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  1. RAMalicious

    AS Roma.

    Fantastic. From both player(s) and fan(s). "Take off those shorts and boots because starting today, you are a man. You can no longer enjoy the smell of the grass, the sun on your face as you bear down on the opposition’s goal, the adrenaline consuming you, the joy of celebrating...." I went to the Rome derby some years back - definitely worth a visit ...incredible banners - just keep your (English speaking) voice down!
  2. RAMalicious

    George Thorne - Joined Luton Town on loan

    Good luck George - come back fitter, happier...more productive....😀
  3. RAMalicious

    Vs Charlton 29/04/1950

    Ruddy 'eck - it was in 3D too!
  4. RAMalicious

    upcoming gigs

    David Byrne tonight...in enemy territory... 😀

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