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  1. I've written numerous posts expressing worries about ffp for last few years. Quite a few fans told me I was dull and it was all irrelevant and fans didn't care about balance sheets. This is why fans should care. Blind faith in MM has led us here. He means well and he's put huge sums into the club. But he's pushed the rules to the limit and it seems this time he may have got it badly wrong.
  2. This isn't right. They are on about losses in the 3 years up to and including year stadium sold. Not what we did in year after (that's a headache yet to come)
  3. But maybe stadium value regarded as inflated (given every other club sold their stadium for a lot less?)
  4. Jonny Russell on loan in US off season
  5. Maybe put Bileik back in defence? Or maybe he simply doesn't get in the first 11 right now?
  6. Even when fit he couldn't get a game at Luton last year in league 1. He wasn't starting at Oxford. I think MM implied that his career at this level over in some forum. He'll end up in league 1 or 2 on a pay as you play deal I suspect
  7. Can't see why there's a link to new investment? Surely we weren't relying on that 8mn just to cover a couple of months of wages? (Think our wage bill £40mn) Sounds like there's a cash flow problem. And given club financed by Mel's benevolence, maybe that means he has less cash on tap and his money tied up in fixed assets he needs to liquidate? Whatever reason, we could do without this.
  8. Our team is currently comprised of some average champ players, some below average champ players, one ex superstar (Rooney) and some very promising youngsters (I include Lowe and Bogle in this group). How we do in the next few years will depend on how the youngsters turn out
  9. We've had a few successful loans: George Thorne (pre Wembley) Mount Tomori Wilson Ince (did very well on loan) Bamford (definitely did a job for us) Butland (excellent when on loan) Ibe Some less successful. But loans can be good
  10. Doesn't this mean he's lent Mel money which is secured on the stadium?
  11. I suspect it might just bring losses back within ffp threshold. And then he'll invest another 8mn the following year.... And within 5 or 6 years we'll have a new owner as his stake will have reached 100%!
  12. Eh? We've failed to get promoted every year. How is that excellent? He's spent a fortune and we're no further on.
  13. 1. In his first season we had McClaren. That was good 2. Season with Clement / Wassall (and the splurge on Johnson, Butterfield, Blackman) was not good in terms of investment or style of play 3. The following season we had Pearson (disastrous) and then McClaren (who rescued us, brought back good football, and was then sacked), then we were introduced to Rowett ball. 4. Rowett football was dire. Awful season 5. Lampard season was excellent Cocu season too early to tell. I enjoyed football under McClaren and Lampard. I'll give Cocu time. We've had 2.5 decent seasons out of 5 entertainment wise (McLaren and Lampard)
  14. His heart is in the right place. And he has committed huge sums of money to Derby But - however well intentioned - the vast majority hasn't been spent well and Derby have not been well managed in my view during his tenure (His investment in the academy has been excellent and I hope that aspect will pay off). Right now, we're certainly worse off than the day before he took over. We've got a less good squad than we had then. We've more than tripled our wage bill. And the football club no longer owns the Stadium (which might not matter now, but could should the football club be sold in the future but not the stadium as we lose a revenue stream).
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