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  1. Hanson usually a sub since last Christmas (lost his place and never really got it back). He got a start last weekend but that is very unusual. When he does play it's usually right back
  2. Agree with this. I also think Zoon and Malone did pretty well.
  3. Agreed. Although fact that Shinnie behind Evans and Knight (and presumably Holmes) means I think Cocu might not fancy him. Loved Cocu stonewalling the Rooney questions at the end. Not even a playful smile. Completely deadpan. And very professional.
  4. US media saying it is end of 2020 mlsv season. So way off
  5. I think he has to sign by Thursday orv wait until January?
  6. 3-0. Dowell, Waghorn, and Mason after coming on as a sub.
  7. Gritty

    Max Lowe

    Good points re: value. I don't think we need to bring anyone else in though. Shinnie and Anya can also play left back and can provide cover until Fozzy back
  8. Gritty

    Max Lowe

    You're right! My error
  9. Gritty

    Max Lowe

    Centre back we have Keogh, Clarke, Evans, Davies plus Bielik, Wisdom, Forsyth and Huddz can (and have) all played there in their time
  10. The news on medical is from a bloke on Oxford's forum who says he knows a bloke who knows a bloke in Derby's backroom team (who knows someone in the medical team). Not the best source. I reckon he may go once Bieslik has signed.
  11. This surely spells end for Thorne. Evans, Huddz and Bielik and Bird all ahead of him
  12. The capital injections don't lower the loss. The FFP rules just allow you an FFP loss of 39 mn over 3 seasons if you make certain capital injections. You may be right on whether I'm quoting FFP loss or operating loss. Vydra went in 17/18 and was replaced in 18/19 by Marriott, Malone, Holmes, Waghorn plus wages / loan fees for Mount, Tomori and Wilson (I can't believe that left us with a lower wage bill personally although it was claimed that the expenditure was flat in terms of transfer fees in and out) Amortisation losses for Butterfield,, Johnson and Blackman all fall in 19/20 due to them leaving post 30 June and so WILL affect FFP for this year (i.e. will need to be taken account of in managing down the loss) We've tried to shift Martin, Thorne and Anya for over a year and not succeeded. I don't see any reason why we will be more successful now. Plus the squad is now thin enough that were they to go, they'd need replacing (Anya's FFP depreciation (and any for Thorne) will occur this year too if contracts run out to plan)
  13. Compensation reported to be 4mn + Morris et al (max 1mn for assistants I guess). But even if one was to be generous and say we had £10mn of exceptional (one-off) income this summer, that still means we can only afford to lose £12mn a year for next two years and be FFP compliant. Reducing losses from £25mn to £12mn is still very difficult. And doesn't leave much room for buying players
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