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Wolves (A) on Sky

DcFc Dyycheee

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If we are riding high ..... in the top 2 by then, GT should be available to start a game by then ........

I predict we will take at least 2,000

A lot of companies finish early on a Friday, families can go with kids ......


really look forward to this game now

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We're on all the time now! Guess we must bring the viewers in along with our style of football. The more away games the better! Even thoe I'm sure we don't get paid for it unless I'm thinking of match tickets.


Funny really though, because of all those games on over Christmas, none of the games were particularly good.


Terrible at Boro, ok vs. Chelsea, Norwich a poor game, Leeds was probably bad for a neutral, Ipswich was again a terrible footballing spectacle.

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True but then wasn't Wolves on Sky not sure about Brighton. I agree thoe we do seem to underperform on TV we can either be brilliant or awful.

Or a little below average as we were against Leeds, or pretty good as we were against Chelsea, or solid as we were against Ipswich. But yeah, you're right. Either brilliant or awful. Great insight

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