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  1. Grimsby Town v Derby County - Match day thread

    I remember a couple of games abandoned in the 1st half. Once at Newport (must have been Div 3 game), New Year's Day, sometime in the 80s. I think they were 1-0 up at the time. And then the Gillingham FA Cup game - frozen pitch. I know the Gillingham game was replayed because I was at both. And as far as I know the Newport one was too.
  2. Rams Memories 1960s and 70s

    I remember listening to the Spurs Derby FA Cup tie of 1973 on the radio. Back home in Milford, Derbyshire. I wasn't exactly young, probably 16 at the time, and although I'd been to several away games in the Midlands and up North, London was a far scarier/exciting prospect. Plus I didn't know anyone to go with the time. So, listened on the radio and we all can now see the goals on youtube and experience one of the most dramatic comebacks in the FA Cup (true). In more recent years I met a fella down here from London who was at the game and explained how it was and how unwelcoming(!) the whole experience was. Sounded quite scary but I'd love to hear from anyone else (from this board) who was there.
  3. Capital Rams

    Chemica. Just sent you a message re: the London supporters' club. And yes, we are an official club.
  4. Baseball Ground Memories

    Great thread and well done EllaFella for starting it. My Baseball Ground experience started in 1967 (Millwall 3-3) although my memory of that day is pretty much gone (have to dig the programme out for a refresher). But general memories of the BBG then and in the 70s are just of tremendous excitement and anticipation (and yes it did involve the prospect of running into the away fans and what might ensue). I don't think I appreciated at the time what I was seeing on the pitch, too young maybe to take in that something really great and memorable and history-making was taking place. When they first spoke or relocating I, like a lot of people I guess, was very much against it, thinking somehow we could redevelop the BBG. But of course that idea was just silly and we moved on. Someone has mentioned the 1976 semi-final and that, along withe the Leicester play-off, has always been very hard to take. Still not over 1976 when we got a kicking on and off the pitch. Great memories though and looking forward to Brentford tomorrow. COYR!

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