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  1. WestLondonRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    That will last 9 months.
  2. WestLondonRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    ITK.. or just a guess, who's our new manager?
  3. WestLondonRam

    Blaming Rowett

    Agreed, I think it'll bite him. It's amazing how you can go from club legend to a knobber in 16 months. I know it's not that popular but, If Stimac was the manager there is no way he would leave us like that. too much respect and heart for us to be treated like that. Spineless Rowett
  4. WestLondonRam

    Former Deby Fan?

    Can’t understand anyone swapping teams. I was born in Ashbourne and sorrounded by Chelsea and QPR fans(not really any glory there) but I couldn’t chase glory, my first experience of football was the baseball ground. And what a rich time under Arthur Cox it was.
  5. WestLondonRam

    New singing section confirmed

    Haven't shot anyone down.. I think it's a brilliant Idea as I said in my comment. I just think the club should help to position it where it gets the most effect.
  6. WestLondonRam

    New singing section confirmed

    I always think the banter between 2 sets of opposing Fans causes the atmosphere, If this is moved that far over for me it will not work. Too far away from the Oppositions supporters. There is no Banter there and if we are not playing well it's hard to get the signing going. If you look at the Cardiff game they were giving us some Banter and when we scored we gave it back and the atmosphere was built from there. I think it's a shame as the idea behind it is Brilliant I just believe it has to be next to the away fans.
  7. WestLondonRam

    Rowett - In or Out? - mk 2

    Gary Rowett has admitted himself that he does not want to play possession based football. Plastic fans is a bit harsh. How is it plastic? our Fan base doesn't change. If you were Man united you may have a point.. It's not good passing football and winning games straight away. As someone pointed out it's 3 Transfer windows and 51 Games down the line. I agree you Win or Lose games but to Win 2 Games in 12 is relegation form. If we are not careful we will end up like Ipswich with a Mid table side. MM has already suggested he will not be putting money in if we do not get up this season which it turn will mean no Cash to spend on New players with desire. No way we can sell these ageing players to fund the re-build. I would rather give the youth a chance with Wassall in charge for the run in. How are you basing your Best manager for a long time statement? Win Rate, style of Football? Developing youth? Position we end up? How much of a saving he's made? better Quality of players?. If so I believe GR has been out classed in all departments...
  8. WestLondonRam

    Derby County F.C. v Sunderland A.F.C

    I have to say it.. that’s it for me, Mel needs to push the button on Rowett

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