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  1. I know people have been saying that the last minute penalty claim should have been irrelevant if we'd been able to defend and/or take the chances created but you have to say it was a stone-waller. Ive watched it back three times and it wasn't even debatable. And the ref was superbly sighted too. Must have had a tight train connection and the extra two minutes to take the spot kick would have caused him the be stuck in Crewe for three hours. In which case, I can understand his thinking.
  2. I'm pinning my hopes on a win over Wednesday. They will already be relegated and would rather not have Derby in League One with them next season when trying for promotion. Clutching at straws??
  3. I very rarely disagree with you my friend, but on this one I do. Both teams had plenty of attacking opportunities. But the two goals we conceded were absolutely shocking - free header from a corner and a central defender who is like Bambi on ice. Schoolboy stuff that few other Championship teams could muster.
  4. We lost that game because we can’t defend, not because we can’t score. Clarke was nowhere near fit and Wisdom... well, let’s see who gives him a contract next season because I’ll be amazed if he’s not on the free agent list by September.
  5. Apart from Alonso has only ever said that the money is all his and not from third-party investors? I think it is only media commentators that have suggested the Far East money men link.
  6. Take over completion announced pre-kick-off, before a celebratory 2-0 Derby win. Forsyth back post tap in and a Sibley screamer. Warning: I ate a lot of cheese before my afternoon nap.
  7. I suppose there is some merit in aiming for the stars. After all, if you only make it 0.0001% of the way there you've still gone further than any other human being!
  8. Agreed. I was all for this guy's enthusiasm, but that line just makes him look like a twonk. Football club ambitions should be aligned to weight loss - concentrate on hitting the small, achievable goals before you start talking about the designer clothes three sizes smaller!
  9. Perhaps Chansiri rumbled that Alonso was the Trojan Horse for a takeover and told him to f-off as a result? It's clear that Alonso and his backers are keen to acquire a club with the capability of getting in - and commercially sustaining life in - the Premier League as two months after an attempt to buy SWFC he's agreed terms for a purchase of DCFC. This doesn't have to be bad news. We'll know more once those providing the wonga to fund this step out of the shadows - as they are bound to do. I'm going glass half full on this and hoping for the best!
  10. An ‘elephant’s foot’ from Birds perhaps... it’s made with ‘shoe’ pastry.
  11. Seven years before Gibson was even born, and we still liked to stuff 'em...!
  12. This loan fund can only be used to pay PAYE liabilities, nothing more.
  13. MORE BREAKING TAKEOVER NEWS... The Peter Stilton consortium have been outbid by a group of American investors. They are from Philadelphia....
  14. BREAKING TAKEOVER UPDATE... The club is about to be bought by a consortium led by former goalkeeper Peter Stilton
  15. I know his Welsh cousin, Dai O’Reire
  16. That's harsh on Given. One of the things much improved in the last three months has been our set pieces and, according to reports, they are under his remit.
  17. I’m worried for Plymouth Argyle. After all, everyone else will be heading to Devon and Cornwall this summer with no overseas travel!
  18. None of us know the back story here do we. For example, could be that Waghorn has just been offered terms for next season at 40% of his current pay and he feels a bit disrespected? Who knows.
  19. Now wait for the injunction from BZI claiming they still have the right to purchase the club once Mel agrees terms with another party. Get the feeling this is not the end of these jokers.
  20. Mel has been an excellent owner. He’s provided resources and support. However, as an Executive Chairman he’s been truly damaging.
  21. You mean other than the previous clubs he has worked wonders at?
  22. Perhaps we should have a 'doorstep boo' at 6pm every Thursday. That'll do the trick...
  23. Derby City And The Surrounding Places But Not Too Close To Nottingham Please Football Club. "There's only one DCASPBNTCNPFC..."
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