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  1. Apologies if this has already been said but it looks to me like Mel and Erik have struck a 'hand-in-hand' deal, whereby the purchase of the Club (probably for a relatively nominal fee given its dwindling assets and loss-making status) is linked to the separate purchase of the real estate (stadium, training ground, or any combination of these!) for a far greater amount - for the sake of argument (as I have not a clue) lets say that is for the amount Mel bought it from the Club for at £80m If that is the case, then Our Erik may well be able to 'fund the deal' for the Club out of cash. Proba
  2. True, but the football debts gets paid before HMRC and hardly ever is there much left in the trough after the gravy train brigade are sated.
  3. I don't mean to be pious but some football fans see Administration as the 'short term pain for long term gain' approach to seeing a their club become a better football team. Sorry, but advocating administration is morally corrupt. Any business that goes into administration has a knock-on effect for other businesses that don't get paid what they are rightly owed; quite often leading to a few people losing their own livelihoods for no fault of their own. At the very least it deprives entities like HMRC of revenue. To suggest that pathway is right because it will wipe out debt - and by
  4. Got to go back about 20 years I reckon! Christian Dailly was signed for about £500k from Dundee (or was it Dundee United?) and sold to Blackburn for a £5m profit. Rory Delap was a 20x increase in value - £220k to £4.5m or something like that.
  5. I think that's not what Ken Tram is suggesting. This was a statistical modelling based on past performance to suggest most likley future outcomes. Of course there is a mathematical chance but the modelling suggested it will not happen.
  6. I happened to meet Trevor Birch last weekend and when the conversation hit on Derby County - quite correctly - he wouldn't talk about the takeover. Like you said, he is no mug and the EFL will be doing things properly. It'e worth remembering that, as an organisation, they are operating with a greatly reduced staff due to Furloughing needs so this might take longer than normal to complete.
  7. I must have a masochistic streak because a bit of me would now feel short changed if this didn't go down to the last minute of the last game...
  8. We don't have to win on Saturday, we just have to match Wednesday's result - if we do they are relegated no matter what they do against Forest. As they kick off early, we'll know what is needed before we get underway. If Wednesday lose to Forest, then we can lose both of our remaining games and will still finish above them. Of course Rotherham might put us both down if we do! For what it's worth (very little!) I think both Derby and Wednesday will draw on Saturday; Owls will then be relegated and we will beat them last day to relegate Rotherham with them. They would rather be competi
  9. I wouldn't be so sure about others not being in as bad a position as Derby seem to be. Perhaps we just know more about Derby's problems.
  10. But the same then might apply to Swansea on Saturday surely?
  11. Mick Harford A real hard man. And he'd have this dressing room quaking - they'd be more scared of letting him down than any manager!
  12. I'd take issue with JP's verdict that the club face 'serious punishment' if the appeal finds in the EFL's favour. My take is that the complaint surrounds how the change in amortisation policy was incorrectly reported, not an issue with the policy itself. Let's be honest, if that is the case, anything more than a slap on wrist would be grossly unfair.
  13. No, its all about stuffing two bars of confectionery in your mouth; nothing more.
  14. Interesting to see so many offering new terms to Curtis; not sure I would on a pure footballing decision. Good for the dressing room without a doubt and a leader out on the pitch, but I can't see him playing a full season - and would be best suited to a back three.
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