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  1. Finally a decent article from the DT. Shows he faired well in Scotland https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-max-lowe-championship-3101038
  2. Same here, we as fans are always too quick to criticise, but at the time of signing we throw around all kinds of superlatives to justify the signing. In hindsight that season we should have used the £10 million spent on butterfield and Johnson on two loan signings (and still had a vast amount of spare change). You can now see this is the way Mel is taking the club and proves he learnt from the mistake. Whilst they are with the club I’ll always support the players and wish them well when they leave, but nows the time to part ways with a number of the players to at least freshen things up a bit.
  3. They won’t be happy with you adding years on, as they are 32 and 34. Get your point though, we should be looking at younger replacements.
  4. We always assume he hasn’t been played in his best position, but he had one good season when he scored 16 goals. The remaining years he averaged out at 4 goals per season, which is about similar to his dcfc stats.
  5. Don’t expect sausages in the canteen
  6. Lampard insisted on playing waghorn on the Wing !!!
  7. Derby 2 WBA 1 FRGS wilson
  8. Swansea 1 derby 1 FRGS waghorn
  9. I tend to hope for one striker who gets near 20, my wingers to be close to 10, one midfield to chip in with 10 and roughly 5-10 from the defenders (ours are generally poor at set pieces both ends 🙈)
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