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  1. Millwall 1 - Derby 1 FRGS Clarke (Attendance: 0,000)
  2. Derby 1 BLackburn 2 FRGS: Knight
  3. Got to admit they are the better side and deserve to be winning. I'm not sure they would be if we had Bird, Knight, Sibley, Whittaker and Buchanan in the team mind you.
  4. The linesman has just given them a free-kick for pulling a hamstring.
  5. Just got the game up on my laptop at work to see the equaliser. Those Salzburg boys are big units aren't they! Is that what drinking too much Red Bull does to you?
  6. Just announced that Villa posted a loss of £112m for the last trading year, covering their promotion season in the Championship. If they get relegated - as looks very likely given their remaining games - how are they going to avoid an EFL points deduction on the rolling three year allowable losses rule? I suppose if they sell Grealish, Mings and McGinn this summer they might net £100m-plus. But they can't sell Villa Park - they've already played Mel's sell-the-stadium-to-yourself card!
  7. Having done four stops on a Central Line train at rush hour over the last few days, attending a football stadium with 30,000 others holds no fears.
  8. And £196 won at the bookies. Cha-ding.
  9. Derby 1 - Fulham 1 FRGS: Rooney (pen)
  10. Derby 4 - Huddersfield 2 FRGS: Waghorn
  11. Got what we deserved simply because we cannot defend crosses.
  12. I voted OUT. But I didn't read the OP post very well and assumed it was a question linked to LGBTQ+ History Month. It couldn't possibly be about his position as Derby County manager surely? Everyone should be free to be the person they want to be.
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