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  1. Only problem with that is it would bring in an additional wage burden, and the whole point of an EFL embargo on signings is to control costs.
  2. That's valid from a playing resource management point of view, but assumes a sale is due to allowing 'wiggle room' in the squad regeneration. Might be that £2m - or more - is simply needed to stop the business going under.
  3. Surely not all trial lists will get taken on though. The whole point is to see players close up before moving forward with your preferred options. There will be plenty more over the next six weeks - and let's be honest there is going to be great value in the Free Agents market come September 1st as there will be more players without clubs than ever before.
  4. How is Festy Ebosele on the list? I thought he was out of contract with new terms offered? How can he have signed when others offered new terms (Wisdom, Davies, etc) aren't allowed? Have I missed something?
  5. Mengi has to be one of them; we need pace at the back. And wages can't be a particular problem as we can't pay more than £600k/season for any player.
  6. If the club don’t pay HMRC then the embargo is the least of the problems. The Revenue does not play soft ball when it comes to debt collection.
  7. Quick question... can we loan players OUT? ...If we set up our young players of 'professional standing' that clearly aren't at Championship standing with loans to non-League clubs at an appropriate level, do they not count as part of our quota?
  8. The EFL's rule on the minimum strength of a playing squad even for a club under an embargo is there to protect the integrity of the competition. By including the players used for the Chorley game in calculating Derby's current squad strength they would be arguing against the very reason the rule was introduced in the first place. If Derby had fielded the same team they did for the Chorley game for an end of season match with little consequence to the Rams (but possibly could effect other issues i the division) they would be done for fielding an under-strength team.
  9. Sorry if I have missed this, but I thought he was out of contract? Has a new deal been announced?
  10. ...or just a big 'For Sale' sign?
  11. Excellent information. Your final sentence is the crux!
  12. Makes you wonder if this legal principle is what the Cub keep making references to actions being 'unlwafull'? They used the term consistently in their statements.
  13. Given Boris' speech just now, can we add 33,000 Rams fans to the mix too! COYR!
  14. So does the appeal decision now mean Wycombe are incoming with they £15m writ? Good luck with that!
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