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  1. Rooney saying in his press conference the players haven't been paid yet. And the Athletic article saying they haven't as of last night
  2. I was initially dead against Rooney taking over, wanting someone with more experience. But he's done well, won me over, and I'm really pleased he's in place. I don't personally think this has any bearing on takeover. I think anyone would have seen it made sense to give him the job; ie. Current and new owners would not have a different view on that. Mel happy to appoint as if it falls through he'd appoint him anyway I still remain highly sceptical any money will arrive
  3. Which bits did you find persuasive? I personally thought none of it was. Pearce - despite being ceo - either 'isn't party to that information', 'is working hard to sort things out' or 'is hoping the money is going to arrive soon'. None of which really tells us anything. He used loads of words in a reassuring voice to say absolutely nothing at all.
  4. He's the reason we've been charged by the EFL in the first place because he pushed interpretation of ffp rules to brink. I suspect Mel wants to stay involved. But equally new owners can ditch him after a couple of months if they don't think they're getting value from him or don't want the old regime trying to back seat drive I'm still highly doubtful this takeover will happen
  5. What is market value? Administrator could do an auction. I guarantee you it won't be 60mn
  6. There is a difference between supporting the club (the players who represent the city of Derby in contests versus clubs of other localities), and supporting an owner who isn't paying his players. The two are completely distinct
  7. This is a fair take imo. He did have good intentions and the academy is a real achievement. However, can we afford to remain at category 1 (coaches to player ratio etc. It's not just facilities) which costs us £3mn a year? If we go to cat 2 because new owner won't fund, we'll get the existing players plundered. And one assumes new ones less likely to be as good if coaching downgraded. Nothing to say this WILL happen. But it's a risk. Mel has made many mistakes (well intentioned even if I disagree with his decisions he made). But the academy needs to endure. I really hope we g
  8. It's in the Athletic article. Appreciate you may not have a subscription to that though. That said, I think there's likely to be a lot to discuss about Derby in the coming weeks so now might be a time to subscribe! It's well worth it imo
  9. But you've just made that scenario about Mel, Rooney and Mac having those conversations up. It's just in your imagination. You may be right but it contradicts what two respected journalists have said this evening. Whose sources presumably include players
  10. While possible, it's also possible that he's refusing to spend more money on Derby and can't borrow any more in this environment. And so there is a real risk they don't get paid. The journalists say the players are saying they haven't been communicated with properly. They were told they'd get paid this week. And they haven't and haven't heard from club. So it doesn't sound like Mel has had the conversation you are suggesting if you believe Conway and Percy
  11. He had great intentions. He spent a fortune. He didn't sadly always spend wisely or make good decisions. And we are in a far worse position overall than when he took over. The academy investment is fantastic, however. And that is greatly to his credit. I hope the structures he put in place endure as we may need to sell some of the players like Knight, Sibley etc
  12. Two highly respected journalists have said this evening that they've been told some of the players haven't been paid The club is responsible for paying them. There are no excuses for not paying them, takeover or no takeover. The same journalists said the club isn't communicating with the players. I know you like to give Mel the benefit of the doubt. And that is, frankly, much to your credit to think so positively of others. But C'mon. This looks very, very bad indeed
  13. Am sure Steve has been told that. In the same way journalists were told the hold up in early Dec was due to bank holidays, then that delay in paying wages was due to money in transit (which clearly wasn't the case as it would have arrived by now) Club either aren't being straight with journalists and fans, or they are being toyed with by these new investors. Fact club aren't even communicating with players they aren't paying is terrible. They should ask the pfa to get involved. This is when union is helpful
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