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  1. I think that depends on that "player of professional standing" clause. I read we are talking to the EFL about it
  2. Got to agree, and from the way Pearce put it, it sounded to me like potentially no or very limited incomings until a takeover is completed. His line about "talented youngsters" sounded like signposting the fact many of them are going to have to play this year especially if no takeover is completed and they are hoping to god that they all step up. I hope I'm totally wrong and they have multiple talented free agent players lined up ready to go and even with out a take over many of them will be signed, I just don't see it.
  3. Do we have the scouting budget to even look outside the EU or anyone on staff with any real knowledge on non EU players? Would be nice as you would Imagine there could decent quality to be found. But we are notorious for looking no further than Scotland most of the time 😂
  4. Question, if the EFL did try to relegate us can we go to CAS?, a system that should be outside the EFLs grasp
  5. Yeah when your business is set up to exploit the asset that is the stadium you then you probably dont have to care as much about the team that plays in it. Especially as that team loses money and putting gigs in there makes you money. As a business man you would assume Derby County it's self may not be the top priority for his business unless we started to make money as a club. Could be wrong just trying too look at it from a perspective of someone who has no emotional link to the club or the sport and comes from a country where the business of sport is done very differently. Its like i did see people slagging off Jaime Vardy for buying a USL club in America and saying "why bother buying a club in a league with no promotion or relegation, waste of time"........ probably because the costs are generally fixed Inna contained league and he believes he can make consistent money with a team in that league 😂. Promotion is not the goal there, making consistent money in a specific market is. Not every club is run for love, especially in America. But it does highlight our very different philosophy on Sports business in general.
  6. The Mikey Arison one would be interesting. He employes a high end set of executives for the Miami Heat, a top coach and he spends to make sure that the Heat are perennial contenders in the NBA. He is generally considered a good owner who isn't stingy, got the best player on the planet to join his team and won a few championships over the years too. Would be interesting to see if his strategy would be the same for us.
  7. If a takeover has happened or we sell some youngsters to actually be able to afford to sack him after 20 games 😂
  8. In real terms how fast would a takeover need to happen for us to even attempt a half decent transfer window? Also am I right in thinking even if the new owner had loads of money he would be restricted by the club's current P&S position, so we wouldnt have transfer fees flying around and would still be searching the bargain bins, but we would be able to pay bigger wages because the embargo would be over?
  9. I believe it's Micheal Eisner, former Chairman/CEO of Disney. He is usually credited with revitalising Disney in the late 80s and through the 90s. Lost his position in the mid 2000s to Bob Iger who just moved over to Bob Chapek and is supposedly taking a serious look at running for the US presidency.
  10. You are probably right, Wayne Rooney's face generates more clicks than "worst team in prem history does X"
  11. Totally agree, until someone gets only 10 points we will keep that tag. Even if someone did get 10 we would probably get referenced as "former worst team in prem history" 😂 the media need a tag to get clicks and well it works. That's why in an article specifically about Mel all the pictures are of Rooney 😂 Rooney generates more clicks
  12. The media would still use the lowest points total against us and call us the "worst team in premier League history" 😂
  13. Having a superich owner would allow us to explore other commercial options and developments you would imagine, and technically they can spend whatever they like as long as they get us promoted before the P&S merry go round catches up with us. Not saying that's a good idea 😂 but it's an option some clubs have used to great effect lol.
  14. Amazing a year ago people were saying we shouldn't take less than 15mill for Sibley....would you get 15mill total for all of the youngsters together? Do we know what we actually got for Bogle and Lowe, some reports were like 11-14mill with incentives and others I saw were as low as 4 mill?
  15. Got to agree with you there. I felt like the interview after the last game "things need to change from tonight" was him priming the narrative and telling the club that he needs resources or he is gone. Can't blame him tbh, having less than half a squad of mostly youngsters and then probably being told you have to sell the best and probably only sigh cheap/free replacements doesn't sound like an ideal first management job 😂
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