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Steven Naismith is a good egg


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Steven Naismith has once again sponsored Christmas lunches for homeless people in Glasgow and Liverpool.

The Everton and Scotland star was today at the Glasgow charity Loaves and Fishes, an organisation that helps the city’s homeless and also operates as food bank.

“I am privileged to have the opportunity to once again support the great work that Denis [Curran, chairmain of Loaves and Fishes] and his team of helpers do for people in need in Glasgow, giving them a hot meal, clothes, food parcels and probably most importantly, a warm welcome from people who care," Naismith said.

“Denis, his wife Cathy, and their volunteers do so much work to help those in desperate need. It is both humbling and inspiring in equal measure. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak to the people who come to Loaves and Fishes. Many of their stories make difficult listening, because of the severity of hardship they have endured.

"This is something I look forward to every year. It's the start of Christmas for me. It's brilliant to come and get a banter with some great characters - they tell it is how it is, some saying I'm a good footballer and others that think the opposite - and I'm happy that I can help.

"It's a very small gesture for me but I'm always told how much it means to them."

Naismith first started paying for the Christmas meals when he was at Glasgow Rangers. Fast-forward five years and Naismith still supports Loaves and Fishes, and has expanded this support to his adopted city - he moved to Everton in 2012 - at Liverpool’s Whitechapel Centre, for the past three years.

“We really appreciate Steven’s continued support and compassion," said Loaves and Fishes chairman Curran. "Apart from the money he has donated, the awareness he creates is priceless. The calls and donations we receive following these events are fantastic.

“Steven is a very special young man. The fact that he is not only continuing his support of Loaves and Fishes, but also building upon it by doing the same for the Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool says much about the type of man he is.

“Since he started helping us, Steven and his wife Moya now have a young family of their own with a two-year-old daughter and a new arrival early next year and yet he still finds time to show care and compassion for others living a very different life to his own.”


This is the bloke who also gave away loads of Everton tickets to unemployed folk last year

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It's not hard to do, I would love to see some sort of event/organisation where every player is encouraged to do it once a season - it would raise the profile of the game ten fold.  Whether it be pay for the heating for an OAP for the year or supply tickets to 100 under privileged kids - why not!

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4 minutes ago, ramsbottom said:

Just imagine the good that could be done if a couple of times a year, every premier league player gave 10% of his weekly wage to a central charity who then distributed it among the needy...

Imagine the good it would do if we as a society decided that it was unacceptable for people to be in need.

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I have a big gripe with people being homeless in this day and age. An era where having an iPad isn't deemed a luxury by most. An era where Internet access is assumed. I know people work hard for these material items I don't begrudge them that at all. I just wish everyone had that same opportunity to have a positive, hygienic, warm life. 

Brilliant gesture, would be nice if more were to join in. Especially when it's as cold as it is out. Breaks my heart. 

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