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Points haul prediction for next 5 games?


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Sorry ramnut. Didn't realise I had to be a blind faither so will throw realism out of the window and change prediction to 5 wins ( and change the colour of the sky in my world to yellow)

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if you want my actual Prediction i say only 8 points.

Whilst we continue to be shaky at the back in the games we dominate.

I can see more draws coming.

Still cant seem do defend set pieces or do anything with them.

This years home form is looking like last years early form under Clough.

Only this time we are scraping victoriues in last 5 mins or saving games with draws.


Possession with little end product or ability to move the ball quickly enough allowing the opposition to get 10 men behind the ball is only just going to end in more frustrating draws and the odd defeat.


Does it not wind anyone else up that opposition can have as many attempts on goal as ourselves if not more, despite having 1/4 of the possession?

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