 40+ million to get back to the championship (I know it's a gamble but it's seems a reasonable one on the surface.....though you could of said that about getting to the prem I guess lol) Maybe I'm misunderstanding it or my understanding of administration is flawed but with Mel showing no signs of wanting to fund us all year or a takeover being remotely close it feels like admin creeps ever closer.
  9. sadly It does feel to me like there will be no movement today. Hope I'm wrong but It's so quiet on all fronts that I'd be amazed if this stalemate between us and EFL is resolved fast enough to sign anyone. Also anyone we have our eye on is probably thinking the same and I can't imagine them waiting on a offer from Derby that may never come.....unless they have no other offers at all of course.
  10. I thought I read that the alonso deal was 2 payments of 2.5mill to Mel and he had to pay a bunch of the debt upfront by order of the EFL???
  11. Just hoping a takeover happens so we can tie some of this youth down to long term deals. Worries me they will get picked off for hardly any money because we can only offer one year deals under embargo.
  12. Well that was much more exciting than I expected lol. Feels to me like a big moment for the young players, a great learning and development experience and probably a big bonding one for the whole squad. Hopefully gives them confidence knowing they can fight through and compete.
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