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  1. Say what you like about ‘being too good’ or ‘never looking likely’ to be relegated, I don’t buy it. Not that long ago we were in danger and with bottom 3 away form were only a glance away from home form slipping and real danger. Prior to Charlton at home we couldn’t buy a win and subsequently since the turn of Christmas our form is automatic places level. We should be buzzing - much bigger teams than us have had more rapid falls from grace and Cocu has worked miracles with the tools (and luck) at his disposal. We are in for a much better ride next season!
  2. Will Hughes was more easy on the eye but agree he was a fantastic talent. One I will continue to monitor in his future career.
  3. Little bit of advice folks - don’t tune in to the rumours and check in after the match tonight to see who we nearly signed. You’ll feel a great sense of relief!
  4. Absolutely no point in him being here and us paying his wages when Cocu doesn’t make subs.
  5. Comfortably - if this game was a dog it would be cremated by now.
  6. Not sure I’ve seen a worse game of football.
  7. Likely destination Palace - would be a class signing (Calibre wise) though.
  8. Brilliant - Lionel Messi is a maybe if we pay 500m.
  9. I’d rather see literally any makeshift fit in that role other than ‘kick it 30 yards and run’ Jo.
  10. Jo Zoon... No idea how he gets in, decent XI otherwise.
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