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  1. Charlton 3-0 Derby FRGS Davies (own goal)
  2. I've been reading a few of the topics on the board this morning about Shinnie and also whether Bogle could be a right winger and it made me think of what our team MIGHT be from January, once HRH (His Rooney Highness) Prince Wayne is available for selection. To get the best out of him I would have thought he needs to play off a front man, which realistically means playing two up top, and if we are going to do that, are we best playing three at the back? I actually think we have the players for it - as many other forum members have suggested of course. So, from players we have now (plus Roonaldo) and we expect/hope to be fit by January 1st, how about... Hamer* Wisdom Bielek Clarke Shinnie Bogle Holmes Paterson Lowe Rooney Martin (* Named Hamer having never seen him play so just hoping that he's better than Roos is in current form)
  3. Standing ankle-deep in piss while taking a leak against a white-washed wall. This was an actual designated gents' toilet under the main stand at the BBG. Those were the days...
  4. If we are going to boo footballers for getting drunk and doing silly things then Paul McGrath would now be deaf. Jim Smith had to send someone to Ireland to find him after one particularly spectacular bender. He was still Man of the Match, mind you.
  5. Spot on Anon. Bear in mind Huddlestone may well have had a few sherbets too, and he wasn't captain then was he - just one of the lads having a night out. It was a 'bonding' night, and videos like this are exactly the banter material such events are aimed at generating. The Club laid on taxis (which we presume Huddlestone used to get home, like most of the other squad members) so they were expecting players not to be ft to drive. Don't blame Huddlestone for acting like a lad on a night out with team mates. Had there not been an accident, this video would not have seen the light of day beyond the group.
  6. The 'top ten' you are referring to, would that be the same 'top ten' from my university days by any chance? Which was a shot from each of the ten bottles on the top row of the optics in the Student Union bar. If so, I'd say your prediction is quite correct.
  7. Well, that's cheaper than Viagra I suppose...
  8. The whole crux of this is the value of the stadium and I boil it down to this fairly simple view... If anyone (be that Mel or any other businessman) wanted to build a 34,000 capacity stadium to the specification of Pride Park what would it cost them to do so? Whatever that cost is, is the real value of the asset. It is immaterial what the investor wants to do with it or it's likely returns - they are personal business issues. More than 20 years ago Pride Park is reported to have cost just under £30m to build. Currently, Brentford's new home is estimated to cost £71m; York City's new 8,000 capacity stadium is budgeted at £44m; the Southend stadium project is £80m; Everton's new home is estimated to cost £500m; Spurs' new cathedral cost £800m!! I am no expert, but to put a value of circa £80m on building a copy of Pride Park does not seem wide of the mark to me.
  9. I think it might be important for us not to judge this season by the usual universally accepted barometers - match-by-match results and league position. Instead perhaps we'll have to judge whether it's a good or a bad season on how we emerge at the end of it in terms of squad development. Of course that is a really hard thing for us fans to do. We live for the highs given by goals being scored, victories being achieved and league table targets being met - I know I'll be cursing at times over the next six months! But I must sit on my hands for a while, hope that the transition we all know needs to happen gets to evolve and, come spring, we start to see a beautiful butterfly emerging from the Cocu chrysalis
  10. Are the EFL also going to get independent valuations on other balance sheet assets that have been sold by clubs too? For example, players under contract are assets and profit can be made from the transfer? Perhaps they should look at Huddersfield for their valuation of Jacob Butterfield when they sold him to us? Or Reading for Nick Blackman? And if Watford get relegated back into the EFL they should be squitting themselves over the Anya sale....?? FFP is a politically-nice idea but is completely undeliverable in a division of so many income variables. You get the feeling that the EFL are desperate to make it work but are permanently fighting fires over it as clubs look to compete with the ludicrous parachute payments. Professional sport is always about seeking a competitive advantage and that applies just as much off the field as it does on. Won't be long before the best Finance Directors are being sold for more than a 20-goal striker!
  11. Anyone else think that Shinnie might be on his way back to Scotland before their transfer window closes? When a manager is quoted in the media saying "I didn't sign him" I think the writing is on the wall!
  12. I can't decide if this is comedy gold or racist bigotry of the highest order?
  13. The chant we could sing is a second verse to the the Cocu song.... Chim chiminy, chim chiminy, chim chim charoo Who needs Frank Lampard when we've got Cocu. Chim chiminy, chim chiminy, chim chim charee We're Derby County and we've got Rooney
  14. That's a bit unfair. He had a decent amount of technical ability but lacked the pace needed to make it really count - and got slower through injuries. In the early part of his career he played for England U21s and was a 1-in-4 goalscorer as a midfielder. If he was a yard or two quicker, he'd have had an even better career.
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