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  1. Yeah that 'silent' partner is supposedly the OSO group guy Oktohari. I pointed out a while ago when it was being reported that the 60-70mill figure for the club seemed high for a guy (Oktohari) that's worth around 200mil. That would be a significant chunk of his worth on a loss making football club. But now it's reported that it's only the 5mill plus the debt of 40mill which makes more sense as they are now trying to get away with not paying the debt off in one go. Still smells like Oktohari or Alonso arnt spending any serious money and just using oktoharis money as a front to get the cl
  2. Wow footballers contracts really are fantastic arnt they. You basically can't sack them unless they commit a serious crime πŸ˜‚
  3. Well Alonso said on talk sport the EFL want him to pay the debt off now so want 35mil depositing in a holding account which Alonso said no too, so you would imagine the 70mil figure comes from 35 being half of 70 and the original deal being reported around 60mil plus another 10 to run the club as I understand you have to show the EFL you have enough money to run the club for 2 years as well as the money for the purchase? I assume the EFL are also worried where this money has come from as he denies any links to Oktohari or using any money from his family. But as I said if it's
  4. "Alonso has privately been telling Derby’s current owner Mel Morris that he remains optimistic, but one source close to Pride Park said: β€˜Alonso seemed a no-hoper from the start and there’s been no evidence he’s got the funds to do the deal.’ If that is true and most of us who have researched Alonso and Raja Sapta Oktohari (who's OSO group is reportedly worth 200mill, so half what Mel is reportedly worth.....would you give a very significant portion of your family wealth... potentially 150m+..... to a 29yo Spanish kid who hasn't run a football club??) Could determine that it
  5. From the way it was reported it was made out that the deal is final, both parties are legally committed to having to buy/sell the club and the only thing that could stop it is EFL approval. Not sure Mel can stop it without legal repercussions and he seems rather keen to get a deal across the line as soon as possible
  6. No sure why we should be thankful he didn't walk off, we had Wassell who could of took over again, the results couldn't be too much worse πŸ˜‚ if we go down and Rooney stays (which I admit is very unlikely) I imagine we would struggle badly to pay his wages and we might be praying he leaves.
  7. Well we did go 0-0 with barrow and lose to Chorley this season didn't we? πŸ˜‚ your perspective seems pretty nailed on. Any team with drive or determination and we are screwed
  8. If we do drop and he stays (very unlikely) I think he would tear league 1 one up if we have a team that is competent at least. I think he would cause real issues for defenders at that level.
  9. I'm sure it was reported proof of funds has been shown but the EFL want to know where he got those funds from seeing as he has no obvious way of having made that money and is denying that his family or Indonesian millionaires gave it him.
  10. Totally agree on this. Alonso may be rich to most of us but isn't football club owner rich lol. Also his boxing career in indonesia matches up with Oktohari owning 2 boxing promotions in Indonesia. What I don't get is that Oktohari is rich but not that rich in football terms, his OSO group is reportedly worth 200million so 70 mill is a lot to blow on a money losing football club that you are denying you gave money to buy πŸ˜‚. I know it was originally reported as a group of Indonesian investors behind Alonso, a group would make more sense financially.
  11. Good points but saying a shoestring might be optimistic lol. If Erik says he doesn't take family money and it turns out the backers have pulled out, it's hard to see him having enough money to even run the club at all. No one seems to know how much personal wealth this guy has and none of his known business dealings seem to scream "I am super wealthy". And don't we lose like 7 mill a year just running the club normally?
  12. Oh that's fantastic to hear, I didn't realise we got so many points for being a Championship club. Thank you for clarifying that πŸ™‚
  13. I could be totally wrong here but Isn't the Brentford model effectively impossible now anyway, because of the new transfer rules? Getting young cheap foreign players is now extremely difficult unless they play in a top league or internationally......which would usually inflate the price......which then P&S would potentially stop us from paying πŸ˜‚ Does anyone know if Joz would have been eligible to come here if these rules had been in play when they signed?
  14. πŸ˜‚ I wasn't saying "go get him" just thought it was another interesting choice seeing as we like Ex Pros with little experience. At least this one actually gets his team's to attack πŸ˜‚ Also it's an interesting interview from the point of view of how players are treated now. The Managers had had to admit that they don't have the power they once had. Henry pretty much says the players have the power now and you have to put your own ego aside and even praise players when they don't deserve it. I imagine that philosophy is very unpopular on here as most of us us working class
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