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Your All Time Starting 11

Dale The Ram

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Interested to see your favourite players in a team and why.


Ill start...


GK - Gianluigi Buffon (Italian through and through... Classy guy)


RB - Sergio Ramos (In my opinion the greatest utility player I have ever seen)


CB - Fabio Cannavaro (Him over Maldini as I didn't get to see Maldini at his best :( great defender! Remember him in the 2006 World cup. Great defender)


CB - John Terry :ph34r: (Controversial I know but I loved the way he defended! Proper English lad as well)


LB - Ashley Cole (Greatest LB of my generation! One of a few to make Christiano Ronaldo look poor)


RM - DAVID BECKHAM (My favourite player..... I was in that generation :wub:)


CM - Andrea Pirlo (Strolls around the pitch and still has the ability to change a game in an instant)


CM - Zinedine Zidane (Sad I only caught the latter end of his career but he is a great role model and professional)


LM - Ryan Giggs (Been playing for united waaaaay before I was born. Never played like his age)


ST - Zlatan Ibrahimovic (The man!!! Great personality exceptional talent!)


ST - Francesco Totti (Some of the things he has done in the Roma shirt defy logic. Also a very good role model and seems a great man)

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fav players of my generation (4-4-2)


GK - Van der sar


RB - Lahm 


CB - Vidic 


CB - Lucio


LB - Heinze 


RM - Ronaldinhio


CM - Pirlo


CM - Scholes


LM - Zidane


ST - van Nistelrooy


ST - Henry 

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Neuer, most complete keeper

Lahm, best right back I have seen, not bad in MF

Puyol, favorite defender, won everything in the game

Cannavaro, need an Italian and was the player of the 2006 World Cup.

Carlos, started a new craze for full back, best set piece taker

Pirlo, never lost his class

Xavi, kept Barca ticking and part of that great Spanish team

Iniesta, likewise

Messi, best of this generation

Ronlado (Brazilian), made it look so easy

Ronaldinho, great to watch in mid 2000s!


Casillas, great keeper for club and country

Maldini, legend

Makelele, started the holding mid craze

Viera, leader of men. Arsenal have not replaced him still.

Henry, best player I have seen in the PL

Bergkamp, so much class, joy to watch.

Ibrahimovic, again attitude can be questioned. but he that class many don't.

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Buffon- the man, the legend

Lahm- amazing player and now won everything going

Cannavaro- the first ever CB in my lifetime who was a star in himself

Maldini- no explanation needed

Roberto Carlos- everything about him was superb

Xavi/Iniesta- couldn't choose if I tried

Pirlo- when the Italian team ran to Grosso after he scored his penalty in the WC final, Pirlo jogged

Scholes- greatest English player of my generation

Messi- simply the greatest of all time

Ronaldinho- the superstar I grew up with

Ibrahimovic- played for some of the best clubs in the world, been a great striker throughout my lifetime

Close calls:





Sergio Ramos





My earliest memory is the 2002 World Cup, so I love that Brazilian team.

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In my time












The AC Milan players Ancelotti had should have dominated like Barcelona. In the Champions League they were extremely tough but domestically they weren't as convincing as they should have been. Still good though. So players like Seedorf and Cafu are close to my favourite 11. Nesta and Maldini were better than anything out there right now imo.

Barcelona obviously bossed football for a few years. Got to have that Iniesta, Xavi, Messi trio.

Ronaldo the only player I have to have played in the PL but I tried to put Henry in there. Best player in the PL. Bergkamp, Vieira...

That Arsenal side that used to play that awesome football were the best PL side we've had. Just a shame it didn't last longer.

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Schmeichel - Could easily be Neuer or Buffon though.


Baresi - Italian/ AC Milan player of the 20th century. Made watching Italian football on channel 4 worth it.


Maldini - Having Baresi along side him worked wonders. 



Thuram - It was either him or Lahm
Cannavaro - Italian defenders generally make better defenders. 
Zidane - Incredible to watch
Gazza!! - Why not? If it wasn't for injuries & the demons in his head who knows what he could've achieved! Englands midfield still looking for a Gazza type player.
Ronaldo - You can't deny what a player he is.
Messi - Unplayable sometimes.
Ronaldo - The Brazilian one. 
Henry - Made finishing look easy. 
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I've gone for this line up.

