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  1. He’s too inconsistent and fails to deliver when needed. Watched him closely against Bolton and he’s more concerned with what the crowd are saying to him, the best way to shut the haters up is to deliver more consistently and show effort. The OP says he’s hard working I’d actually say he’s the complete opposite of that and when things don’t go his way or fail to come off he goes missing from the match completely if we have to raise funds from selling again this summer , I’d sacrifice Lawrence as he’s probably one of the only ones left with a decent value and I think easily replaceable
  2. Birmingham 1 derby 2 FRGS waghorn
  3. Blackburn 1 derby 2 FRGS tomori
  4. Brentford 2 derby 1 (hope I’m wrong) FRGS Wilson
  5. Brentford (A) 0 Pts Blackburn (A) 3pts Bolton (H) 3pts Birmingham (A) 1pt QPR (H) 3pts Bristol City (A) 0 Pts Swansea (A) 1 Pts  West Brom (H) 1pt 12 points for me, just falling short. Bristol City is the key game - I see the winner takes the last play off place
  6. Derby 3 Rotherham 0 FRGS wilson
  7. Kyle McAllister called up to the Scotland Under 21s
  8. Derby 2 stoke 0 FRGS Huddlestone
  9. Derby 2 Wednesday 0 FRGS waghorn
  10. Change of FRGS derby 2 Wigan 0 marriott
  11. Derby 2 Wigan 0 FRGS Lawrence
  12. Villa 1 derby 2 FRGS Marriott
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