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London Rams are still here for anyone who's interested. Membership is currently about 120 (up on last time) and we're always keen to meet any Rams fans in the area. It's been getting harder to arrange travel for groups to go to games but having said that, we have 30-ish travelling to Bournemouth on Saturday. We did get match tickets for everyone (members of course) who was interested in going to this one. And early in the season we took over 30 to Brighton and 40 to Yeovil. When DCFC are on TV we'll find venues (pubs of course) for people to meet up and watch (eg a dozen or so of us met at a pub at Waterloo for the Blackburn game). You can join the club for £5 for the season or just look in to our facebook group to see what's occurring. We are Derby County Supporters' Club London Branch and that's how'll you find us. There are contact details on the DCFC website or mail -


Our chairman for many years - Jim Savvides - passed away a couple of years ago. Jim was a tremendous character, a Derby fanatic, and someone who "galvanised" Derby fans from these parts. Since Jim's passing we are trying to unite the Supporters Club and move it forward (as we know he would be urging us to do).

It's getting like a sermon so ... if you're currently located in London/South-East, then get in touch. Or at least come and say hello at Bournemouth!

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I can get to London in 1 hour 20 and nearly every game i go to i have to go through London.

I might start the Kent supporters branch, who's in?

Non Kent residents welcome.

count me in mate, moving to east kent sometime this summer

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Hello All, 

Just thought i'd give this thread a bump as I've been thinking of starting a London Supporters Club to meet like minded Rams fans in London.

I'm not trying to hijack the DCSCLB, rather organize a group for 'armchair' DCFC fans who will meet at a central pub (tbc, could change depending on other peeps location) to follow Derby on TV. As it stands we've already got three games lined up on the telly box (and probably plenty more to come!);

vs Pompey (A) (Capital One Cup) Wednesday 12th August 2015 19:45


vs Brum (A) (Championship) Friday 21st August 2015 19:45

vs Leeds (H) (Championship) Saturday 29th August 2015 12:05


I'm sure there must be other Derby fans living in London who would prefer to drink a few pints watching Derby rather than watching alone by other means ;)

Please let me know if you are interested so I can get an idea of numbers and locations. Use Age/From/Tube



*About me - 28/Derby (Allestree to be precise)/Tower Hill

**I'm happy to arrange meet ups/start Facebook or Twitter groups should this thing get off the ground, all suggestions are welcome :) 

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Another Good Idea.....we'll sort of...who fancies catching the Gatwick train to Brighton at about 12:40 ish on Saturday 29th Aug and bringing on the train a big Caant of a TV so I can watch the Leeds game and we can all enjoy a good carry out, whilst singing about how much we hate Leeds, before getting into Brighton to watch the second half in a boozer followed by a cracking two days at Concorde 2 to enjoy The Edge Of The Sea Festival, where we get to see Cinerama play both days and  The Wedding Present play both days. Oh and straight after the Leeds game, some of us might be wondering why they are not at Wembley enjoying the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final if the mighty Hull Kingston Rovers get there. And if anyone would like to throw any more spanners into the works, who cares coz there's bound to be some cockney caants down on the Brighton Sea front coz it's a bank holiday weekender...........see you all on the Michael Cane (Train)

The Edge Of The Sea


Give My Love to Kevin (Hector)


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