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  1. Wrapping up the DeSilva deal.
  2. robglosta

    Geriatric Forest

    They're no Alan Hutton. Oh wait...
  3. robglosta

    Matej Vydra

    He’s got to be a 20m striker, no ifs or buts. Could accept 17+ add ons but you have to look at his clinical statistics in a team which rarely had dominant possession. Finished with the golden boot... Some of the garbage fees being bandied about for players (Sawyers 8-10m and Bobby Reid 12-14m). Anything less is bad business.
  4. robglosta

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    What we should do is set up a crowd funder, have a go at raising the capital and then if it falls short donate the money raised to subsiding season tickets for disabled supporters.
  5. robglosta

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    Crowdfunding can disrupt that, though.
  6. robglosta

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    Well you clearly do care, by that logic?
  7. robglosta

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    Would be so up for this. Surely Derby Uni or Rolls Royce fancy it - almost CSR for them.
  8. robglosta

    Tom Bayliss

    Had a meeting with the head analyst at this company today: https://www.footballradar.com/ - who assured me that Lampard was looking at him and is very keen to bring him in. No reason to doubt it. Would assume he'll thrive under Morris (Jody...)
  9. robglosta

    If you're reading this Frank....

    How does this pan out as an opportunity for him? If we've got no funds at all to spend, is he likely to be content to have to be shrewd in the transfer market - and do you need experience for this? You would hope he could secure 2/3 quality loans due to his contacts at City (e.g. Foden)/Chelsea (Amapadu) which would give him a strong start, so perhaps it makes sense for him. Is he better off starting in the lower leagues; or is this invariably a tougher league to crack for ex-superstars? What's his playing style - are our players suited to it and with no funds can he mould the right squad? Is this job a safer one than a recently relegated side - lots of cash but promotion or bust? Who does he bring with him? What might his brief be from Mel (excite the fans again - in which case we'd move away from Rowettball)? All very interesting questions, and certainly a gamble for both parties but one which could be an exciting and ultimately shrewd move on both parts.
  10. I reckon QPR could be a dark horse next season - now have a bit of stability and some excellent youth and energy in their XI. Expect attacking intent too, now Mac is there.
  11. robglosta

    If only

    If only me auntie had bollo—s.
  12. Morris would be a great addition and fit the 'bringing youth on' position. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5677823/How-Jody-Morris-thriving-Chelsea-youth-team-coach.html
  13. robglosta

    Curtis Davies

    Averaged 8s all season on whoscored.com - has to be 2.5-3m in this market. Brighton keen too.
  14. robglosta

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Will be back at Burton by December.
  15. robglosta

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Proven to get a tune out of Lawrence.

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