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I've talked with my friends about this before several times. I'd like to get your views on the matter. As many of you know I'm in the world of vintage and modern watches. The same goes for whisky, beers and wines. :rolleyes:

For me a bottle of  batch of rare whisky means something totally different than getting wasted. Which is rare in Finnish drinking culture. :unsure:   It doesn't matter if it is a good or rare whisky bottle or a beautifully hand made watch, it brings out a lot of feelings about its history and purpose.

I know a lot of guys create some kind of feelings about their cars for example. The car is often taken care much more vigorously than needed. Some might even name it.

So is there some items like Star Wars figures, collector cards or somekind of art work you fancy that others don't really get ?

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Please don't.

If he were serious which he is not, it would be interesting to hear his thoughts about the matter. Hardcore (no pun intended) fans of different things might be fascinating when they rant on their hobbies. I once had a friend who was a fishing nut. It was awesome to listen to him sometimes even if I'm no fisherman myself.

And I know Boycie is planning some smart remark about rotten fish. Watch him deny it. :D

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Terry Pratchett ?

Yep. Got Dav his new one and he's finished it already. He wants to build his collection back up.

I've tried reading them but can't get into them, but I enjoyed 'Going Postal' on the telly.

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