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  1. I think he is listed at only 5ft 8, not exactly tall and that's from me who is 5ft 6😂. But it also says he is 6ft1......so hopefully the latter Quite happy with this as a signing, low risk,if he is any good we get him for free in the summer. Probably the type of signings we should be doing more often going forward. But him being the only signing of this window is a bit dissapointing.
  2. Does anyone know who our recruitment team is officially? As this seems like a serious duck up, I seem to remember Radio Derby doing 15 mins on us going after CCV. a few weeks back. It looks like we moved on to other targets and let this one go. Bad gamble now it looks like none of the other targets are coming either.
  3. So is the real weak link the scouting department or whoever has been signing off most of our transfers? As atm most of the players brought in to address weaknesses have been as bad if not worse than what we had. Obviously can't really blame them for not replacing Wilson, Mount and Tomori with 'like for like' quality but it needed to be better than Dowell and Paterson so far. And Bielik is definitely an upgrade I will give them that.
  4. True but the theory still stands, if you think the manager won't be here because the club will sack them or they will leave on their own accord (which might be even worse, if you start to think mangers don't want to really be here or use you as a stepping stone) then I'm sure it does lead to an apathy in some players. I know it would be in my mind, especially if I wasn't enjoying things under the current manager. But I'm not a player just a fat schlub on a forum.
  5. It does feel that some players have the idea that they can half arse it a bit because the club has a track record of sacking managers. It must be in your head as a player that the manager has far more chance of being sacked that I do, so why give 100% if I'm.just going to have to fight for my place again, under a new manager. I know as a person in a privileged position they should have desire to win and to perform at their best but we have many examples of that not being the case, players can get used to the privilege and money and start not to care. Obviously that's not all players but I'd bet we have a few like that at the moment
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