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  1. YEs very useful for finding our players when they go missing...😂
  2. Hi LE_Ram - sounds a bit ominous - is it a bit tricky getting cabs etc there? Was the Ferencvaros game at their stadium? - seems it;s the biggest stadium of the Hungarian clubs. I may be over there next year when both Honved and Ujpest have home games and was wondering if either were worth a visit (subject to TV etc)
  3. So the Open is in 2 days time. Not a massive golf fan myself but always get drawn into this one and the Ryder Cup. Anyone actually going? Has anyone got any hot tips? Molinari looks decent value. And did Rory spend much of his youth on this course?
  4. This looks like the start of a beautiful relationship...😂
  5. Cheeky! Carry a copy of The Times and wear a pink buttonhole Mozza and I'll pop over for a chat! 😂
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