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If third was offered to you now, would you take it?


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No. There are still plenty of games to go and it isn't against the realms of possibility that Derby could go on a run.

Even if we were to lost to Wolves, automatic promotion could still be on the cards.  We have a young team and Macca needs to instil some belief. We may be playing like a poor side at the minute but we haven't become a poor side.

I don't believe there's much advantage if any by finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th in the division when it comes to the play-offs. 

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Aim for 2nd, if we fail then we're in the play-offs.

The table is so close this year that ranking (3rd-6th) isn't important due to any the fact that any team in the top 8 has the capability of finishing anywhere. Therefore, we could get a 'better' team who finished 6th than a side who finished 4th!

If we settle for third, it's like we're giving up. I'd love to think that we can win most of our remaining games and really challenge for 2nd.

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​Bournemouth away, Watford away. Norwich away wasn't a bad result given the circumstances. Did we actually play any worse at Carrow Road than Portman Road?

We weren't too shabby in either of the games against Brighton in the playoffs last season,

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​I think we were a better team last season. 

We are in a the squeaky bum season and we have capitulated. 2 points from a possible 15 at the stage of the season where teams go for the finish line. 

Psychologically the team is at a serious low. Think that goes for SM too. Seems devoid of ideas and looks like a man that has accepted his fate. 

Unless there is a monumental U turn, we won't finish top 6. Once the rot sets in it's really hard to turn around.

This formation doesn't work without Martin/Bent. We didn't hold the ball up at all. The man employed to hold the ball up, and/or win the headers in the centre of the park was Forsyth. A freaking left back?! Where is Dawkins?

Not sure where we go from here tbh.  

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