Gk: Schmeichel

LB: R.Carlos
RB: Cafu
CB: Cannovaro
CB: Puyol

CM: Pirlo
CM: Toure
CM: Zidane

RF: C.Ronaldo
LF: Messi
ST: Ronaldo

Subs: Van Der Saar, Lahm, Ramos, Xavi, Ballack, Cantona, Henry

My choice at keeper explains itself, he was the best in the world while he was at United and one of the best ever keepers. 

I've gone for 4 World Cup winners (3 as captain) in my back four which would provide a solid platform for my attacking players to do their thing. Not many goals getting past this lot.

I've chosen 3 in midfield.  Pirlo and Toure would sit a little deeper and allow Zidane to venture forward.  Although Toure could provide an extra attacking outlet. Pirlo can run the show.

The front 3 are so dangerous even Bucko might break into a sweat.  Messi and C.R can have licence to roam behind Ronaldo who would be my main man up front. 

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Been thinking this for a while but it's still pretty darn hard. But here it goes:


GK Schmeichel - Just before Buffon and Neuer.


CB Puyol - Tarzan. 'nuff said.

CB Stimac - He would be on my list even without games with Derby

CB Maldini - As classy as defender can be.


DM Makelele - Did he ever lose ball or tackle? Unbelievable really.

RW Messi - Is there anyone good enough was my first thought. Ended up with him.

LW Nedved - Run more(?) than Bryson and had other abilities as well.

AMC Maradona - Best ever.


ST Batistuta - Shoots wee bit better than Sammon.

ST Yekini - Had to pick one from that great Nigerian team.

ST Shearer - Poor man's Batistuta. Both Romario or Ronaldo would've been better players but this was about favourites..


Wouldn't like to be a defender against that attacking trio! Shearer would be weakest to play against...

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Hard question as even in my relatively short lifetime so far, their has been some great players. But, I will give it a go:


GK Tim Howard


LB Roberto Carlos

CB Puyol

CB Sol Campbell

RB Sergio Ramos


LM Clint Dempsey

CM Schweinsteiger

RM Ronaldo


LW Messi

ST Pele

RW George Best

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From my generation -


GK - Casillas 


RB - Philipp Lahm

LB - Paolo Maldini

CB - Thiago Silva

CB - Alessandro Nesta


CM -  Michael Essien

CM - Xabi Alonso

CM - Andres Iniesta 


FW - Cristiano Ronaldo

FW - Lionel Messi

FW - Ronaldo

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Goalkeeper: Petr Cech (probably the most consistent goalkeeper, and always performs well on the champion league stage)

rightback: Danni Alves (sometimes I can watch him and he looks like he should play up front or on the wing! Past his peak though)

Centre back: Ledgey King (unfortunately delap ended his career! But some absolutely amazing individual performances,at centreback, what could have been!)

Centre back: Lucio (his performance in inter Milans champions league final is probably the most dominant I have ever seen a centre back, on another level when he had to be)

left back: Ashley Cole (was between him or Roberto Carlos. When ever I watch him play (unless he is defending Bennett) I always see him as the man of the match. The work he does is unappreciated at times, so underrated, don't think we'll see a better left back in England)

Centre defensive mid: Viera (don't really need to say much. Would have him in a sweeper like role, as he should be the vocal point in a midfield. Lots of individual talent and a complete midfielder)

Centre mid: Paul Scholes (one of the best midfielders ever to brace the premier league, his passing ability especially towards the end of his career was second to none, and would give me goosebumps with the way he could spread the play so easily!)

centre mid: iniesta (sort of fading now but his agility and the way he could create space it tight situations was breathtaking. On his day it's amazing to watch him, even off the ball he works so hard making runs, lot like bryson :-P!)

Attack mid: Messi (think when he plays just behind the strikers,as the vocal.point, he can do extraordinary things, best player I have ever seen.)

Striker: Henry (he is the complete striker has absolutely everything you need in a striker, easily my favourite player as I grew up.)

striker: Torres! (controversial I know but this is the twin brother who was really good at Liverpool. He was unstoppable when he first arrived. His pace to get around defenders is the best I have seen in a striker. Pretty sure he was voted third best player in the world during one of his seasons. Shame what happened to him but I can't remember such an unstoppable player at the time. I always compared him to Ronaldo at man United and torres always seemed more established in the prem than Ronaldo)

subs: David James, Titus bramble, David Dunn (for his skills :-P) Heskey :-P!

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