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Suggestions for the next Derby manager

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1 hour ago, JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta said:

Was that when Van Gaal was in charge? That bloke is mental, I doubt Cocu was able to tell him to completely rewrite his entire plan for a World Cup from the assistants chair.

if he's smart Cocu will have been involved with the coaching of that team whilst taking on board lessons in what worked and what didn't. Should he join us I would be way more interested in the decisions he has made as a number one, I don't get the impression Van Gaal is the type to let his underlings have much of an input on the overall plan.

It was Bert van Marwijk, I believe.

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Mel went out on a limb signing Frank and I think most of us were generally happy with the revitalised belief in the squad, promotion of youth and the attacking style of play he imposed last season. I was quite happy for him to stay on as I think he had started something I was genuinely interested to see develop.

When I look at the list of potential replacements, aside from Cocu, everyone else is kind of meh.  I'm sure the likes of Moore & Monk would try their best but it all feels same / same, a bit dull. With Frank, Mel took an exciting gamble which I feel was starting to pay off, blips aside.  Cocu feels like  the kind of potentially exciting benchmark we should aim for, who may not have the superstar media hype Frank has, but brings a proven track record and was someone who played at the top level.

I'm just fed up with waiting.  Can't be good on the boys mindsets now they're back in training. 

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On 01/07/2019 at 17:29, AutoWindscreens said:

Let's get Alan Curbishley.

Then we could be Alan Curbishley's Derby County, or

ACDC, for short.



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