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  1. So, you've discounted us being in the 38-games-per-season Premier League next year then? Oh yee of little faith....
  2. Who needs Real Madrid vs Barcelona... welcome to El Cloughico! COYR.
  3. He'll leave about 10 seconds after the owner (whoever that might be) lies to him.
  4. Far too early for an outcome on this yet. It needs to be much closer to the end of the season so as the EFL know how many points to dock in order to relegate us. On current Rooney-revival trajectory that might be about 25 points!!
  5. He phoned me once from New York. Even through I knew he was 3,000 miles away he still scared me poopless. He had a voice that could grate granite.
  6. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to pull you up there. I worked for the club at that time and can assure you that Shilton, while very well paid of course, earned no more at Derby than he had at Southampton. His signing on fee was a top-of-the-range BMW 7-series - the equivalent of about £100k today. It is true that he had a family home in North Leicestershire, and that may have been a factor in picking Derby ahead of any other suitors, but his pay was just the going rate. After all, he was the incumbent record-breaking England goalkeeper and did play magnificently well for at least the first th
  7. Arthur is up there with the very best. I loved the football Jim Smith brought, but Arthur was a far better manager. He signed Rob Hindmarsh on a free by knowing that Sunderland had failed to offer him a club car in his new deal - thereby making it lesser terms than existing. Only Arthur would know that kind of detail! Gerraint Williams for £40k; Gary Micklewhite for £70k; Phil Gee for a set of kit.... then able to attract Peter Shilton, Mark Wright and Dean Saunders to the club to complete the journey. The man was a football genius.
  8. Feel a bit aggrieved but I have to say I’d take a win and defeat from two away games this week when we probably deserved two draws. Watford are a good side (they have a £40m player in their ranks) and they didn’t look a million miles better than us. We’re on the right track.
  9. That’s why Sibley doesn’t play too often
  10. I’m not one for strong language but Hinchcliffe is a Barclay Hunt.
  11. Good to see Hinchcliffe won’t accept he completely got our ‘goal’ wrong. twit.
  12. Absolutely. I was more referring to our midfield and front threes. Perfect for this game
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