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  1. robglosta

    Super Frankie Lampard

    Agree with the OP sentiment, more than the points and the table it’s his sense of man management and self awareness. He knows the cameras are on him for who he is, and that him as a player consistently springs up, but in the media his focus is solely on Derby, his players, the fans etc and that speaks volumes. I thought Rowett spoke well, but 8-10 games in he just regurgitated the same cliches and had a smug air. This won’t happen with Frank, didn’t when he won Champions Leagues and won’t while he’s a coach - exciting times.
  2. robglosta

    Max Lowe - joined Aberdeen on loan until Jan

    As oppose to?
  3. robglosta

    Cameron Jerome - Signed for Göztepe

    If you a buy a copy and post it to me I'll scan it as a PDF and upload it to here for everyone.
  4. robglosta

    Best start in seven years

    You say it's the minimum, but we have a new coach who needs to find his feet. Your Pearson's and your Mac v2 were schooled coaches who struggled and got the boot - we need to invest in Lampard here and that means his first season needs to involve patience and acceptance of a top 12 finish. Anything better and he's taken to coaching better than many his critics would have thought. I'd say the minimum we should look for is a style/identity, which he is already saying he's working on and that it'll take some time.
  5. robglosta

    Mason Bennett

    I'll be honest I never thought he'd break through and assumed he'd go the Callum Ball route rather than the Will Hughes. I'm chuffed for him, and he's a player we can all really get behind especially with his work rate. I'd imagine Jody Morris is working hard on him, a perfect role for him to nurture. Early days, but keep it up Mase!
  6. robglosta

    Anybody else overseas cannot get today's game?

    The App just plays the 30 minute pre-show for me. Can we get refunds for this constant sh-t show?
  7. robglosta

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    Getting this.
  8. robglosta

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    No, abysmal.
  9. robglosta

    Pride Park Pies Price

    Has there been a moan about the Millwall half time drink service yet? If not we should start one - one Poretti beer pump for the whole kiosk, queued for the whole of the second half and moved about two places down before giving up and returning to seat. Worst I've ever seen. Pre-match wasn't much better (they ran out of lager, somehow) so I had to neck a warm bitter.
  10. robglosta

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Wtf is this. Absolutely woeful.
  11. robglosta

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Dunno - I've already lost a heart from his move to Watford so I can't see this being worse.
  12. robglosta

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    I'll do a pancreas; don't need those.
  13. robglosta

    The real reason we bought Martyn Waghorn

    Well then, Sir, prepare yourself for banter.
  14. robglosta

    Björn Engels - Signed For Stade de Reims

    Doubt it, he wasn't bjorn stupid.
  15. robglosta

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    What's the damage in paying up their contracts? What we really don't want is a tonne of players sat around doing nothing.

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