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Moor Farm Extension U-Turn


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Idiotic decision, people living in properties built on green belt land protesting against something being built on green belt land.

This building was for the good of the city of Derby, would hardly have generated any pollution compared to the houses locally already built on green belt land.

I suppose the money saved helps to pay off Clement so maybe Mel sees it as a blessing in disguise.


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If the council continue to make life difficult, Mel should sell Moor Farm to a property developer - new housing developments are a government priority and developers can appeal any local rejections, so may well get planning permission. See how the objectors like having 500 new houses on the site.

Mel could then buy up the old Celanese site. There'd be no problems with planning as literally anything is better than a stinky hazardous chemical factory. It's also within the City boundaries so less complicated planning issues. 

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Only just spotted this. There's an article in the DET: http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Derby-County-Club-surprised-disappointed/story-28716253-detail/story.html It includes the following passage:



Councillor Daniel Walton, who represents Sawley ward, had always been against the plans and was among the committee members who voted for refusal.

He said one difference between last night and when the go-ahead was given in December was that the councillors were aware of concerns about how the light from the extension would affect residents.

Mr Walton said: "I was always against it. I don't think there are any special circumstances for developing within our greenbelt.

"I don't want Erewash to be a community that's a suburb of Derby city."


Anyone who has a vote in his ward, please get rid of Councillor Walton at the first possible opportunity. The impact of the "light from the extension" must be completely nonexistent with such a low-level extension a considerable way from the residential properties. Make up your own minds, but to me it sounds vindictive and someone who want DCFC to fail at all costs.

I'll say again (as I did in the original thread about the plans) that football clubs have a vast amount of power in local politics, as evidenced by succussful actions by fans of other clubs who were bothered enough to stand for election on a platform of approving planning applications for their clubs - and made their councils change their minds.

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