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  1. I was in the away end - I remember seeing him shape to shoot - and I thought "No Way!" - and yet it went straight in. It was a fantastic goal to be fair - especially given that it was late in the game.
  2. Ahhh yes Esteban Fuertes springs to mind now....
  3. Hi Cisse - many thanks for your reply - much appreciated. Yes I had looked at Bremont previously but shied away from them a little because they were (relatively) the new kids on the block. I have not come across Sinn before and wow having had a quick look at the U1 and others - they do seem to be serious kit! I think I need to have a deeper look into these watches that you have mentioned before I make a decision. I will let you know how I get on!
  4. Great thread everyone. I’ve read it all the way through and it has been interesting and informative – good to see so many enthusiasts on here. So I used to buy watches that were generally cheap…afterall …”why pay more for just a watch”……generally I would spend £350 to £800 and typically the watch would be dead within 12 to 18 months. Broken straps, melted batteries, cracked screens etc. I must be a “heavy” watch user!! Anyway for a good few years I didn’t wear a watch – just used my phone – and bought a holiday watch for like £50 for when I went away…..but I was eventually
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