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  1. Is that correct though, are they not classed as scholars in the U18 so we could play them in the first team if we wanted
  2. He can’t play them in the first team as we haven’t got a space in the allowed limits. So the only football they can play is U23
  3. None of the under 23s will be given a chance as we have no more spaces to allocate until we sell.
  4. And here lies a question. If he’s invested £200 million of his own money. How do we have debt??? I guess what he has done is guarantee loans, which we actually know the club can’t pay back as we have no assets of saleable value. In truth it’s not in Mels interest for the club to go under as i imagine he is liable for the loans. If rumours on the sale are believed he’s now looking for the new investors to take on liability of these loans.
  5. Seems like we’ve also provisionally been entered into this as well our group is in the southern section Group 😄 MK Dons, Burton Albion, Wycombe Wanderers/Derby County, Aston Villa Under-21s
  6. Looks like we may have sold him to the athletic to pay this months wages
  7. I saw a tweet the other week where they were advertising for new groundsmen so maybe there was a mistake and someone’s paid the price. Edited: the job is being advertised here https://www.fldccareers.com/vacancies/vacancy_senior_groundsperson_408568_35.html
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