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North and South.


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Seeing as we still play towards the North Stand in the second half, almost exclusively, and score a lot more goals in the second half, I wonder what the proportion of North Stand to South Stand goals is?

I wager 65/35, in recent years.

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I'm in the north stand and I'd just like to say the noise from the south stand is brilliant. Well done guys. It's made all the difference

I think dcfc should give another section behind the goal to derby fans and push the away support more down the side.

There's only about 4/5 sides that sellout there allocation so there's always a big gap. Just a thought

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Ok,if I want to be entertained and have the best time,which should I go for for Leeds match.North stand or south stand?


No debate about this one - South stand.


I sit in the East stand but go into the South for cup games. It's brilliant, I'll definitely be trying to get a move there for next season.

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I thought this was another AngryRam rant thread to be honest

What you sayin??  :angry:

Just cause I aint a member of the Brunny wife swapping club, no need to pick on the southerner.


Mind you I was angry last night, had to sit through Strictly and XFactor in tandom... Double whammy !!

I hate women (sometimes). Had to vent my frustrations somewhere, so ale drinkers got it in the Pointy.  :lol:

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We don't allow "your sort" anyrode!

It's cause I got Beamer keys and you lot have made it quite clear what you think of BMW drivers.

Swapists the lot of ya.


Anyway I would not want some hand me down from a 1970 Reliant Robin driving, cardigan wearing, ale drinking northerner.  :p




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