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Barnsley sack Flitcroft


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Barnsley are just a ticking bomb to go down... Every year that they avoided relegation was an achievement in itself..


Doncaster, Yeovil and Barnsley are by far the smallest clubs in the league... None of them can have any real aspirations of getting promoted..


Keith Hill at least got them playing good football before being stripped of half his squad

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He really screwed himself over with the Blackpool/Blackburn thing, didn't he? Bit of stability somewhere would have seen his stock rise.


Guess would be they'd go for a manager performing well in the lower leagues that lives within commuting distance, and/or has connections with the club. Nicky Law?

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Barnsley never overspend so I imagine their debts can't be outrageous..


They tend to bring through youth players too


They remind me of Crewe... It really wound't suprise me to see them hover between the Championship, League 1 and League 2 over the next 15 years..


They're punching above their weight if they finish anywhere near the top 16 of the Championship..


They'll be one of those clubs I'll miss though if they go down.. I liked the Championship when the likes of Barnsley, Plymouth and Crewe were around and each one was doing well..


Teams like Huddersfield, Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool, Doncaster and Millwall are nothing sides I wouldn't miss in an instance


On a different note, how long have Ipswich been in the Championship now? They came down with us the first time

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